The Legend of Zelda: The Search for Hope

Chapter 9: Finale

Darunia watched as the fist made its way toward his face. He knew he was done for. He was glad to have seen Navi one last time. That was the reason he had remained on this planet as a wolf. He desperately wanted to continue searching the world for his long lost friend, the only friend he ever had had. Now that she was here, he felt like his life was finally complete and that he could die in peace.

The rain had already started and he could here the rumblings of the planet where he knew water must be shooting up from cracks in the crust. The skeletal monster had stumbled slightly in the odd wet sand he was now walking through.

Darunia had finished playing the sweet melody. He still had the Ocarina in his hands and he looked at it reflectively. It seemed to him that time was slowing down. In his final moments, his mind must be slipping. Any moment now the fist would end his life.

But the impact never came. In fact, Darunia couldn't feel any rain drops hitting his skin. Navi was still buzzing around and was just as confused as Darunia was. Everything seemed to have stopped. Darunia looked around at the world around him. Everything had stopped. The world was completely silent. He glanced at a rain drop that was a few inches away from his eyes. He stared very hard at it. For a second, nothing, then, it started moving downward along its path very slowly. As it began to pick up speed, so did the fist behind it. Sound was returning to the world. Before he knew it, time was back to normal.

Just then, a bright light erupted from somewhere behind giant skeletal being and it was destroyed. The bones simply evaporated into thin air. The light had come from the giant black rock that lay near the edge of the antechamber. Darunia briefly noticed something flying from the rock at high speed toward Hyrule Castle, but he couldn't be sure what.

He looked down at his body. It was beginning to fade in and out. The Ocarina was gone, but Navi was still next to him. He felt like he had finally completed the mission that the goddesses had sent him on hundreds of years ago. The Hero of Time thought that he could rest in peace. He glanced up at Navi who was fading in and out as well.

"What have you been up to the last few hundred years, Navi?"

"I've been here, Link. I've been waiting for this mission. The goddesses created me specifically for our two adventures; even though this adventure wasn't so large. Like you, I was fated to help save this world. Now that we've done out part, we are free. We are both fading and this world will soon be covered in obscurity. I'm glad to have finally found you, Link."

"Me too, Navi. Me too. I searched so long for you. I helped the Hero of the Realms because he lost someone he cared for too. I didn't think that I'd find you on this journey."

"Link, let's go. Zelda has been waiting for you. Common."

Link, the Hero of Time, looked up at his long lost friend now found with a smile that said "I'm grateful for everything." Navi floated down a little bit and rested on his shoulder. His body was still pinned between the boulder and the column. The two sat in the rain in silence for a few minutes. The Hero of Time could see that the desert was now very full of water. If had already reached the steps of the Arbiter's Grounds. This world wide flood would consume the world in less than thirty minutes. Amazing, he thought.

He smiled at his friend once more, and with that, the two disappeared from Hyrule forever.

Ganondorf continued to set on the bed that had been Zelda's when something incredibly odd happened. He had not sent for his spiritual entity yet and yet he could tell that he was on his way. At that moment, Jashir stepped slowly into the room from a window with Midna in right behind.

"Here I am, Your Highness," Jashir said, red eyes glowing.

"Good, I need you back," Ganondorf grunted. With that, the King of Evil put his hand on Jashir's forehead. What occurred next made Midna scream with horror. It looked as if Ganondorf was sending shockwaves of electricity through her surrogate son. His small body was flailing, several feet off the ground. The room glistened with a bright blue shimmer. When the monstrous occurrence was over, Ganondorf simply flung Jashir's body against a wall. He was still breathing.

"Ah! Now I feel good again! Glad to be whole once more! You! You helped Link ruin my time here years ago. Want to see what I've done with him? Go look!" Ganondorf used his magic to float Midna out into the hallway. After the resulting scream of terror and sadness had stopped and given way to uncontrollable sobs, Ganondorf led her back into the room.

"What do you propose to do about this? The Master Sword no longer has a user and two parts of the Triforce have been done away with, no one can defeat me now," Ganondorf spat at Midna, his disdain for her clear.

Suddenly and voice from the doorway echoed across the room. It was filled with anger and fury, and it was certainly the last voice either Midna or Ganondorf had expected to hear.

"I propose that I kill you."

It was Link, the Hero of the Realms, complete with body and attached head. He came walking across the room toward Ganondorf and Midna. It was very apparent that Ganondorf had gotten his magic abilities back by the attack he threw at Link next. His signature ball of lightening came soaring across the room.

"How the heck did you do that?!" Ganondorf screamed, more out of frustration than really wanting to know.

"Honestly? I don't know, but I do feel great!" With that, Link lept at Ganondorf with a ferocity that he did not have, even prior to the battle he had just fought. The Triforce of Courage was shining bright on his left hand. The light shimmering from this Triforce piece seemed to be imbued into the Master Sword and the blade began glowing a fierce golden sheen.

Likewise, Ganondorf's own Triforce of Power began shining brightly red, imbuing his blade with a red magic that was unlike anything any of them had seen before. The energy in the room was almost palpable. It felt like the air had literally thickened about halfway to the consistency of water. It got harder to breath and objects in the room began floating around.

The two continued to battle with a speed and precision unlike Hyrule had ever seen. Midna was still pinned against a wall in her magical cell. From her position, she could see Jashir's small body beginning to float softly off the ground. Her own body began a fluid movement around the room itself, albeit a slow one. Pebbles from the ground rose into the air and the heat from the repeated blade strikes was beginning to become annoying.

Link let out a primal roar of fury as his next attack sunk deep into Ganondorf's right shoulder. Screaming in pain, Ganondorf attempted to counter-attack, but failed. Link's shield was back too and it seemed stronger.

Ganondorf lifted his hands above his head and a small pitch black ball appeared above his head. The ball suddenly tripled in size. Suddenly, the walls of the room and the ceiling exploded outwards and fell to the courtyards far below. The room was now open to the torrential rains. Link could tell that the waters had reached about halfway up Hyrule Castle. Everything else was flooded.

Link's thoughts shifted to Ordon and the people that he knew must be dead there; Ilia, the Mayor, Rusl, Colin, Talo, Malo. Suddenly, Link felt a rip in his left leg. It was a shallow wound, but the magic instantly made the leg feel numb. Link had gotten careless and lost focus in the fight. He couldn't let it happen again.

Ganondorf laughed; like that attack hadn't really contained his real power. As if in response to his own chuckling, Ganondorf threw his hands in the air again and instantly a ball ten feet around formed above his head. The creation of the ball created a shockwave in the palpable air that sent Midna, Jashir, and the red boat off the edge of the cliff.

Ganondorf's body floated several feet off the ground. It was just Link and Ganondorf up here now, and he knew that he was going to have to finish this fast, the waters were still rising. The next ball of lighting came Link's way. Using the Master Sword, he attempted to bat the energy back at Ganondorf, but it didn't work. The blade seemed to absorb the energy. The glow of the Master Sword became greater, and as Ganondorf readied a still larger energy ball, Link fought against the energy blast that came with its creation.

Link couldn't steady the Master Sword. The blade was shaking uncontrollably. He had the tip pointed at Ganondorf and suddenly all the stored energy of the blade shot out the front straight through Ganondorf's chest. The energy ball above Ganondorf faded and his body slowly fell back to the ground. He was gripping the large hold in his chest with one hand, and supporting himself on his massive sword with the other.

Link looked down and saw that the water had reached their level. A small pool of water was forming at his feet. He looked out and was surprised to see Midna, Jashir on the boat that had fallen, riding on the water. Midna had somehow rid herself of her magical container and she flew over to Link.

Midna had that "I'm better than you, but your still cool" look on her face once again and without wasting any time kissed Link square on the lips. She didn't let it last long, because they still had a battle to fight, but she wasn't going to waste the possibility of that being her last chance.

Behind her, the boat still floating with Jashir on it and something he had never seen before, a small blue round object. Link figured it was a musical instrument, but he had no idea how it had gotten there.

Ahead of the two of them, Ganondorf was regaining his composure. It looked like he had once last attack contained within. The water was up to their knees now and Ganondorf made his last ditch effort against them. He had realized that his kingdom was now below water. All he had left was the coliseum that had contained the Mirror. He knew it might have some sort of magic barrier against this water on it, from its old prison days. He wasn't going to let this two ruffians stop him.

Midna and Link held hands and Link put the Master Sword in the air to block this final attack from Ganondorf. Time seemed to slow again as the blades came to a clacking halt against one another.

At the second of impact, a bright light shot out from the point of collision in all directions. When the light had dissipated, Link noticed that time had once again come to a halt. He could not move his body, Midna could not move hers, and Ganondorf could not move his. The rain had stopped, as had the waves and sound around them all. The only sound that permeated the silence was the lonely beautiful melody of Din's Aria.

The Ocarina, player less, was emitting this wonderful sound on its own. It came floating over from its position on board the boat. The melody suddenly changed into something that Link and Midna didn't know. Ganondorf knew that tune. It was known as a royal family secret and was called "Zelda's Lullaby." Ganondorf instantly knew that this wasn't going to be good for him and he realized it as soon as his body was instantly transported to the coliseum he had so wished to go to. Suddenly, Link's wounds were healed as were Midna's.

All that was left of Ganondorf was a floating golden triangle. Suddenly, out of Link's hand came a second golden triangle. They heard a voice from behind them.

"Do you know why you were able to defeat Ganondorf?"

It was the red boat. The dragon head was talking! Link and Midna didn't know what to say. Time was still stopped.

"It's because you brought the Triforce together. The legend of Ganondorf's defeat always includes a male hero with the Triforce of courage and a female princess or queen with the Triforce of wisdom. The song your friend played, Din's Aria as it's called in prophecy has a very specific purpose. It recalls the pieces of the Triforce together in one spot. It works, every time, no matter where each piece is, or if it's broken. That is the prophecy left to us Hylians.

It is a somewhat uncontrollable spell, as you can see from the storm and the flood. When the Triforce is brought together, all those touching it will be granted a wish. Ganondorf wished to be somewhere safe and he thought of the Arbiter's Grounds, so he was transported there. That was foretold in Hylian prophecy. You must be wondering, where it the third piece? The legend says that it will belong to a princess born to stop Ganondorf. It never says that princess must be Hylian.

Your friend there contains the Triforce of Courage."

Link and Midna looked at the back of her right hand, which was now blazing with the emblem of the Triforce. A second later, it was floating through the air. The three separate pieces of Triforce became one single entity.

"This is the first time that the pieces have come together in a very long time and it won't happen for another very long time. The wish you two had was your love for each other and it has been granted." Just then, a portal opened next to the edge of the turret hovering just above the water. "The way home for you two is opened. You can go and take this child. He no longer bares the soul of Ganondorf. He can still live a normal life."

With that, the boy hovered over to Link, who took him in his arms. Midna and Link were still mostly speechless.

"Who are you?" Link finally asked.

"I am the King of Hyrule. Ganondorf changed me into this form, ironically enough, he didn't expect this much rain. But, since Hyrule is flooded, I guess I'm not longer the King of anything."

"Yes you are," Midna said. "You are… the King of… Red Lions!"

"Hmm, King of Red Lions? I like it! That is it!" said the King of Red Lions ecstatically. The spell you cast when Din's Aria was sounded also cleanses this world of evil. As prophesied, a hero would cleanse this world from evil by playing the song of the goddesses; Din's Aria. Come here, Triforce."

At the King's becoming, the Triforce wafted over to him until it gently sat on his back.

"I wish for the cleansing of Hyrule, but I wish for people to still exist. I wish for the races to still exist. I wish that this Hyrule could once again be prosperous and that these two before me can live long and happy lives. I wish the Master Sword sealed away once again. Lastly, I wish that the Ocarina be taken out of existence to stop this devastation from every occurring again."

With that wish went the hopes and dreams of a fallen King. Some people, not all, began floating up to the surface of the water. Small oxygen bubbles formed around their heads and life was breathed back into them. Among them was a couple with a child and several siblings. The Master Sword disappeared in a bright light.

The Ocarina started to shake slightly and with a poof of smoke disappeared. In its place was left something strange, a long stick or baton. No one was really sure what it was, but the King of Red Lions decided to keep it anyway. With the ending of the wish, time began to work its ways once again and the water continued rising.

With a sad look of parting his world, Link crossed the dimensional divide into Twilitia carrying Jashir's body just ahead of Midna. When the gap closed between the two and the bridge had been broken, they knew that there was no way possible to bridge the gap again.

On the other side of the gap, the rain had finally stopped. Ganondorf angrily sat by himself in the cold basement of the Arbiter's Grounds where he had shut himself in to avoid drowning. He currently did not have his Triforce of power, so he had to make due with what he had.

The King of Red Lions had watched the Triforce separate and fly in all different directions after his wish. He now drifted aimlessly as he watched the rest of all that he had known sinking below. He could see that some of the mountain tops would remain and he also started seeing bodies rising to the surface; live ones.

Several days later, a couple drifted to a beach. The couple had a baby.

"Honey, what happened?" said the man to his wife.

"I don't know, it looks like most of the world flooded, how could that have happened?"

"I don't know, but I'm sure glad we lived. It looks like this island will be our home from now on. What say we take the optimistic route and name it something happy? This is the outset of our new lives, so how about Outset Island!"

"Sounds great honey. What about our boy, you haven't decided what to name him yet?"

"What about the Hero that saved Hyrule before? Even though he didn't pull through this time… Link?"

With a pang of sadness, Ilia silently agreed. Her husband didn't know of her feelings for Link or the history between the two of them. Years later, she would start the traditional story of the Hero saving Hyrule and the dressing of boys in his clothing for that special holiday, but those days were still far off.

On other islands, others were coming to the surface. The Goron and Zora would keep mostly to themselves for the next few hundred years, gradually forgetting the outside world. The Hylians would eventually forget about Hyrule and the lives they had there. Over the years a new society would be built, this time one that was mostly aquatic.

Life would go on in Hyrule. Evil would eventually be cleansed and another hero would eventually come about. After all, the Triforce had stayed contained within the light realm.

In Twilitia, Link and Midna spent several days repairing the damage that Jashir had caused. When he had come to, his eyes were the normal eyes of the boy that Midna loved, and when he asked her, "Is this Daddy?" she replied with an emphatic "yes!"

The imp curse was left on Midna, since Jashir had not died and now no longer had the power to remove it. Link said this was perfectly ok with him and that he had preferred her imp form anyway. He liked the girlish cuteness it had; that comment always made Midna angry.

What followed was many many years of happiness. Link and Midna were quickly married and Link made a marvelous King to the Twili people. They quickly accepted him as their surrogate ruler behind Midna and loved the couple until the day they died. Their lives were long and prosperous and happy.

They often spent night's together outside on top of the palace, watching the stars. Link had grown to love the true beauty of the Twilight Realm as well as Midna's true beauty. The two of them had finally gotten what had been denied them for so long, a happy life with the one they loved.

Link and Midna both went on a search, and luckily, unlike most others, they had found what they were searching for: hope.

The End.