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Chapter 16: Closure

Cindy Vortex strolled into the living room, adorned in the pale green floor-length gown which she had picked out for Libby and Sheen's wedding that day, with a matching sash hanging daintily from her arms. "So"she twirled gracefully"what do you think?"

Jimmy looked dumbfounded and a bit speechless, but when James began to say, "Cindy, you look," Jimmy jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow. James rolled his eyes with a smile, but let the younger boy continue with what he wanted to say.

"Beautiful," Jimmy finished for himself, smiling broadly.

Cindy's cheeks turned pink. "Well, you don't look so bad yourself," she joked, secretly brimming with joy about the tuxedo he was wearing. "It's pretty surprising, since you have no sense of style whatsoever," she added to cover up her inner feelings.

Jimmy frowned. "Is that how you repay a nice complement?" he grumbled.

"Oh, lighten up, Jimmy," Cindy laughed, punching his arm softly. "I'm just kidding around."

"Yeah, well..." He turned to James, and Cindy rolled her eyes in exasperation when he changed the subject. "What'd Cynthia do at the rehearsal?"

James shrugged. "She ignored me, like usual," he replied. "I'm not so sure about Libby's plan. I think I'll bring the recording of Betty's confession with me, just in case I get a chance to play it for her afterwards."

Cindy nodded in approval. "Good idea. That's what I'd do."

"Now, you two are going home whether or not this works out. Right?" James prodded.

"Right," Cindy sighed. "But if it doesn't...well, let's just say I don't know if things will ever be the same again. How will I keep from being depressed about my future all the time?"

"We'll climb that mountain when we come to it," James said calmly. "Right now we need to focus on the positive, for Sheen and Libby's sake."

"You're right," Cindy agreed.

Jimmy bit back a smart remark. His desire was to be at peace with her, and yet he seemed to still act impulsively in the pattern they were accustomed to. Couldn't their friendship last for more than an hour?

The wedding was over, and while most people were enjoying themselves at the reception, there was still no sign of any change in Cynthia's demeanor. It had been a little interesting to see Carl and Sheen; the former apparently visiting from Peru, where he was going to college and preparing himself for a life of llama breeding. But all in all, it was looking to be a lost cause between James and Cynthia, to say the least, and Jimmy and Cindy were preparing themselves to go home with their mission unfulfilled. They watched from the sidelines as Cynthia headed towards the buffet table

Suddenly, out of nowhere, who should approach the tall blonde other than Betty Quinlan herself! The eyes of the two eleven-year-olds widened in shock as they saw Betty strut up and directly confront Cynthia with a smart remark.

"That's a lot of food you got there," Betty pointed out rudely.

"Why should you care, Quinlan? And who invited you here anyways? I don't remember you being on Libby's guest list," Cynthia snarled.

"I wasn't. But since everyone knows I deserve to be a part of the celebration, I came."

"Oh, then forgive me for being ignorant," Cynthia snapped sarcastically. "I was unaware that you stealing my husband automatically grants you the right to my best friend's wedding. Or did you steal her too?"

"Back. To. The. Point." Betty was speaking through clenched teeth, a definite sign that Cynthia was getting to her.

"What point? I wasn't aware that you were making a point!"

"Duh! My point was that you wouldn't be piling that much food on your plate unless you were pregnant!"

Suddenly Cynthia felt the world spinning out of control all around her. The word "pregnant" echoed in the room, or so it seemed, and it felt like she'd swallowed a dead weight. She was sure everyone heard it; that everyone was staring at her, although it was too blurry and out of focus for her to tell. The color drained from her face and she felt like her knees would buckle at any second.

But the monster didn't stop. She kept going, relishing the fact that her words were cutting through Cynthia like a knife. Betty would finish this off once and for all.

"Of course, everyone knows it couldn't be James' child. Maybe you didn't love him as much as you made it seem. Maybe you had your eye on another guy all along, and when I made my announcement you were more than happy to go running into his arms!"

That did it. Cynthia saw the tiled ground before her, felt the sickening falling feeling too soon to do anything about it.

But she didn't hit the floor. Suddenly two strong arms caught her and held her close, and a voice barked out: "That's it! I can't take it any longer! I'm tired of you, and your lies, and what you're doing to her! I have half a mind to punch you square in the jaw, so I suggest you hurry off in case the urge becomes incontrollable!"

It was...James. He was screaming at Betty. Cynthia had never heard him do that before...ever.

Immediately she knew. She knew for certain. He didn't need to give any proof; she could finally swallow her pride and admit she was wrong.


He looked away from the infuriating woman running out the door and down into the eyes of the only one he'd ever truly loved. His gaze softened and he pulled her closer. "It's OK, Cynthia...everything is going to be OK."

She burst into sobs, and he stroked her hair and let her cry there, in his arms. "I'm...sorry...," she gasped.

He pulled back and held her at arm's length so he could look her in the eye. "You mean...?"

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I don't know how I let stupid Quinlan fool me like that! I just...well, I almost believed you...but I just couldn't admit I was wrong after the way I'd acted towards you, and...oh, James, I'm so sorry!"

"Cynthia..." he whispered. "I could never blame you. It's not your fault." He pulled her closer and their lips met.

"I wonder what that would be like," Cindy mumbled, unaware that she had said it out loud.

"Oh, it's great. You have no idea," Jimmy replied happily.

Cindy's mood immediately changed. She turned to look him in the eye and snapped, "What?"

Idiot! Jimmy thought, mentally smacking himself. "Uh...I mean...I'm assuming?"

Cindy was not convinced. "You'd better run," she snarled.

And that's exactly what he did.

"Wow," Cindy was saying. "I'm glad everything finally worked out."

She and Jimmy were back in his lab. It had all gone right. Well, except for the part when Cindy slapped him. His cheek was still smarting.

"You know," she went on, "it'll be kind of...weird knowing that we'll be married in the future."

"Don't worry, I won't expect a change in behavior from you, Vortex," Jimmy assured her.

She was a little surprised. Back to the old ways again, was it? But when she looked at him there was a twinkle in his eye.

Cindy smiled. "Well, I don't expect a change from you either, Nerdtron."

Suddenly there was a pounding on the door.

Jimmy's eyes widened. "Uh oh. I bet it's Sheen and Carl."

"Just answer it."

Jimmy opened the door, and sure enough, his two best friends were waiting there.

"Hey, Jimmy!" Sheen burst out excitedly. Then he caught notice of Cindy. "Whoa! What's she doing here?"

"Are you two on a date?" Carl asked with a grin.

"What? No!" Jimmy exclaimed in frustration. "I was just proving to Cindy that in the future I'll be way more famous than her."

"Your stupid invention didn't prove anything, loser," she snapped. "I was equally as famous and you'd better admit it."

"Right." Jimmy rolled his eyes. "Well, look, would you just leave?"

"Like I wanted to be here anyways." With a flip of her hair, she sauntered off towards the exit. But when Jimmy's friends weren't watching, she turned to give him one last look. Their eyes met and both smiled. Then she was gone.

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