Jeff and the Skittles

"Jeff come on man!" Matt called running down the stairs with a suitcase. "We're gonna miss the flight!". He ran into the living room to see his little brother Jeff with his face pressed against the T.V.

"Are you watching Divas Uncensored again?" Matt asked peeling his brother's face off the T.V. by his blue and green hair. He saw a Skittles commercial on the screen."Skittles..." Jeff said,a glazed look in his eyes,drool streaming from the corner of his mouth.

"Skittles AGAIN?!" Matt said angrily letting go of Jeff's hair.Jeff licked the skittles on the screen leaving a steak of drool.Matt sighed. Back to the old routine.He pulled a bag of skittles out fo his suitcase. "Oh Jeffff!" Matt called from the the hallway.He shook the bag. Jeff turned around to see Matt holding the bag up.His eye twitched "Sk-sk-SKITTLES!!" Matt ran to the door with the skittles in hand..He threw the bag into the car. Jeff sped after them "SKITTLES!!". The second Jeff lunged into the car Matt slammed the door shut.

"That's how you do that" Matt said dusting his hands off.He went upstairs to bring a few more things down.When he passed the living room he saw Jeff with his face pressed against the T.V. again.

"JEFF!!" Matt shouted Jeff didn't move "Get back in that car!" Jeff still didn't move."Don't make me get the hose!". Jeff sped out of the house