Yes, it's a new fanfic. And yes, I haven't finished my others. But I just couldn't resist… I hope you like it! I'm calling the older Cindy and Jimmy by their real names, Cynthia and James, so as not to confuse anyone. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Questions

"Let's welcome our guest to the show, Dr. James Neutron!" the DJ's voice streamed in through the stereo system.

20-year-old Cynthia Aurora slammed her first down on the dashboard.

"Whoa, calm down girl," her best friend, Libby, tried to soothe her. Cynthia reached out a hand to turn off the radio, but Libby grabbed her wrist. "I wanna hear what he has to say," she protested.

Cindy didn't reply, but she didn't argue back, either, so the radio stayed on.

"I know we're here to listen to you about your holographic TV," said the disc jockey, "but first let's talk about the situation with your wife."

"There's nothing to talk about," James said. "I haven't seen her in two months now, and I'm tired of telling the story over and over again."

"So she still thinks you cheated on her?"

"Yes, she does, but it isn't—and I repeat, isn't—true," James said firmly.

"Liar!" Cynthia exclaimed. Fury filled every part of her innermost being. How could he keep saying this to everyone? Didn't he feel even the slightest pang of guilt for his actions?

"Oh, come on, Nerdtron. Everyone fawns over me already. Why would it be any different in the future?" 11-year-olds Cindy and Jimmy had gotten into yet another argument, this time about who would be more famous at the age of 20. It was a silly fight, really, and Cindy was arguing mostly just for the sake of arguing. But she wanted to be right nonetheless.

"Cindy, Cindy, Cindy." Jimmy shook his head with a smile. "Not everyone fawns over you. Do you see me fawning over you? No. I rest my case."

Cindy rolled her eyes. "Of course I wasn't including you in everyone. You're nobody, so you don't count."

Jimmy frowned, and then continued smugly, "So how do you plan on making your big career? Singing, acting? We already know you're no good at either."

"I am too!" Cindy protested. "I have a beautiful voice. And my acting skills are wonderful. I could do either and be a big success. I could do anything and be a big success, Neutron; plain and simple. You on the other hand, have no creativity. You don't even have the looks to go along with anything."

"Well, I think we should settle this right now and get your head out of the clouds," Jimmy snapped.

"Oh, yeah? And how do you suppose we do that?" Cindy asked incredulously.

"Hello, haven't you heard of the ChronoArch?" Jimmy retorted.

"The what-o arch?"

"The ChronoArch," Jimmy repeated. "You know, just another one of my ingenious inventions. One of the ones you could never come up with in a million years."

Cindy laughed. "You mean one of the ingenious inventions that almost destroyed our entire town? It's not that I can't invent one; I just don't want to endanger everyone in Retroville."

"So, are you ready to find out or what?" Jimmy asked in annoyance.

"Oh, what the heck? It wouldn't hurt to damage that big ego of yours for once," Cindy agreed.

Not too long after, they were standing in Jimmy's lab as he started up the ChronoArch. Cindy began having second thoughts. "Neutron, isn't this the invention that helped wreck Libby's birthday party?" she asked doubtfully.

"Don't worry, nothing can go wrong this time," Jimmy said, not too reassuringly. "I've tested it not that long ago. It works perfectly, trust me."

"None of your inventions work perfectly, Albert Idiotstein," Cindy retorted. "And I wouldn't trust you if my life depended upon it. So forget about it."

"Cindy, if you don't come with me, I'll tell everyone that you were afraid of me being better than you. How will that look?"

"Are you trying to blackmail me into this?" Cindy demanded. "Fine, I'll go. But if anything goes wrong, you're dead. Understand?"

"Sure. So, go ahead." Jimmy motioned towards the portal. "Ladies first."

"I'm not going first!" Cindy protested. "You lead the way."

Eventually, Jimmy shoved her through, and then followed behind. The two landed in a futuristic version of Retroville, although seemingly not quite as advanced as the last time Jimmy had visited his future self.

"So, let's find me," Jimmy declared after a few moments of looking around.

"You? Why do we have to find you first?" Cindy demanded. "I'm the main focus here."

Jimmy rolled his eyes. "Oh, please. I'm the one with the invention, and I call the shots. We're finding me first or we're going back."

"You selfish brat!" Cindy cried indignantly. "How do we even know where you live? You could be out of Texas for all we know!"

"Um, well…we'll ask her!" Jimmy suddenly burst out, pointing at a red headed passersby.

"Like she would know," Cindy laughed.

"Excuse me, Miss," Jimmy called after the girl.

She spun around to face them, and then gasped. "You look like James Neutron! Only a younger version! That is so cool! Are you related, or are you just a fan? I love that guy so much, it's unbelievable. My name's Tracie, and I run his fan club, you know," she added proudly.

Jimmy and Cindy both stared at her in shock. "Uh, well, do you know where he lives, then?" Jimmy asked.

"Of course! Follow me!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Jimmy and Cindy both glanced at each other dubiously, but trailed along behind the obsessive fangirl anyway. "Boy, is she messed up or what?" Cindy whispered.

"No, she's just proof of how famous I am," Jimmy replied with a smirk. "Do you really need anything else?"

"Oh, shut up," Cindy snapped. "We still haven't seen me yet."

"So, what are your opinions on the situation?" Tracie asked the two, interrupting their arguing for a moment.

"What situation?" Jimmy asked blankly. He had absolutely no clue what she was talking about.

"You know, the Betty Quinlan situation!" Tracie answered. "It's only been all over the media. Do you think he's cheating on her or not?"

"Um, no?" Jimmy said, biting his lip. He could only hope that was the correct answer.

"Good, neither do I!" Tracie voiced her agreement. Jimmy let out a breath of relief. "His wife is so gorgeous! There's no way he could be cheating on her!" Tracie stopped in front of a huge mansion. "Here it is, the Neutron estate," she said, waving towards the house. "If you look through that window, you can spy on him." She pointed to a window on the side of the mansion. "Have a good day." She waved, and then was off.

"What do we do now?" Cindy asked, staring up at the huge estate.

"Ring the doorbell," Jimmy replied, doing just that. There was no answer.

Cindy rolled her eyes, then pounded hard on the door. "You'd better open up!" she yelled. Slowly, the door in front of her began to open, revealing a tall and handsome James Isaac Neutron. Cindy's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open, as did James'.

"How did you get here?" he asked, breaking the shocked silence that had fallen.

"His dumb invention," Cindy replied, pointing an accusing finger at Jimmy. Without warning, James suddenly picked Cindy up and hugged her. Now it was Jimmy's turn to gape.

"What are you trying to do, squeeze the life out of me?" Cindy exclaimed.

"I'm sorry." James set her down gently, but continued to stare at her. "I just haven't seen you in two months," he explained.

"Wow, Jimmy, it looks like you just get stupider as you get older," was Cindy's smart remark. Jimmy shot her a glare.

"Why don't you two step inside?" James suggested, stepping back so that they could enter the house. Cindy and Jimmy complied, finding that the inside was even more amazing than the outside.

"We have a lot of questions for you," Jimmy informed his older self.