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Chapter Twelve

The next morning when he woke, he smiled when he saw his wife there curled up against him. When he remembered last night he became very erect and he started touching her and Tea opened her eyes and reached out and touched his face she softly told him "thank you for making our first time together so wonderful." Then she kissed him and they began to make love and this time was even better and more explosive.

They got up and showered together because she needed help he carried her into the bathroom and as they got into the shower and he started washing her back they got so excited that they made love and she found out that just because she didn't have both legs it didn't matter at all. They got dressed and after he helped her attach her leg, they walked down stairs and went to get breakfast.

There sitting at the table was Mokuba and Roland and when they smiled at them, Tea got a little embarrassed but she smiled anyway. They sat down and Roland got them some coffee and Mokuba gave them some eggs and fixed them some toast.

"Where are you two going on your honeymoon?" Mokie asked.

Seto smiled at his brother and reached out an ruffled his hair and that got him a scowl from him. "Stop that!" Mokuba told him, but he was smiling. "We were going to go to Hawaii, but we changed out minds" Seto said and as he looked at her she blushed and punched him in his arm.

"What's going on?" Mokie asked.

That got Roland chocking and Seto had to pound him on his back and he was trying not to laugh and Tea nearly chocked herself.

Roland looked at them with tears running down his face as if to say get out of that one. Tea saved the day by saying "we would rather save our money for the family we will want someday, isn't that right?" she said as she looked at Seto who nearly fell off his chair which caused Roland to laugh all the harder.

"Grown-ups, you're all crazy" Mokie said as he walked out of the kitchen and went to his room. As he left, they were all laughing then and Tea wanted to hit both of the men. Then she got back at Seto by saying "you know that sooner then you think, you'll have to have "the" talk with him don't you?"

Roland again started to choke and then he swallowed and said "she's so right." Well that got Seto but good, and then he said "well what if he asks about how a girl feels, then I can tell him to go ask you can't I?" he said to Tea.

Tea smiled at her husband and she sweetly said "sure you can and I will answer any and all questions he has.

Seto looked at her with such love that it caused shivers to go down her spine and she was so damn glad to be married to him. Roland excused himself and left them alone.

Seto stood and held out his hand to her and Tea took it and together they walked back towards the stairs and then because he was to excited to wait he picked her up in his arms and very carefully he went back to their room. When he closed and locked the door he said "lady I want to make love to you so damn badly that I can hardly function." Tea started to unbutton her blouse and as she let it fall off her shoulders she smiled seductively at him and he nearly passed out with wanting her so. As they both got naked he took her hand and lead her to the bed, where he undid her leg and sat it aside and as he laid beside her he whispered "I love you so much" and he proceeded to show he just how much.

As they made love, they touched and kissed each other in different places and soon they were so excited that when he finally did enter her it was almost more then they could stand. As he brought her to her climax he was already there and they both screamed each others names and they both reached the point of no return. As he held her in his arms he had tears running down his face and she reached up and wiped them away. She kissed him and whispered "I love you more every day" and then she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Seto laid there watching his wife sleep and the said a silent prayer thanking whom ever brought them together and then he too closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Seto did have "The" talk to Mokuba and yes Tea was there to answer any questions that Mokie had. Tea presented Seto with three sons and one daughter. They love each other and they lived a very long and happy live. Mokuba went on to take over Kaiba Corp. and Roland finally found a very wonderful woman and they married and are still living at the Manor. So Tea's life has come a full circle, from a tragic beginning to the happily ever after life with Seto, their children, Mokuba and Roland...


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