Goodnight and Go - Part Ten

Written by: Amalea


Jackson's eyebrows raised slightly as he looked down at Lilly as they danced and with some hesitation asked, "Like what?"

Lilly pursed her lips and her face looked thoughtful for a moment, "Do you want to go somewhere else?"


"Do you want to go somewhere else? Like... to talk? Not for a long time or anything, I don't want you to miss the party," she said.

"Uh... sure," Jackson said and glanced around the party for a second looking for a place they could go, "Come on."

Placing his hand gently on Lilly's back he walked her through the crowd and out further onto the beach. They walked together in an awkward silence until they had gotten a good distance from the party. When they were far enough away, Lilly carefully sat down on the sand and looked out at the ocean. Following her lead, Jackson took a seat next to her and ran a hand through his hair.

"So what's this about?" he asked curiously, then realizing something he quickly added, "Actually, maybe you should explain why you're here first. You know this is a senior graduation party. Oh, then perhaps you could also explain why you're dressed like that?"

Lilly was a little taken aback by this sudden "older brother" attitude he had taken on, "Well... that could probably all be answered with one thing. Although, my being here and the clothes could mostly be blamed on your sister." She played with the hem of her skirt self-consciously before asking what had been on her mind all night, "Do I look that ridiculous?"

Jackson's face softened, "No, you don't look ridiculous. You look gorgeous... it's just... not you."

Lilly looked up at him and kind of grinned, noticing in the dim light that his cheeks had become pink upon realizing what he said. "I know."

"So why are you dressed like that then? You can't possibly be comfortable. Lilly Truscott, rock and roll, jeans, shirts, and hats. What's with the tiny skirt?"

Lilly seized the opportunity, boldly, "To impress you."

"Me?" Jackson questioned then remembering something a little bitterly, "Are you sure it wasn't to impress that skater boy I saw you with?"

Now it was Lilly's turn to blush. She remembered Daniel and suddenly felt bad; after all, she had kind of used him. "No, he was just a friend, I guess."

"Oh, just a friend?" Jackson said, "I think he had a thing for you. You guys looked like you were having a good time and he seemed awfully sad when I broke in on your dance session."

"Really?" Lilly said, a little intrigued by the prospect of Daniel liking her and guilty for hurting his feelings at the same time.

"Yeah," Jackson continued jokingly, but something along the lines of jealousy came out with his words, "maybe you should go find him and you guys can talk."

"Oh, no, Jackson really, I had just met him when Miley and I got here. The only reason I danced with him was so you'd notice me," the words slipped out of Lilly's mouth quickly.

"Notice you?" Jackson laughed now, "You shamelessly flirt with boys in an attempt to get me to notice you? Do you want to know something, Lilly Truscott?"

"Yes," she said frankly.

Jackson smiled, "You're noticed. You don't need the make-up, the short skirts, any of that stuff. You're perfectly fine without it."

"Do you like me, Jackson?" Lilly said suddenly.

Jackson rubbed his face with both hands and looked out at the ocean for some time before looking back at her, "Oh, Lilly, what do you think?"

"You do. I know you do, and I also know you know that I like you, so why won't you just say it?"

"I think maybe it's more complicated than that Lilly," Jackson said softly.

"But that's the thing, Jackson, it's not complicated at all. So I'm your little sister's best friend, so you're going to college next year, so WHAT? I don't care about any of that and you shouldn't either," Lilly shifted as she spoke so that she was now sitting on her knees facing him, "Jackson, you're the one of the greatest people I've ever met. Do you know that? You're absolutely amazing. You're nice, you're funny, you're smart. Whenever I'm around you I just feel like something is right, you know? I don't know what it is, I'm just comfortable around you. I feel like you understand me, like we're on the same wavelength. Can you tell me you don't feel like that? That you don't think that maybe there would be something absolutely perfect about us being together? I meant what I said in that note you found, Jackson. Every single word..."

Lilly suddenly felt Jackson's mouth on hers. It was her first kiss. She was a little uncertain and, yes, it was a little awkward at first, but somehow nice. So very nice.

Jackson pulled his lips away, but remained close to her. His face was just inches from hers and they both grinned at eachother goofily, "I think you're right Lilly Truscott. We'd be a perfect couple."

"Took you long enough..."

"Oh, I'm a guy, we're not so bright sometimes. Forgive me?" Jackson asked and put on a pathetically sad puppy dog face.

Lilly couldn't resist, she leaned forward giving him a quick peck on the lips, "Forgiven."

Jackson's face broke out into a huge grin and he stood up, "Well, shall we go back to the party then, m'lady?"

"Do we have to?" she asked, really just wanting to spend time with Jackson.

"Of course. I've got to show you off before I never see these people again!" Jackson said with mock audacity. He wrapped his arms around Lilly, "Plus I need to make sure that sister of mine hasn't gotten herself into any trouble. There are too many boys at that party."

"You're probably too late for that," Lilly said with a shrug.

They both laughed and with hands entwined, headed back to the party.


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