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Goodnight and Go

Written by: Amalea


"Why'd you have to be so cute?
It's impossible to ignore you.
Must you make me laugh so much?
It's bad enough we get along so well..."

Sixteen year-old Lilly Truscott had once again survived a disastrous encounter with her mother at home. As usual, she hardly even knew what the fight was about, all she knew was that she had to get out of her house immediately or risk a violent end to an ongoing war. As things usually went after a fight, she headed down to the beach, planning on calling her best friend Miley and ranting into the night. However, it was now an hour later, Lilly had cooled down, and Miley was nowhere to be found.

She had called numerous times but had yet to receive a response. Assuming it was some Hannah thing she just hadn't heard about, she decided to pick up dinner at Rico's while she waited. Slightly annoyed at the absence of her best friend, but mostly bored, she took a seat at one of the bar stools and began to build something that appeared to be a house of straws.

"Hey, those cost money, you know?" a distinct male voice said from in front of her.

Lilly glanced up and she felt the blood rush immediately to her face. "Yeah, I'm... really sorry about that. I just... yeah." she mumbled.

Miley's eighteen year-old brother, Jackson Stewart stood behind the bar looking down at her. "Whatever, it's not my loss" he said, shrugging, "can I get you anything?"

"Just a Sprite, thanks," Lilly said quickly, suddenly more nauseous than she was hungry.

"One Sprite, coming right up," Jackson said and walked away flashing her a quick smile.

Lilly pushed her blond hair back off of her face and groaned. She didn't understand what it was about Jackson that made her feel completely ridiculous every time she saw him. He was just Miley's older brother; they'd known each other for years. So what was the big deal? He was completely weird and goofy, and yet there was something about him that Lilly just couldn't get out of her head. Maybe it was there common sense of humor, or maybe it was their similar approach to making chocolate milk without cups. Whatever it was, it was there.

Looking down the bar, she saw Jackson chatting with another customer, one of his friends, while he filled up a glass with Sprite. His friend said something and laughed when Jackson's face began to turn lightly pink. Lilly watched curiously, wondering what had been said that made Jackson, who was basically incapable of embarrassment, blush. Then Jackson unexpectedly glanced in her direction, causing her to turn away quickly and pretend to be enthralled with something going on down the beach.

"Quit being so nosy," Lilly scolded herself internally and knowing she was still red, "he's going to think you're a freak, and that is most definitely not something you want."

"Here's your Sprite," Jackson said, and cleared his throat. Lilly turned around and he began to look at her appearing slightly concerned, "So, are you OK?"

"Yeah- why?" Lilly said urgently, wondering if her face was giving away all the thoughts about him she had hovering in her head. She knew she wasn't very good at covering up her feelings. She looked down into her Sprite attempting to avoid giving away anything else.

"You just seemed like something was bothering you when you got down here... want to talk about it?" he said nonchalantly, and then smiling, he added, "The Jacksonator can solve any problem."

Lilly laughed. "That's ok... Jacksonator. I was just trying to find your sister. Any ideas?"

"Not a clue. You know her, always off doing something. Like I'd try and keep track of her," Jackson replied, "You could always go wait at the house, if you want. I get off in a few minutes if you'd like an escort." Another goofy smile was attached to the end of this statement.

Lilly desperately wanted to scream "YES!" to his offer, but for some reason the wrong words came out, "Oh, that's OK. I actually planned on hanging out at the beach for a little while... maybe I'll come by later."

"Suit yourself," he said, "I'll see you around." With that, he was gone.

Lilly finished her Sprite, left some cash, and began to walk to the water, scolding herself the whole way there. "No? NO? What is WRONG with you?" her heart screamed. Lilly shook her head. Her heart and her brain, always at war with each other. Her heart knew she should just go with Jackson and tell him how she felt. However, her brain was a different story. Her brain recognized only the complete awkwardness a walk anywhere with Jackson would involve. There would be no sharing of feelings, only insecure silences. And being completely logical, why would an eighteen year-old boy who had had his share of relationships want anything to do with her, a completely inexperienced sixteen year-old girl? The same girl who had been best friends with his younger sister for years. The same girl who had embarrassed herself numerous times in front of him. "Oh no," her brain decided firmly, "there is no way I'm going through that embarrassment. That... rejection."

Lilly fell onto the sand and stared back at Rico's. Jackson was cleaning up the shop and preparing for close before he headed home for the night. Lilly turned her head back out to the dark abyss of ocean. A sigh escaped her lips. Shortly after, she noticed the lights flick out at Rico's, then Jackson start his trek down the beach toward the Stewart house.

"Go. Lilly Truscott, you get up right now. Catch up with him, say you changed your mind," her heart demanded, invading her thoughts once again.

"Oh no you don't. You sit right here, you'll wait until he's out of sight. Then maybe I'll consider letting you stand up," her brain said, and considering her brain had slightly more influence over the movement of her legs than her heart did, obviously her brain won.

Lilly watched as Jackson slipped on a pair of headphones and began to bust out a few signature moves. She couldn't help smiling to herself as he faded away down the beach.

Then, abruptly, she stood. "This is stupid," she said to herself. "I'm not going to sit out here in the cold just because I'm afraid of talking to some boy. It's Jackson for crying out loud. I can handle this. I can."

Lilly slowly began walking on the same trail Jackson had just disappeared from. Taking deep, steady breaths she tried to convince herself she wasn't as lame as she believed. The walk to the Stewarts took slightly longer than expected, as she stopped numerous times considering heading back. After about fifteen minutes of internal conflict she arrived at the back of the house.

The curtains were pulled back and through the window she could see Jackson already reclining on the sofa flipping through the TV stations. Pausing, Lilly took in one last deep breath and moved for the door.


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