Disclaimer: I don't own Phantom of the opera, the characters, the actors, or the director. I'm just BORROWING them for a while. Oh, and this story is FICTIONAL, none of the incidents EVER happened (or at least I wasn't told if they did happen.)

Out of Step, Out of Time.

"Music of the night," he sang before leading her towards the bride replica of herself.

It happened as it was supposed to... She looks at herself, faints, he catches her... But wait, he loses his grip..."OOPS"... THUD...

"OUCH"!!! Emmy yells as she hits the floor.


"Gerry, how many times do we have to redo this scene?" Joel asks as he's getting more and more annoyed with his star actor.

"Sorry Joel, perhaps Emmy here needs to lose a couple pounds," he said laughing lightly hoping to break the tension in the air.

"I heard that and it's not funny," Emmy yells as she stood up rubbing her head where she had hit it on the floor for the twelveth time that day.

"Let's go through this one more time before lunch," Joel sighed as he looks at his watch..

"Okay, once again from the beginning of the faint. Ready? ACTION!"




"Just great. Gerry, do you think you can do this scene WITHOUT dropping her? I just can't handle any more for a while. Everyone take two hours for lunch. We'll start this whole scene over when we get back. In the meantime, Gerry, I suggest you spend the time in a gym. Might actually help you out some," Joel smirked.

"Crap, I forgot my script, and we're filming the rooftop scene next. That is IF Mr. Phantom can actually carry me without dropping me. I better go back for it," Emmy thought to herself.

She walked back on the set, but it was darker than normal and deserted.

"That's strange," she thought as she noticed things that wasn't there before.

"Where did these extra rooms come from? The Phantom's lair is only two rooms, but there's at least four here. When did they have time to build two extra rooms?"

She shook her head and walked over to the other side of the swan bed where she threw her script in case she needed it. However it wasn't there. She got on her knees to look under the bed when she heard someone walk in...

"How did you find your way down here by yourself Christine? Don't you know how dangerous that could be?"

Emmy sat up looked at the Phantom and laughed.

"We're on break Gerry, you don't have to stay in character."

"What are you talking about? Who's Gerry? My name is Erik."

"Stop it Gerry. I'm trying to find my script, have you seen it?"

"What script? And why do you insist on calling me Gerry?"

"Okay then Mr smarty pants, you can stay in character all you want, but I HAVE to find my script. What did you do with it?"

"I can assure you that I do not know who this Monsieur smarty pants you are referring to. I assure you, I did not take your script."

Emmy just stood there staring at this man with a confused look on her face.