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It had been eight months since I'd first logged into The World. Six months since Shino was sent into a coma. That was why I was still here. I had to get her back. I had to kill Tri-Edge. To do that, though, I would have to find him, first. I could check the boards any time. So, instead, I thought I'd go out to one of the fields and see if there was anything good to train on, or if there were any PKs hanging around. Player Killers...I honestly couldn't stand them. Probably because of the first time I ever logged in. I'll bet those two bastards are sorry now that I've made a reputation for myself.

I randomly chose three keywords--they weren't too important, after all, since there were few areas that had strong monsters--and warped into the area. It was a barren wasteland, made of rocky cliffs and with loose dirt flying everywhere. That's when I saw them down below: a large group of Player Killers taking out a couple of apparently low-level characters. Perfect. I needed something to take out my anger on, after all. As I made my way down, I couldn't contain my laughter. Doing this kind of thing was always satisfying to me, even though I'm not quite sure why.

Ha! They were too damned busy with their own "work" to even realize I was walking right into their midst. "What an idiot!" I heard the line from one of them. She really deserved to have that turned right around and thrown back at her. No use dwelling on the thought, though. Time to start the fun. I took what seemed to me to be my own good time lifting up my character's leg and shoving it forcefully into the nearest player's back, effectively knocking him over with another of his little buddies and gaining the attention of the rest of them. That's when it really began. "Ah...The Terror of Death!...It's Haseo, the PKK!" "What...?" Good to know at least one of these idiots recognized me. Like a prelude to their doom. Heh. Time to start enjoying myself now. I smiled wickedly, I simply couldn't contain the excitement flowing through me as I drew my blades. As soon as they were out, they started making a high-pitched mechanical sound caused by the smaller blades along the edges of it. Magnificent. I didn't even have to think after that; I simply rushed forward and started picking them off. The first one made a few shouts and screams, but didn't last long at all, so I moved on to the nearest ones after that. Two right next to each other. Why were they all just standing there watching? What idiots! They were making this far too easy. Well, at least those two tried to block me. Haha...

As I rushed onto the next one, the one who had shouted "What an idiot" as she'd finished killing off one of the other players, she actually managed to hold her sword up against me. She must've been on a higher level than the other losers around. Wait, something was...Above me! There was one coming down from above me! Clever little bastards. Too bad it wasn't clever enough. I jumped back before he got too close to me, so it was a fruitless effort on their part, at best. They'd managed to get me right in the center of their little circle. Too bad for them, though, that was a perfect position for me! These idiots should really research who they're fighting...I quickly withdrew my twinblades and instead took out a scythe, used by the Flick Reaper class. A good name; the scythe effectively knocked back all the clueless assholes around me in a matter of seconds.

Still, I had to take the time to actually get the weapon all the way out. I had attacked upon drawing the scythe, after all. That gave a few more of them to circle from above and try the same thing that one idiot had tried before, only of course in a circle. What was it with these guys and circles? They couldn't very well change their position in midair, though, so I jumped up and spun around, taking them out, too. Pathetic! Not only were these people complete and total idiots, they didn't even have well-leveled characters! I guess their only strength was in numbers, like a bunch of stupid cockroaches nesting in the wall. But, like all pests, someone would find and kill them all someday. I found them first. Lucky me, heh.

What the-!? The one who'd been working with that woman who'd blocked me before actually managed to catch me offguard in the middle of my thoughts there. Too bad he was screaming like a madman while he was at it. Even though there was no way to keep my weapon in my hands, it still gave me time to prepare a spell scroll and effectively catch him off guard this time, then blast him in the face. It's at times like this that I wish you could knock someone's head off in this game; those bastards would've deserved it. I heard yet another yell coming from behind me. Didn't these guys ever learn? And with a slow class like that? Stupid. He did manage to change my facial expression a little, but it was more of a twisted glare. Hmph. I just had to jump back, just a little, to avoid that attack, even though I felt like getting my distance. He came rushing after me. Trying the same thing again? "Heh!" I couldn't keep that one in my mind. This was just too much! I jumped back in time to avoid his attack, again. The blow was too large for his character to readily recover from, so that gave me more than enough time to draw my final weapon, an Edge Punisher's sword with devices like those on the twinblade weapons I'd been using earlier...only bigger, and sharper, and louder. I loved that weapon more than any of them.

He tried it again, only from the air this time. These people were like robots! Just doing the same thing, over and over, and hoping it would work. I brought my blade against his weapon and not only blocked the attack, but kept him in midair. He must've had a really low level. Well, whatever. It was time to stop enjoying it and get the thing done before I got too angry with how...pathetic these idiots were. It knocked him back, off of my blade, and then brought it down on top of him, effectively killing him off. Was that all of them? No, that woman was still left...and it looked like she was saving me the trouble of tracking her down. How thoughtful!

She tried pulling the same thing the last guy had. PKs seemed to all be one giant mindless idiot, just scattered in fragments. No individual thought or fighting style, they just swung and hoped they hit something. Well, this one was no harder to block than the other ones, except for her speed. Her strength, though, was a little higher than that of her friends, apparently. She was able to hit my block pretty damned hard. She actually thought she could beat me!? That was it. It was enough for me to get adrenaline from, and bring down her sword from mine. There went her last line of defense against me. Too bad! I swung my sword around violently, letting out a loud cry as I brought the blade to her and knocked her back. She screamed. But if she was screaming, that meant she'd actually survived the hit. Perhaps she was worth hitting around for some information. I, as usual, felt no need to rush to catch up with her. These idiots were all the same. Easy to take down, easy to predict.

"I'm surprised, I didn't think you'd be that strong..." she said, having no other choice but to practically just lay out on the ground before me. Was she actually trying to beg? To try and buy my mercy with that stupid attempt at flattery? "I guess the rumor about you killing a hundred PKers wasn't a lie after all!" No, she was dragging it out too long for it to be pleading. She was trying to trick me, to make me let down my guard, to underestimate her. I should've killed her right there, the little bitch. "Hey, come on, don't look at me like that!" She was trying to act like she knew me personally! That...that little...! "Here, let me apologize. So just take it easy," This was definitely were she'd make her move, "calm down, and..." I kept my hands firmly on my weapon. I'd have to draw before- "DIE!" THERE! I saw her open spot since she was still drawing the weapon. I slammed mine into her and knocked her back, again. She survived a second hit! That took a damn good level. All right, she was definitely worth asking a question or two to.

Her weapon landed in the ground next to her character. She wouldn't be trying anything "clever" like that again. I let my blade hang at her level, below her neck, just to let her know that she wasn't going anywhere. "Tch!" She was looking at her weapon. What a one-track mind. "Do you know Tri-Edge?" If there was anyone who'd know about Tri-Edge, it was most likely to be a PK. "What did you say?" She sounded like she knew him, from that. "He's a legendary PK, shrouded in blue fire. They say players that get killed by him never come back to the game." I had to talk about it as if it were just a rumor. After all, it would be a much more...acceptable method than stating what I knew. Unlike the idiots I'd just slain, I actually knew what I was doing at all times. For Shino..."Huh? Oh, come on now! Don't tell me you actually believe that crap!" She didn't know him, then. "Those old forum fairytales." Her tone was changing. She thought she was getting out of this, huh? She even stood up. Yeah, she thought I'd let her go.

"So, you think you can go up against me, the Great Bordeaux," 'The Great Bordeaux'? She didn't seem so great to me. I guess just a little bit of intelligence would lead to conceit with these players. Even on higher levels, they managed to degrade themselves. "and just walk away like nothing ha-" I was tired of hearing her talk. She, obviously, wasn't. So, I decided to put an end to it. The blade I was holding began to turn the smaller, sharp-edged wheels on itself and make the mechanical sawing noise. 'The Great Bordeaux' simply stood there, mouth agate, and let it go right into her. Pathetic. "Yeah, I think I can." With that, I warped out of the area. There wasn't anything more to do there. "Tch."


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