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Chapter 1 - The New Sensei

He strode along the hallway in search for the classroom he was supposed to teach in. Apparently, he was lost for he was just new to this school. He was hired just yesterday, few months after the start of the school year. He hadn't got a chance to roam around and get familiar with the rooms and stuff in the school.

Flipping through the papers on his clipboard, he looked for his schedule. Class 9-3: 9-10 AM. It was his first class for the day… and for his teaching career. Now, all he had to do was to get into that classroom so he could begin his teaching. Problem was he didn't have a clue where that darn classroom was.

Maintaining his composed figure, he looked around and read every signboard that hung on each classroom he passed by until a lady called from behind.

"Good Morning Mikagami-sensei!" A lady in a pink blouse and a mini skirt greeted with a smile on her face, bowing before Tokiya Mikagami as a sign of respect.

Yes. The cold-hearted (well not very much anymore), arrogant, calm Tokiya Mikagami was now a middle school teacher. For some reason he, himself, never understood, he took up Education in Tokyo University and graduated with a bachelor's degree. Maybe, he just didn't have in mind a course that he really liked to take as he never really cared about it that he randomly chose Education for his course.

Now, he ended up being a teacher in a middle school. He regretted at first not because he doesn't like teaching. But, the fact that he would be teaching kids made him regret so much, considering his ever-short patience. He'd rather die than being stuck in a room with a kid, let alone with thrice a dozen kids.

Well, he was somewhat thankful when he found out from the principal of the school he got a job in that the students he would be teaching were nice and matured enough.

"Good Morning too, Yamada-sensei," he greeted in a less enthusiastic manner and bowed at her, who was also a teacher in that school.

"Lost, aren't you?" she said out of the blue and Tokiya, being the arrogant that he was, didn't say anything as he didn't like admitting it. "Well, I've been seeing you walking around many times already that I think you're lost," she continued and stifled a laugh.

"Well, I'm just getting familiar with the rooms here," he lied which he wasn't very good at. "I'll get to my class afterwards."

"Okay then. What's your next class?" she questioned which was beginning to bug him. Tokiya didn't like to be asked more than one question especially by a person he never really knew.

Yet, he remained calm. "Geometry. Class 9-3 at nine," he answered her though, glancing at his schedule for he hadn't memorized it yet.

"You sure you're not lost? You have roughly 2 minutes before nine and you're still here. Class 9-3 is in the fourth floor at the other side of the building," she said pointing toward her back.

"Say what?!" Tokiya's eyes widened, figuring he would be late if he wouldn't hurry up looking for that classroom. He's now in the second floor and he realized he had to climb 2 floors more. Much to his dismay, there were no elevators in the school yet.

Yamada just raised a brow at him.

"Oh yeah," he said in a monotonous voice despite his unease. "Thanks for reminding me. I gotta go," he bowed again and immediately left for the stairs to the fourth floor.

"Well, good luck in your first day!" Yamada told him and broke into a smile again as she waved at him until he's nowhere to be seen.

Tokiya was practically beginning to lose his nerve now that he ran swiftly along the hallway to the stairs. Luckily for him the hallway was barely empty that no one saw him act like that. He never liked to be seen like that.

If I can dodge swift attacks and attack my opponents rapidly before, I bet running quickly won't be that hard. He mentally said and kept running until he finally found the room with a signboard that said Class 9-3.

He halted before a door and sighed, fixing his now slightly unkempt hair that he got from all the running. "This is it," he whispered to himself as he reached for the doorknob and opened the door. He stepped into the classroom and looked over a bunch of kids who were a bit noisy at the moment.

He gulped as he could feel his heart beating faster than the usual. Was he nervous? It was very rare for him to feel nervous. Well, everyone could be nervous, even the most conceited one.

He walked over to the teacher's table and placed his folders and reference books on it. He cleared his throat to get himself noticed and to silence the boisterous students before him.

However, it didn't seem to work as they still carried on with their matters.

And it's beginning to get on the nerves of this ill-tempered new teacher that he couldn't help but pound the table with his fist hard enough to catch their attention but not to smash the table into pieces.

Well, it worked as all eyes approached him and silence fell inside the once full of turmoil classroom. Tokiya grumpily sighed as he stepped forward. Now matter how irritated he was at the moment because of what he had just seen earlier, he still managed to keep his cool as he began his introductions.

"Before I begin with the lesson, I think we need to clarify some rules first," he spoke loudly so that everyone could hear him. However, he still heard some people talking in whispers.

"Rule number 1: do NOT speak when I am talking," he said, emphasizing the word 'not' to make them remember it. He never liked noise. Well, who does? "Not a sentence, not a word, not even a letter," he continued.

He was pretty amazed, seeing all his students listening to him.

"Rule number 2: Follow the traditional school rules," he carried on as he believed the students knew already about them so there's no need to discuss about those things. "If you follow them, we're cool," he said. After that, he got a chalk and walked over to the board and wrote his name.

He introduced himself, starting off with his name, age, and the subject he would teach. Finding out he was just 22 years old, most of the female students began to fantasize and this disturbed him. He could tell because they were looking at him dreamily.

Great. Now I got these 14-year-olds dreaming of me. His egotistic mind spoke.

He shook his head at them and sighed, walking over to the teacher's table and took a paper that had the list of students on it. He checked the attendance, reciting all the names of his students and those he called on raised their hands and said "present".

For some reason, he paused when he read on the name 'Ganko Kirisawa'…

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