I just sorta dreamt this up. Dunno how it came to me, but it did. It's pretty depressing actually. I think you'll get what happened by just reading the story, but I'll explain at the end if you're lost.

I walked past the chared wreck

The fire burnt everything, the porch, the deck

And you.

I could have saved you, that's the sad part

I saw you in danger and screaming out your heart

and I paused.

If only I had a little more time

To spend with you, to be with you

I would kill just to see you.

I saw your face as you died

It was dirty and you had cried

"Why didn't you save me?" it said.

I walk past the graveyard.

I used to love it here, now its so hard

Just to breathe.

I walk to your grave.

I remember your funeral

Everyone came.

The band played your song.

Everyone told me how sorry they were

For my loss.

But I couldn't help but think,

I am the one who lived.

It should have been me who died.


Survivor's guilt they call it.

I call it the truth.

I would do anything to have you back.

We could have been together forever

We could have had a life

And been husband and wife.

I had been planning to propose that day.

I was late because I was buying the ring

Damn that blasted thing.

I could have been there

to save you when the fire started.

But I was late, and I doomed your fate.

We could have had kids

a little Jack or Sally

We could have raised a family.

We could have done a lot of things.

If only I'd had a little more time.

All right, the ending wasn't so great, but I needed a break from my longer fanfic, and this was just begging to be written. If you were lost, Sally burned to death in a fire that destroyed the castle. Jack got inside too late. It's all about Jack's thoughts and regrets. Please read and Review even if you didn't like it.