Sorry for deleting Golden Hours minna! But i think i just can't do AU fics yet. (sobs) Anyway, hope this makes up for it.

Under My Skin
By: Hiki-chan

Sasuke cursed inwardly. Damn that dobe.

Why was it, that out of all the people he knew and ever met, why was it only him that got a reaction out of him.


"Ne, Sasuke-teme!"

Sasuke eye's twitch in slight irritation at that voice. He was in the forest, a very private spot of his, practicing meditation. To calm him and keep him under control.

"What, dobe?"

Naruto smirked and took a step towards him, the most sexy, calm, cold, collected and unsensitive jerk there was.

Sasuke frowned but did not move away and let the blond take another step towards him till they was face to face.

"What do you want, dobe?" Sasuke was already getting annoyed.

"What are you doing?"

"Meditating." Was the simple reply.


Sasuke clenched his hands, "It helps me to relax."

Naruto's mouth formed an 'o' before he smirked, "So you won't get annoyed?"

"Nope." Sasuke barely kept the irritation out of his voice.

The blond grinned before he put his hands together, "Shadow replication!"

Sasuke barely had time to blink before he was surrounded by 5 Naruto's.

Narutos' took a deep breath before,

"Ne, is this annoying Sasuke? Is this annoying Sasuke? Is this annoying? Is this annoying? Is this annoying? Ne, Sasuke do you find this annoying? Are you sure it's not annoying? Ne, Sasuke? Annoying or not? Is this annoying? Is this annoying?"

And they kept doing that and soon the word 'annoying' was becoming an echo inside his mind. Since it was a combination force, it was more effective...

And so Sasuke snapped.

"SHUT UP YOU DOBE!" Damn that meditation to hell.

Sasuke then jumped and headed back to Konoha leaving behind Naruto who would have given anyone the impression of, 'going to die laughing'.

End flashback.

Oh but now, now he was ready. He wasn't prepared for that at that time.

However, if Naruto was going to do that again, he was ready.

Hoo boy, was he ever ready.

Kukuku, beware Uzumaki Naruto.

"Ne Sasuke teme!" A blond popped out behind him and he took a deep breath, "Ne, teme! Is this anno- Mmmphh!"

Sasuke had covered the blonds loud mouth with his to prevent it anymore words to come out and he held it there for awhile before he pulled away.

"Hn, dobe." And Sasuke walked away like nothing had happened, leaving a dazed Naruto standing.


Keke, had fun writing this.