The loud music from the club was booming though every inch of her body. Her red dress swaying with the beat; her body sweating with every moment her dress made. It was only after her third drink did she notice her friends had left but for her the only thing that mattered at this moment was the music. Her body taking in every note; every boom like she had never heard a note of music before this night.

She was lost in a moment only to be brought back to life by a strangers hands on her waist. His large hands wrapping around her tiny waist was like heaven to her. His upper body grinded into hers as she lost a moment of reality to his hands; they were gliding down her back as she made eyes contact with the DJ.

He smiled at her; starting a song she hadn't heard in years.

Her body pushed against his; lost in the moment but then she remember she had no idea who she was dancing with and as he handed her another drink, it didn't matter anymore. She took the shot before throwing the glass to the floor. She could feel his smile on her neck.

Taylor had spent years being a good girl and she was done with that life; after all this was what college was about. Leaving her past in the past.

She took put her hand on his as it trailed along her neck bone. Every touch was an awakening she hadn't felt in years. Her body felt his electricity as his hands made their way down her sides. She wanted his hands in places that hadn't been touched in years but she wasn't one of those girls she told herself.

His breath on her neck; made her move her body closer to his. She wasn't one for dirty dancing but her body with his was almost poetry in moment. A moment like this doesn't come very often she thought.

Her body fit perfectly with his as they moved to the song. His every moment was tearing her apart inside. His hands moving back up her hipbones were making her body shiver with anticipation.

His hands twirled her around; her face making contact with his chest before looking up to see his face.

As her eyes trailed from his chest to his eyes; she gasped.

"Ryan," was all she could say before his mouth covered hers.

It had been three years since she had kissed him.