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"Anyways," Sam said, cutting in, "the reason Danny can't escape is that Vlad has sort of stolen his soul."

"What?!" Jazz and Maddie screeched. "When I get there, I'm going to wring that man's neck," Maddie said darkly.

Jack said, "I can't believe I thought that he was my friend. He's crossed the line now. Here's what we're going to do..."

Bring Me To Life

Chapter Three- Make me real

Now that I know what I'm without

You can't just leave me

Breathe into me and make me real

Bring me to life

With Danny...

Danny eventually woke up, the memories of the nightmare still lingering in his mind. What an awful nightmare, Danny thought unhappily. When the sleep had worn off of his eyes, he saw that he was still locked in the cell, and that the ghost shield was still up. Damn, it's still up. A few seconds later, he heard the clap of Vlad's shoes echoing down the corridor.

"Ah, Daniel, I see you're awake again. You sounded like you were having a nightmare when I last checked on you." He smirked at this.

It's all your fault! Danny wanted to scream, but he still didn't have any control. He struggled again for control, but it was a losing battle. Instead, he stared at Vlad, anger burning in his eyes. His fist clenched a little bit, but that was the only thing he could do.

Vlad laughed at his attempts to break free. "It's no use, Daniel; you won't be able to break free again. I've made sure of that," he snapped, glaring at Danny. He then stood up straight, regaining his composure and brushed some unseen dirt off of the sleeve of his jacket. "Anyways, it's time for me to go eat breakfast." It was then that Danny realized just how hungry he was. Vlad glanced at him and responded, "However, the food is just for me," as though he could read Danny's thoughts. "I need to make sure your stay is uncomfortable as possible. Besides, your stay should only be until tomorrow, or maybe it will end today. Depends on when your idiot father gets here." He laughed and then walked away, leaving Danny alone once more.

Even though I don't like him, it was still company, Danny thought sadly, sighing. At least Vlad was letting him breathe without having to fight for control. I still want out of here, but how can I break through the ghost shield he has up? Danny thought for a few minutes until he had come up with an idea. I wonder... He inhaled deeply, thankful again that he could breathe and focused all of his energy on trying to make his ghostly wail. Finally, he let loose, but it came out so tiny, it could barely do any damage. I guess Vlad did think of everything, unfortunately. I sort of hope Sam, Tucker and Jazz get here, but then again, I sort of hope they don't. Vlad said he had something planned for them, and I don't want them getting hurt because of me. I wonder what his plan is, and I hope it has nothing to do with me.


Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Sam and Tucker were all crammed into the Specter Speeder with Maddie driving. Jack wanted to drive, but Maddie insisted on not wanting to get in a wreck while going to save her son. So Jack was in the passenger seat, sulking, while Sam, Tucker and Jazz were talking in the back.

"I can't believe you let it slip!" Sam stated angrily.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Jazz apologized. "I didn't mean to!"

"Don't be so harsh on her, Sam," Tucker said. "I mean, how else were we going to get Mr. and Mrs. Fenton to help if they didn't know who they were rescuing? Jazz did something good by letting it slip, even if that's how we didn't plan for it to go."

"Tell that to Danny," Sam told Tucker. "Do you know how mad he's going to be?"

"Oh, well! We're trying to save his life, so I don't think he'll really care if we told his secret to his parents!" Tucker yelled. Jack looked at them, a confused look on his face.

"Is something wrong, kids?" he asked.

"Nothing," everyone answered in unison. He gave them an odd look before turning around to the front and trying to tell Maddie where to go.

"I know how to get there, Jack!" Maddie shouted in frustration.

"It looks everyone is in a shouting mood today," Jazz observed. "It's probably because everyone's worried about Danny, and everyone's very emotional because of that."

"Yeah," Sam whispered. "I'm sorry for yelling at you, Jazz. I really had no reason to. I'm just...really worried about Danny."

"It's all right, Sam, I understand. I'm really worried about him, too," Jazz responded. The Specter Speeder then sharply swerved to the right, throwing everyone against the wall.

"Jack, I know what I'm doing!" Maddie screamed at her husband.

"Why doesn't Dad listen to Mom?" Jazz wondered to herself.

Sam sighed and stared out the window. Now that I know what it's like without Danny, I hope it never happens again. I hope we get there soon. At that thought, the Specter Speeder screeched to a halt. Sam banged her head on the window, and Tucker and Jazz were jerked forward against their seatbelts. "God, did she have to brake so hard?" Sam moaned, rubbing the spot on her head where it had hit the window.

"We're here," Maddie announced. She stood up and quickly ushered everyone out of the Specter Speeder. When Jack had finally squeezed himself out of the door, Maddie gathered everyone in a circle. "Does everyone know what they're supposed to do?" Maddie questioned the group.

"I'm supposed to go with Sam and Tucker to rescue Danny," Jazz answered.

"I take down all technology he's using to his advantage," Tucker said.

"I rescue Danny along with Jazz and Tucker," Sam responded.

Maddie nodded her head at everyone. "Right, and Jack and I will try and hold off Vlad while you guys get Danny. Everyone ready?" Everyone nodded their heads. "Good. Let's go save Danny." Sam, Tucker and Jazz took off in the direction of Vlad's castle first, and then Maddie and Jack followed closely behind. Maddie caught up with Jazz and asked her, "How long has Danny had his powers?"

"A little over a year now," was Jazz's answer. (A/n: I forgot to mention that Danny, Sam and Tucker are all 15, and Jazz is 17. Sorry!)

"Oh," Maddie said in a shocked tone before falling back in step with Jack. "Danny's had his powers for a little over a year now."

"So he's had them since he was fourteen?" Jack inquired. Maddie nodded her head in response. "Wow. All this time we've been hunting thinking he was an evil ghost. I can't believe we've been hunting our own son."

"I know how you feel, Jack, but now is our chance to make up for some of that by saving him. He's our son, and I want to make up for the past year that we've been hunting him."


Danny gazed longingly at the door, sort of hoping that Vlad would come back. Maybe he'll let me out. I doubt it, but maybe. Just then, Vlad, in Plasmius form, floated through the ceiling outside of the cell door. "Ready to go, Daniel?" he asked, smirking. "All the pawns have arrived, and it's time to start the game of the lifetime." Plasmius dropped the ghost shield and opened the cell door, walking over to Danny. He grabbed him roughly by the arm and dragged him out the door.

What are you planning? Danny wanted to ask, but he couldn't even talk without having to fight for control. Grudgingly, he let Plasmius drag him through the corridor, giving a mental wince of pain when his face smacked into the wall a few times. Soon, they were in Vlad's lab again. He threw Danny into the middle of the room and walked over to a big screen computer, typing on the keyboard. After a few seconds of typing, a security video popped on the screen, showing Jack slamming into the doors of the mansion. "The game has begun," Plasmius said, cackling. "And you, Daniel, are my greatest piece." He glared evilly at Danny, and Danny felt a sense of fear because of Plasmius's look.


Jack rammed his shoulder into the door again, struggling to break it down. As he kept struggling, Jazz and Sam heard the sound of the Fenton RV. "Dad, move! Mom's got the RV!" Hearing that, Jack quickly ran away from the door. A few minutes later, the Fenton RV rammed into the double doors, leaving splintered wood where two whole doors once stood. Maddie jumped out of the RV, a smile on her face.

"And that's how you open the doors!" the teal-jumpsuit clad woman said. She pulled up the hood of her jumpsuit, covering her orange hair and violet eyes. "Let's go save Danny!" Sam followed behind her, everyone following behind them. Hang on, Danny, Sam thought worriedly, we're coming to save you. I'm not going to leave you now.


No, Sam, go back! Danny shouted in his head. Leave me here! I don't want you getting hurt because of me! "Your friends and family will be here soon, Daniel; what are you going to do? You can't talk to them, so they have no way of knowing how to save you. You're doomed, Daniel; you're the main piece of my plan, and now is the time to use you." Danny then heard pounding on the lab doors, and he heard his dad's shouting.

"We're coming, Danny!" his dad shouted. He fought to scream, "Go back!", but he still couldn't grasp any control. No! he thought as they burst in the doors.


"Danny!" Sam shouted, seeing him floating in the middle of Vlad's lab. As for Vlad, he was in his ghost form, Plasmius, and he was floating behind Danny, smirking evilly.

"Ah, I see you've all arrived. Good to see you've all come to meet your fate," Plasmius announced. "And here is your precious Danny." He waved his hands to Danny, his blood red eyes leering at them all.

"Let Danny go, Vlad," Maddie ordered, hate reflecting in her eyes.

"Not as long as he's under my control."

"Then we'll fight for him," Jack responded.

Vlad sneered, eyebrow raised. "You think you can beat me this time?" he asked, his hands glowing with his pink aura. "It's not going to happen this time, fat man."

"Don't call him fat!" Maddie shouted, firing the Fenton bazooka at Vlad. Caught off guard, it hit him in the stomach and sent him back slightly, his feet scraping along the floor. While Maddie and Jack fought Vlad, Sam, Tucker and Jazz ran over to Danny. Jazz looked at her brother and was surprised when she looked in his eyes, seeing no soul.

" that really you?" Jazz questioned. She then looked down and saw his hand glowing green. "Danny, what are you doing?"


Don't! He was telling himself. He knew that his hand was holding ecto-energy in it, and that he was supposed to fire at Jazz, but he was fighting with himself, trying to avoid it. His hand raised slightly, but he fought to lower it. Finally, he was able to talk to them, but it wasn't much. "," he muttered. Doing so, he lost control and fired the ecto-ball on accident. Unfortunately, it hit Sam on the arm. Sam! he screamed in his head. She shouted in pain and clutched at her arm. When she pulled her hand away, a burn mark was left in its place. Stop it! Don't do this! Don't hurt Sam! he thought.

You're not his puppet; breathe and be real again. I need to bring him back to life. Sam thought as she watched Danny fight with himself for control of his body and his actions.

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