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Chapter One

Kaiba Residence:

Seto and Mokuba were eating their breakfast and watching the News, when there was a News Flash: "Star Ballerina Tea Gardner was injured in an accident. She received damage to her legs when the car she was riding in was hit on the passenger side. Her condition isn't life threatening but she may lose her right leg. We will have more on this in a later News show." "Seto, Mokie said. Did you hear that?" "Yes I did" Seto said. "We have to find out how she is" Mokuba said. Seto got up and walked to the phone and called he Hospital that Tea was in. "Alright and thank you" Seto said. He hung up the phone. "What is it?" Mokie asked. "She's in Intensive Care and she did lose her leg. They will keep me informed as to how her condition is" Seto told his brother. "We have to go see her" Mokie said. "Listen only family members can get into Intensive Care" Seto told his brother. When she is allowed visitors they will let us know and then we can go see her. "Alright" Mokie said. "We need to get ready for school" Seto said.

Domino High:

Everyone who knew Tea were aware of what happened to her. Joey, Yugi, Yami, Tristan, Duke, Ryou, Malik, Bakura and Marik were all sitting outside the school when Seto pulled into the parking lot. As he approached them he could tell that they were all very upset about what happened to their friend. Joey walked over to Seto and said, "how is she doing?" "She's in Intensive Care now and when she can have visitors we can all go visit" Seto said. Joey knew that Seto wasn't telling them all the truth and he followed Seto and when they got into the bathroom, Seto told him about what really happened. "She lost her right leg" Seto said. Joey closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "How's Mokie taking it?" "Not so good" Seto said. "How'd it happen?" Joey asked him. They said that "the car she was riding in was broad sided on the passenger side and that's what caused all the damage to her leg." Seto said. "Listen we need to get back there before they all come in here" Joey said. "The beginning of school, the Principal over the PA system told all the students that one of their own was in a terrible accident and that they all needed to say a Prayer that she will get better. We will observe five seconds of silence for those who what to Pray." "By the end of the day, everyone was nearly out of their minds with worry for their friend." "Seto," Yugi said "when she can have visitors can we all go with you to see her?" "You know that you can" Seto told him. "Thanks" Yugi said.

At Domino Hospital:

Tea's parents were there in the waiting room waiting to hear how their daughter was. Faust came out to talk to them and when he told them about her losing her leg, her parents were frantic. "How is she?" Her father asked. "She's lost a lot of blood and she will need a lot of love and therapy to get her through this." Faust told them. "When can we see her?" Her mother asked. "As soon as she is stable enough we are going to be moving her into another room and the Nurse will come and get you. "Thanks" her father said to Faust. "George, what about her dancing?" Her mother asked her father. "Her career is over" he said. "What else is there for her to do?" Her mother wanted to know. "We'll deal with that when the time comes" he said, but deep inside he was upset that her brilliant career was cut short by this stupid accident. How would they be able to pay off the debts they owed to the dance school if she can't perform anymore. We will be devastated he thought to himself. "We will have to take out another mortgage on the house and I'll be working forever to pay it off." He said. Both of them were more worried about money then their own daughter who was fighting for her life in that Intensive Care room.

Tea was in Intensive Care for over a month. She started improving enough that Faust said she could be moved to another room. Faust called "Seto and told him that she could start having visitors." "Thanks for calling Seto said, Mokie and I will be there later." When Mokie heard his brother talking to Faust he asked "how Tea was?" "She can have visitors and later we will both go and see how she is" Seto said. When they got to the Hospital, Seto saw that her parents were still sitting in the waiting room. It seemed a little strange to him, but he didn't say anything. "Seto walked to the Nurses station and asked what room Tea Gardner was in?" He felt a hand on his shoulder and when he turner around there stood a man and Seto thought it must be her father. "Excuse me the man said, but I over heard you asking about my daughter. Who are you?" The man wanted to know. "Just a friend" Seto said. "Are you her father?" Mokie asked the man. "Yes" he said to the young boy. "How is she" Mokie asked? "The Nurses say that she is alert her" father said. "You mean you haven't seen her yet?" Mokie asked. Seto looked at his brother as if to say, that's enough. Her father was about to say something to Mokuba, but Seto cut him off. "Think before you say anything to my brother" Mr. Gardner Seto warned him. "The Nurse said what room she was in and Seto and Mokuba walked away from the man and to see Tea." Mr. Gardner walked back to his wife and sat down.

As they entered the room, Seto couldn't believe what he saw. Mokie gasped but then he took a breath and they walked over to the bed. She tried to smile but she broke down and started to cry. Seto lowered the railing and carefully not to bother the I.V. lines he held her in his arms and let her cry. She finally wiped her eyes and smiled at him. "Thank you" she softly said. "You're welcome" Seto said as he smiled down at her. "Hi" Mokie said to her. Seto picked up his brother and Mokie gave Tea a kiss on her cheek. "It's good to see friendly faces" she said. "How are you? And don't lie to me" Seto said to her. "Trying to deal with all that fate has dealt me she said. Have you seen my parents?" She asked. Seto said that "they are in the waiting room." She closed her eyes and then she said, "I guess they are disappointed that I won't be able to dance anymore." "Tea, don't be sad" Mokie said and she smiled at him. "How can I be sad when I have the two good friends here visiting me" she said. "Yugi and the others will be here later" Seto told her. She motioned for Seto to lean down so she could say something to him. She whispered, "I'm scared what my parents are going to do" she said. "Listen we will deal with that if and when the time comes" he said to her and then he kissed her. "Thanks" she said and kissed him back. "I'm a little tired" she said. "We will let you get some rest" Seto said. I'll be back later and we can discuss what you said" he told her. He held Mokie up again and he kissed Tea good-bye. She smiled and touched the side of his face and said "thanks for coming." Mokie kind of blushed and she smiled. Then Seto leaned over and gave her a kiss and when he lifted his face, he whispered "I will be here for you no matter what happens."

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