There were times when Billy really wished he had Teddy's powers. Like when he didn't want anyone to notice him. Or when he couldn't get his hair to do what he actually wanted it to do.

Or right now, when he had an itch on his back that he just couldn't reach.

He'd tried everything short of using magic to get at the itch, which had earned him a really odd look from Kate when she'd caught him rubbing against the doorframe of the Lair. He'd tried explaining, which had earned him another look, the one that Cassie had once dubbed the My teammates are all insane look.

Billy was trying the 'lay on your stomach and try to get your arms bent to an unnatural angle' trick when Teddy sat down on the back of the couch. Billy knew it was Teddy because Kate was avoiding him, Eli was at the library, and Cassie had made a snack run only a couple of minutes ago. Billy tried to get into a more dignified position (cause nothing is more embarrassing than being face down on the couch with your arms bent at angles they really didn't belong in), but Teddy put one hand in the middle of his back and pushed him back down. Billy more felt than heard the rasp of Teddy's nails running down the back of his shirt, and he left goose pimples rising on his arms as Teddy leaned in close and asked, "Where does it itch?"

"Lower and a little to the right," Billy said, wishing his voice hadn't suddenly jumped so high. The only thing more embarrassing than being face down on the couch trying to scratch your own back was to squeak when someone starts scratching for you.

Teddy's nails rasped across Billy's shirt as he hunted for the itch, and Billy could feel his boyfriend's weight shifting on the back of the couch. "There! That's the spot…" Billy groaned, his hands clenching on the sofa cushions as Teddy's fingers dug in to the spot. He could feel Teddy's low chuckle, his breath tickling his ear. Billy squirmed, his eyes closed in bliss. "Up a bit," he sighed. "A little more to the left… ooooh… don't stop!" The dark haired teen's back arched as Teddy pressed his fingers into the roving back itch, his mouth finally closing on the lobe of Billy's ear.

Teddy slid off the back of the couch, wrapping his arms around Billy's torso and managing to maneuver them both so that Teddy was on his back on the couch, and Billy was on top of him. And all this without actually dumping them off the couch. Clearly, Teddy had a super-human sex power, which was the only explanation Billy could think of. His hands slid under Billy's shirt, running them lightly up and down his spine. Billy wiggled, settling into the new position as Teddy's thigh crept between his legs. Billy buried his face in Teddy's neck, nipping at his boyfriend's flesh. He made a face as he licked the spot just behind Teddy's ear that always made him moan. Cologne may smell nice, but it tasted nasty.

"Oh god!" Cassie cried, dropping a couple of Walgreens bags on the floor. "I know there's a rule about making out in the Lair!"

Billy raised his head, scowling at Cassie, who had her eyes covered and was resolutely not looking at them. "You know, you are the little sister I never wanted?"