Namine finished her drawing of Roxas and smiled. She knew Axel would like it. His birthday was coming up, and he told her specifically that he wanted a drawing of Roxas "because your drawings are so good" when she'd asked him what kind of thing she could get him as a present. Now, onto Roxas's present... He had given her 1000 munny and a kiss on the cheek when she agreed to do it - he didn't even let her name a price! When she started to protest, he told her that he couldn't find the rest of the munny that he had saved up, and that he'd get the rest to her as soon as possible. "You're the best, Nami!" he'd said, running out of her room. Shaking her head, she tried to think of an image that Axel would enjoy the most.

Thinking of a good image of the two of them together having fun would be tough... Looking at her white (what else?) clock, she realized that it was almost dinnertime. Placing her pencils and paper away, she walked towards the dining room, lost in thought. What should she draw the two doing?

Unable to summon his chackram, Axel just chased the thief down the halls of the Castle that Never Was, screaming at him to give them back. The thief just laughed and ran faster as the redhead sprinted after him, steadily gaining on him, yelling promises of death and pain. The petite blonde girl's eyes widened as they ran past her, Axel screaming obscenities, and she giggled.

No, that wasn't the right one. She sighed.

"You all right, Namine?" Larxene asked. Namine nodded. Sure, Larxene was an evil sadistic bitch, but she was actually pretty nice to Namine - must have something to do with them both being female...

The two ran from Larxene's room, screaming, nearly knocking Namine over in their mad dash to Axel's room. They had been caught trying to put Larxene's now-frozen-bras back into her room again, and this time, it was Larxene herself that had caught them. They each screamed as Larxene fried them with a bolt, but didn't slow their pace one bit.

No, not that either. What should it be?

After dinner, Namine cleaned up her plate and walked back to her room, thinking all the while. When she reached it, she walked over to her desk and picked up her pencils and sat down. While she thought about different images of the two, she began to draw absentmindedly.

Snapping out of her thoughts, she looked down to see what she had drawn. When she realized what it was a picture of, she blushed.

"Hey, R--" Namine was cut off by a loud moan, and she peeked her head in, eyes widening. Luckily, the two hadn't heard her.

"H-harder, Axel..." Roxas pleaded. Axel just grunted, burying his face in Roxas' neck, pounding into Roxas even harder. Roxas' moans filled the room, causing Namine to blush a bright red, but for some reason, she couldn't tear her eyes from the scene in front of her. When Roxas started screaming Axel's name, she forced herself to move, running back to her room. She had never really wanted an Organization cloak, but at the moment, she wished that she had one more than anything, because she was sure her face was completely red.

Still blushing, she decided that she would give this to Axel, as a present from her. For Roxas, she drew a picture of the two fighting together, and then another of them playing video games. (That particular image had been from them playing some Final Fantasy game, or something like that. She didn't really pay attention to that.)


Roxas ran to Axel's room, out of breath, pictures clutched in his hand. He knocked on the door and then entered, not even waiting for his best friend (and lover) to give him permission to enter. He blinked when he saw Axel lounging on his bed, looking at a drawing of something, smirking. Next to his leg was a drawing of Roxas. That must've been Namine's present to him. But then, what's he looking at?

Axel looked up at him, a suggestive grin on his face. Walking over, Roxas tried to glance at the picture in Axel's hand, but he held it out of view. Roxas reached for it, but Axel captured his lips before he caught a glance of the drawing. Axel forced his tounge into Roxas' mouth, and Roxas soon lost all coherent thought. When he was finally able to think straight, he was lying on the bed. Axel was looking at his pictures of the two of them.

"Hey, this one is of us playing that Final Fantasy XII game that I got for you for your birthday. Remember? I was so sick of you borrowing my FFVIII, because I hadn't gotten to play for a while. You know, there's a really good Seifer/Squall story that I read on this fanfiction site. It's called, um, Four Simple Words, or something like that." Axel shrugged. "I dunno. Anyways, thanks for these two presents. Now as for my other present..." Axel leered at him.


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