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Last Time

"...Now as for my other present..." Axel leered at him.


Roxas flushed even more, but he started to unzip his coat, only to be stopped by two unusually bare hands. Grinning up at him pervertedly, Axel slowly pulled the zipper down until it was open and he was level with Roxas' crotch. He gently released Roxas' erection, and, not even bothering to take Roxas' pants off, engulfed Roxas with his mouth. Roxas yelled in surprise, hands automatically burying themselves in firey red locks.

"I-I thought that this w-was supposed to b-be y-your pr-present, Axel," Roxas managed to stutter out, having a hard time thinking clearly with Axel's talented mouth working on his length. Axel pulled back and grinned, Roxas whimpering as that wet heat left him.

"Oh, but it is my present, Roxie!" Roxas was about to ask Axel what he meant by that, but Axel's tounge teasingly ran the length of Roxas' shaft. Axel took the crown on Roxas' manhood into his mouth, dipping the tip of his tounge into the slit.

"Axel, please..." Roxas begged, then gasped as Axel deep-throated him, sucking hard. When one of Axel's hands left it place on Roxas' hip to massage Roxas' balls, Roxas screamed, back arching off the bed as he came suddenly, seed flooding Axel's mouth. Greedily, Axel swallowed every last drop, then slowly, withdrew his mouth, smiling at the groan the action brought from his small lover.

Roxas yelped, eyes snapping open, when he felt a long, slick finger press into him. He forced himself to relax, and Axel rewarded him by thrusting the finger up, hitting Roxas' prostate. Adding a second finger, Axel was pleased to find that Roxas easily relaxed around them, though he remained wonderfully tight. Adding a third finger, Axel curled them, causing Roxas to shout in pleasure. Deciding that Roxas was ready enough, he withdrew his fingers and quickly spread lube over his painfully hard length.

"You ready?" Roxas blinked, then nodded quickly, crying out in pleasure as Axel wasted no time in burying himself to the hilt inside Roxas. Axel didn't move for a moment, then he withdrew slowly before ramming back in. He picked up a steady pace, angling his thrusts so that each one hit Roxas' prostate, the blonde moaning wantonly each time. One of the blonde's hands snaked down and wrapped around his length, half expecting Axel to bat his hand away, Axel, however, simply wrapped Roxas' legs around his waist, placed both hands on the matress on either side of Roxas' head, and started thrusting into Roxas powerfully. Roxas soon came, tightening almost unbearingly around Axel, who thrust in twice more before letting go, coming deep inside of Roxas.

Spent, the two lovers colapsed on the bed, falling asleep almost immediately, tired from both their recent activities and the long spar they had had that morning.


Namine giggled, closing the door as she turned her digital camera off. Roxas' birthday would be coming up soon, and she had some more pictures to draw...


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