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"Reboot Complete."

Reboot complete? Did the computer do this...? "Huh...? What the...I was fighting Tri-Edge...but then..." What happened...?

"Continuing Process..."

"Damn it, I can't remember..." What the...hell happened?

"System Reformatting Complete."

"Huh? I don't remember doing that..." Wait...That..."Reformatted? What's going on? What about my e-mails?"

I had no idea what the hell was going on, but if the computer had been reformatted, then that would have meant that all my e-mails would be lost. I wasn't even thinking. My mind was just a foggy haze...The only thing I could think of was, What if those e-mails were lost? I went straight to my inbox. What's going on...?

"Mail Data Not Found."

"Huh!? What the hell!? I would never delete these...! They're all...gone? Even the e-mails I got from Shino...?" NO! Damn it...I can't believe that all those e-mails are gone...What the hell happened? Damn!

"Everything's been reformatted...What the hell's going on!?"

"You have 1 new e-mail."

"An e-mail? Fine, let's take a look." I really wasn't in the mood, but maybe the e-mail would leave me some clues as to what the hell was happening. I still just...can't believe that all of Shino's e-mails are gone. That was all I had left...from her...

"There is 1 new e-mail."

"Ovan!?" Why would Ovan be sending me an e-mail...? And why right after the computer was reformatted? He always did have uncanny timing. I guess that's just Ovan...He says I have two paths before me. What is he talking about? Sure is cryptic...I can leave The World with "safety and shame" or I can stay with "pride and peril." What's he talking about? He'll welcome me to The World again?

Trial and Truth. Whether or not I should quit The World? "You should know better, Ovan." I'm going to go back to The World. And then, I'm gonna get Shino back, no matter what! I returned to the desktop. There was some new news, and new posts on the forums, but I didn't really care. I've never bothered too much with other people. Right now, I just have to focus on getting Shino back. That's all.

I logged in. But, when I got there...

My character looked exactly the same as it did when I first started! "What's going on? Why does my equipment look different?" Then...I remembered. Tri-Edge. Something happened...with Tri-Edge. Did he do this? What's going on? "I'm back at level one!...But what about my items!?" I, panicked, opened up my menu and scrolled through frantically. Nothing. "My member list!?" Nothing. "My equipment!?" Still nothing.

I laughed to myself. "Gone...it's all gone...My whole character's been completely reformatted..." I couldn't believe it. Was this really happening? Damn...

"Hey, did you see that guy just now?" I turned my head. Two players were walking by. Normal, of course. It was just my computer. Nothing in The World was really different. Everyone else was oblivious, as usual. "With the weird arm?" "Totally!"

"Arm...?" I thought for a moment. Were they talking about..."Ovan?" They had to be. I decided to run after him, just in case. "He would know something about this." It had to be Ovan, it had to! He was always in the right place at the right time. He would definitely be here. Definitely...right?

"Hm? Hello...?" Why were these people calling to me? Can't they see I'm busy!? I ran down the streets...So damned many people! Why couldn't they all just disappear!? Get out of my way...Get out of my way!

"Hey, do you know what that guy's job was? I don't think I've seen a design like that." "Sorry, I wasn't looking too closely." "I think he headed towards the harbor..." Anything after that I blocked out. Ovan. That was definitely Ovan. But, the harbor? What was Ovan doing at the harbor? Well, whatever. I still ran after him. I'd run after him until I got to the bottom of this. Ovan will know. Ovan will tell me what's going on.

"Oh my god, that player was really hot!" "Really? I thought he looked kinda creepy...So, you like guys like that?" "Huh!? Where'd he go?" "Uh...I think he went down that alley." Damn! Is he that much faster than me!? How am I not catching up!? (Gee, Haseo, considering you've been standing there while I'm typing this...Oh, right, better not break the fourth wall. coughs)

But as I turned the corner, more trouble. "Damn! It's those plyaer killers!" I turned back around the corner, but stayed close enough to hear them talk. I wasn't really paying too much attention until /I/ became their topic of conversation. "That Rogue that we fought the last time...He really wasn't that bad." What the...! That little bitch...! Not much I can do now, though...Damn it! "Ah...You mean...we're going after him next...?" At least that idiot seemed somewhat shaken.

"Hell, yeah!" Idiot. Damn. "There is no way in hell I can back down...after what happened last time!" Her ego must've been the size of a country. If only...I wasn't back to level one. I could /do/ something about it. Damn! "Wait, what the hell am I hiding for? Why do I have to hide from bastards like them? It's pathetic..." In spite of my words, I ran back to the harbor anyways. I can't believe I'm doing this. It's so damned weak. What would Shino think? She always hated those kinds of violent people, didn't she? She'd be ashamed to know I'm backing down like this, wouldn't she? Damn...Damn it all!

"What the hell's going on!?" I was lost in my thoughts. I can't believe this! Everything's been- "AAAAAAAAH!" BAM. Someone ran right into me. What. A. Loser. Fell over, too. "Gaspard! Are you okay!?" His friend? Great. More people. "Ah...what happened...?" What the hell was he doing!? "...Are you okay?" This time he was talking to me.

I was too amazed at their stupidity to say anything. What the hell were they doing, anyways?

"Hey, are you a new player?" What kind of ignorant...!? "You're a...newb? Oh, I'm sorry. I must've scared you, huh?" Those...! "Hell, no! I'm not a newb, I'm the Terror of Death!" Who /hadn't/ heard of the Terror of Death yet!? Geez! "Terror...of...what?"

Oh my god...How the hell did I get stuck with these people? I would've had a right mind to just log out then and there. "Terror of Death...Wait, you mean the famous PKK, Haseo?" Oh, finally. That took them long enough, though. "Oh, you're a player-killer-killer!" The pink one again. He certainly wasn't that bright, was he? "I knew I'd heard about him somewhere before!...but, I'm pretty sure the player's name was Ha-se-YO." That confirmed my suspicion.

"Are you sure...?" The one in green, apparently the more intelligent of the two, didn't seem too sure about that. The pink one, though...His stupidity knew no bounds. "Yup! Definitely!"

Even though I've never been one to help out an idiot, I still felt the need to stop stupidity for my own sake. "Hey, look, it's me! The PKK, Haseo!" Was there any way I could put it more bluntly!? I was still thinking of just logging out right then and there. No, wait, that wouldn't be-

"Hehehe...Hahaha!" The pink one. Again. He was annoying. Why the hell was he laughing? "Aha...I'm sorry, but you'll have to get more levels before you can say anything like that!" Green one. But what the hell was he talking about!? "W-What? Hey!" More level-...Oh.

"If you're a newb, we'll be happy to teach you the basics of this game." I already know them. Shut up and leave me alone, damn it. "Actually, Silabus-" So that was the green one's name. "-and I are part of the newb support guild, called Canard." He said it like I'd care. "Newb...support guild!?" I'm NOT a newb!

"It's a guild that teaches newbs all they need to know to become top players." "We're actually pretty famous, you know." What the hell...Today was not the day for this. At all. "Oh, yeah! I need to give you our member addresses, first. Here." No, wait, don't-!

"Acquired Silabus' Member Address!" "Acquired Gaspard's Memeber Address!"

Damn it. "Memeber addresses are an address system..." I tuned him out. Oh, man. It's just my luck to get mixed up with a bunch of weirdos. I even lost sight of Ovan. Anyway, right now, I've gotta level back up to become the Terror of Death. ...Well, I guess I'll just hang out with them for a little while longer. At least until I've got a few levels and can hold my own in a dungeon again. This is /not/ my day. "...Look, it doesn't mean they'll join just because you invite them to..." He got an odd look on his face. "Um...Were you listening to me? ;)" That annoying smiley...Well, at least he noticed. Maybe he's not so stupid.

"Yeah, I was listening." I did my best to act interested, really, but I wasn't. At least I already knew what they were going over, so they couldn't pull a "what-did-I-just-say" on me. "You were...? Really?" What, was he not expecting me to, then? "Yes, really! Anyway, come on, you're going to teach me the basics, right?" Playing along seemed like the best option. They obviously weren't going to listen to the truth from me. "So, let's move on to the next lesson!" Take me to an area, PLEASE. "Okay, then...let's go to an area!" Bingo. "Now, invite us into your party and we'll go find the Chaos Gate!"

"Silabus and Gaspard joined your party!"

What was I getting myself into...?

Kinda short, sorry for that, and once again as I look over it...I think it sucks. x.x;; Hope I did a tolerable job! I still love reviews, by the way. 3 And thank you all for the recent reviews!