And Baby Makes Four

A few weeks after they got back from their honeymoon, Kon entered the bedroom to find his wife – and he still couldn't quite get over that: Timmie was his wife, and Robin would soon be his daughter legally – already in bed, reading glasses on her nose, paging through yet another document for work. Smirking, he quickly plucked the file out of her hands, and the glasses off her face, placing a kiss on her upturned nose as he placed both items on the bedside table.

"Kon…" Tim frowned at him, even as she tilted her head enough so his next kiss landed on her lips.

"Nope," Kon replied as he reluctantly pulled back. "It's late, and you two need your rest." Kon smiled, rubbing his free hand tenderly over the round firmness of her abdomen that contained their child.

Tim sighed, but acquiesced as he started rubbing the tension from her shoulders. "Only because I'm tired," she grumbled, with the certainty of a cat that was assured of its own infallibly, so made any unwanted suggestion they followed seem like their own idea.

"Of course," Kon agreed with a grin, as he deftly slipped the straps of her nightdress off her shoulders, and began placing kisses on her neck.

It turned out that Timmie wasn't as tired as she let on.

The next day at work, Tim and Kon were going over the quarterly budget.It was tedious business, but it had to be done. Even so, Tim found herself grateful for any interruption.

Especially from her…family.

Timmie winced and gasped. "Oh!" She blinked rapidly, surprised by the sudden pain in her abdomen. Then she smiled, as she recalled the familiarity. At around five months, the fetus started moving.

Kon was on his knees by her side in an instant. "What is it?" he asked, his voice rising. "Tim? Is something…wrong?"

Tim looked down at Kon, bemusement in her eyes. "I'm okay, Kon," she was quick to reassure him. "It's just that the baby kicked…really hard, too!" She smiled, marveling at the sight of her stomach changing shape as the baby moved within her. Little bulges from elbows, feet, and bottom would appear in one spot and roll across her stomach to the other side. Robin hadn't been nearly that active, especially that early.

Kon let out a sigh of relief, then, with a nod from Tim, he untucked her blouse, peeking under it. He watched the movements with a goofy smile on his face, then schooled his expression to impassivity. Mock-glaring at the unseen fetus, a grin lurking at the corners of his mouth, he waggled a finger scoldingly. "Bad baby," he remonstrated.

Timmie snorted at his antics, stopping mid-laugh as the baby kicked again, causing her stomach to ripple.

Kon's eyes widened. "Whoa! That was some kick!" he said, laughing joyously.

Tim smiled and took Kon's unresisting hand, placing it on her belly, directly over the source of the last kick. Their eyes met, caught in the wonder of their unborn child as he or she kicked again, making their presence known.

"Love you," they whispered to each other, before leaning in to seal their words with a kiss.

Both Kon and Tim – and especially Robin – were unhappy to miss Christmas on the farm, but with Tim so far along in her pregnancy, flying wasn't really an option. And driving wouldn't be smart, not with as much snow as they were receiving; the roads had already been blocked twice just within Gotham, there was no need to take chances on the highway.

Plus, it was Clark and Lois's turn.

Robin sulked around the house, especially when Tim was unable to help her decorate their Christmas tree because she was so tired. Her sprits lifted, however, when Kon gave her an early Christmas present, on Christmas Eve before bedtime.

"What's this?" Robin asked, carefully tearing open the large manila envelope as she'd seen her mother do.

"Open it and see," Kon told her, hiding his nervousness behind a smile.

Robin did as instructed, and pulled out a sheaf of papers. She flipped through them, not really comprehending all the big words, but stopped when she saw her name. And Kon's. And her name, only with…Kon's last name?

"What does this mean?" Robin asked. She thought she knew, but she wasn't quite six, and maybe she was wrong.

She hoped not, though. She loved her daddy, and him marrying her Mama meant that he was a real daddy, not just a part-time daddy like her friend Lian's grandparents, who were divorced. Their adopted daughter Mia had to keep shuttling back and forth between them every week because Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance didn't live together, and Mia mostly lived with her mother. Ollie's son Connor was grown and out of the house, just like their adopted son Roy.

And the word 'adoption' was on the papers Robin held in her hands. Did that mean…? She hoped it did.

"Those are adoptions papers, sweetpea," Tim told her, picking her daughter up and pulling her close, as she didn't have enough of a lap anymore to sit her on. "It means that Kon is now your daddy. Legally."

Robin knew what legally meant – it meant the government said it was so, instead of it just being that way. Kon had been her daddy since he'd started calling her pumpkin, that was how she'd felt. But she knew that her Mama wouldn't think of Kon as her daddy unless she and Kon were all kissy together. And her Mama wouldn't say that Kon was her daddy unless she and Kon got married.

But now everyone would know that Kon was her daddy, and no one could tell her different, not even that little know-it-all Luke McDunnagh, who was in fifth grade.

She'd finally gotten the rest of her wish.

Robin squealed and threw herself at Kon, hugging him tight, glad when her Mama followed. "I'm the happiest I've ever been," she said, remembering that long ago birthday wish, and how she'd surpassed even that happiness. Tears pricked her eyes, and she let them fall even as she smiled wider than she could ever remember. "Thank you so much, Mama…Daddy. I love you."

"We love you too, sweetpea," Tim told her.

"Yeah, we love you, pumpkin," Kon said, voice catching in his throat, the happiness almost overflowing from his eyes in tears.

They grinned at each other and hugged their daughter – and baby-to-be – between them.

One Month Later

"How are you feeling today?" Kon did his best not to ask that every day, but with Tim having finally taken off from work for her maternity leave, and her gravid state becoming ever more apparent, he couldn't help but worry over her and their baby. Worrying was all he could do, after all, since Tim was the one who was pregnant.

With Kon's assistance, she sank down into the couch and immediately propped her feet up on the table. "I'm about as good as can be expected," she told him. "I think the baby will be a little early; she's already dropped a little." Tim had taken to referring to the baby as a girl, since she had experience with Robin. Kon referred to the baby as a boy just to keep things even.

In actuality, Kon was the one who wanted a girl, since he loved Robin so much, and Tim was half-hoping for a boy, since they already had a girl.

"Really? How do you know?" Kon asked with interested, scrutinizing her stomach. "That he's dropped, I mean?"

"Because I can almost take full breaths now," Tim told him, smile tired and wry. She sighed and slumped back into the couch cushions. "But I'm still tired, and my back aches, and my feet are swollen and they ache too, and I have to pee every half-hour." At Kon's stunned look, Timmie laughed softly and wiped away the few tears that had formed in her eyes. Damn hormones! "Other than that, though…" she joked, trying to make light of everything.

Kon smiled sympathetically. Despite her complaints, Tim bore her pregnancy well; momentary worries about her appearance and anxiety about the birth aside. Kon admired her equanimity, and he also thought she'd never looked more beautiful than with their child inside of her. "Other than that," he finished for her, "you're excited about the baby and you're worried about the birth. And sitting at home with nothing to do is making you antsy and wishing you were back at work."

Tim nodded, then shook her head. "You're right about the first two things, but I had to take my maternity leave. I wasn't able to get anything done, between naps and all the bathroom breaks I needed to take." She smiled wryly. "And I'm feeling less tired this week, so it was a good decision. It's just…I've never been one for sitting on the sidelines, and the waiting is driving me crazy!" It had been that way when she was pregnant with Robin, as well, but then she'd had her impending motherhood to focus on. She hadn't known the answers to so many questions that she'd subsequently answered in the past six years. How often would she need to feed the baby? How do you fold cloth diapers? What kind of baby food is the best to start out with?

Would she be a good mother?

Now all she had to focus on was wondering how different this baby would be from Robin, and if Kon would freak out at having to take care of a baby in addition to a toddler.

"I'm not too thrilled with the waiting, either," Kon told her, carefully settling on the couch beside her. "But the baby will be here soon – barely a month from now – and I'm sure once it comes we'll both be thinking of tons of stuff that we should have done already."

That was truer than Kon knew. Tim laughed and leaned into Kon's side, sighing with contentment as he wrapped his arm around her – around them both.

Kon Kent woke up in a post-coital knot of limbs. He muzzily became aware of two things: A.) the person he was entwined around like an octopus was his wife (and their as yet unborn child) and B.) said wife had stolen all the blankets and he'd woken up because it was mid-February and he was freezing because he was left with only the thin blue sheet.

Strangely, since Timmie looked so cute wrapped up in the fuzzy blankets like a contented moth in a cocoon, he didn't mind.

Carefully freeing himself from Tim's tight embrace, Kon slid out of bed, not wanting to wake her yet. A quick trip to the bathroom for a shower, the closet for some clothes, and the kitchen for some breakfast, and with a goodbye kiss to his just-waking wife, Kon headed off to work. Tim would get Robin off to school, and maybe she would surprise him by bringing him lunch that day.

Tim didn't, but it was just as well since Kon ended up having to work through lunch, coordinating a three-way conference call to Zurich and Tokyo.

Completely drained, and more than missing his family, Kon knocked off work at a bit past three-thirty and headed home, anxious to see his wife and daughter. When Tim took off for her maternity leave, she'd decided to stay home with Robin in the afternoons, instead of them picking her up and taking her back with them to work for a few hours, so Kon didn't get to see either of his girls while he was at work.

When he got home, the house was mostly dark, except for a light in the front hall and one upstairs. After stopping in Robin's room for a few moments, he padded softly down the hall to the master bedroom. It was empty, but noticing the light coming through the open bathroom door Kon quickly stripped down to his boxers and headed inside to surprise his wife.

Timmie, her dark curls pinned up on top of her head with a plastic clip, was lolling back in the bubble-filled bathtub, eyes closed, a soft, pleased smile on her face. She turned towards him as he entered, eyes fluttering open, smile widening as she caught sight of him leaning against the sink. "You're home early," Tim observed.

Kon smiled ruefully. "My mind wasn't really on my work," he admitted, shrugging. "So I decided that maybe I should be where it was."

Tim snorted. She was aware that Kon's eyes had left her face as he spoke and were now wandering over the rest of her body. Flushing and trying to hide her growing belly in the soapy water, she tense as Kon placed a hand on her shoulder, following his fingers with a kiss. Relaxing as she once again realized that Kon did find her attractive, even with how large she was getting, Timmie arched her back provocatively, and fluttered her eyelashes, silently flirting with him again. "So, you're home for the day?" As their eyes met again, Tim smiled as she saw the heat in Kon's gaze intensify. But she didn't just want Kon to look at her, she wanted him to touch her – and she wanted to touch him, to let her hands roam over every last inch of him.

Carefully bracing herself, Tim started to rise from the tub, her gravid form making keeping her balance difficult. Kon was quick to help her, supporting her with one arm as she climbed to her feet, rivulets of water trailing down her body

She reached out for the towel hanging nearby, but Kon beat her to it. "Yeah, I'm home for today. Is there…anything I can do for you?" His voice was both teasing and hopeful as he began to rub her gently with the blue terrycloth.

"Mmm, that feels nice." Tim half closed her eyes as she spoke, leaning in to his touch as he massaged her shoulders and then bent forward to cover her mouth with his in a slow, sweet caress. She put her hands on his chest and then slid them up to his shoulders as she deepened their kiss. "I suppose that there might be a thing or two you could do for me…Mr. Kent."

"I am glad to be of service…Mrs. Kent." Kon reached back and removed the clip holding her hair.

Tim smiled and willingly went into his arms as he helped her rise from the tub like Venus from the ocean.

And then he carefully dried her off and took her to their bed, where he worshipped her like the goddess she was – to him.

March 4th

Right in the middle of reading the Sunday paper – actually, the comics sections, specifically, Baby Blues (oh, the irony) – Tim started to feel the pangs of labor.

Not that she recognized them as such, at least not right away. The human ability to forget large amounts of trauma was why so many women willingly got pregnant a second time. Instead of, oh, taking more extreme birth control measures like getting a hysterectomy or having their tubes tied.

Or forcing the men in their lives to get vasectomies, since that was a less radical procedure.

By the time Tim had finished reading the comics, the business section, and the front page, eaten her breakfast and gotten a good start on the New York Times crossword puzzle, she was positive that it wasn't just Braxton Hicks contractions, or the baby kicking in some new way.

She was having labor contractions. Joy.

Deciding she should wait to tell Kon until she was prepared to deal with his inevitable hysterics, Tim bypassed the living room where he was watching cartoons with Robin, took a quick, but thorough shower, put on a comfortable cotton pullover dress and loafers – forgoing a bra since she'd just have to take it off to put on her hospital gown – grabbed her suitcase and carried it to the front door, and then finished watching The Animaniacs with her husband and her daughter before pulling Kon into the kitchen for a quick chat.

"Anything wrong?" Kon asked.

"Not wrong, per se, but I am in labor," Tim said calmly.

To Kon's credit, after he got past the eye-blinking, slack-jawed staring, and spent a few minutes making various squeaky noises of panic, he managed to calm down enough to actually deal with things. "Okay, okay, I can handle this."

"Actually, I'll be the one 'handling' this," Tim said testily as another wave of pain wracked her middle.

"Yeah, I know, which is why I'm going crazy," Kon told her with all due seriousness, one hand rubbing soft circles on the small of her back, at the epicenter of the pain. "I can't do anything to help you except worry."

Tim was unable to help her smile. "You worrying doesn't actually help me, Kon."

"How about me being supportive?" Kon asked, grinning weakly as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

Tim snorted. "I suppose that would help. A bit," she conceded.

Kon scratched his head with his free hand, and Tim absently noted that he needed a hair cut. "How, um…how far apart are the contractions?"

"A little over an hour," Tim said, since in truth, she hadn't take notice of the exact time she'd had the first contraction. It had been sometime between 7:30 and 8:00, and the second had happened while she was getting dressed at 9:12.

"So…should we head to the hospital, or…?"

"Or," Tim answered immediately, already having a plan for the rest of the day. "We need to call someone to watch Robin, then we can head to the hospital." It was a sparse plan, but perfect in its simplicity.

"I'll get right on it," Kon said, and with a quick kiss for Tim, he headed for the phone.

An hour later both Darla and Bart had arrived at the former Drake, current Kent residence. Tim was busy telling Robin why she was going to the hospital, and Bart tried to do his best to reassure Kon that everything was going to be fine.

He didn't know anything about birthing no babies, though, so Darla had to step in and help out. As Tim's Lamaze coach the first time around, she had actually been in the delivery room with her, and knew what to expect, so she'd actually been able to calm Kon down some.

Robin was not best pleased to be left behind, but conceded that it would be boring to have to wait at the hospital, instead of at home with her toys.

Kon was very willing to leave watching Robin to their friends so he could concentrate on being there for Timmie. Tim, however, due to a wealth of maternal instinct brought on by a surge of hormones, was more than reluctant to leave her baby behind, even if it was to go and give birth to another one.

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of birdie-girl while you're gone," Bart reassured her.

"And I'll be here to make sure she's okay," Darla added, which actually was reassuring.

Robin frowned. "Why're you callin' me a bird?" she demanded of Bart, hands on her hips, glaring cutely at him.

Bart looked momentarily stymied. "Uh…because a robin is a type of bird," he answered finally.

Robin seemed to consider that for a moment, before finally nodding. "Okay."

If only everything could be explained that simply to her. Kon still shuddered when he remembered the mess he and Tim had almost made of trying to explain where Robin's 'little brudder or sister came from.'

Tim winced, and tried to hold back the pains of her contractions, not wanting to scare Robin. Kon quickly went to her side to support and said, quickly hustling her out of the door, "Well, if you guys are all set here, Tim and I are gonna head to the hospital. We'll call you when the baby arrives and you can bring Robin down to see him or her."

He closed the door on Robin asking, "How's the baby gonna get out of Mama's tummy?" and was grateful that he didn't have to answer, even as he knew Bart would get his revenge.

"Darla's going to kill us," Tim panted out between breaths, chuckling. She must have heard Robin's words, as well.

"Oh, yeah," Kon agreed.

Half an hour and one contraction later, they were at the hospital, Tim comfortably ensconced in a bed, both of them waiting for her obstetrician to arrive.

"Um…can I get you anything?" Kon asked, after stowing her suitcase under the bed and helping her change into her hospital gown. He stood in the center of the small sunlit room, fidgeting with nervous energy.

"Some ice chips?" Tim suggested after a moment's thought. At Kon's bemused look, she elaborated, "I'm not supposed to drink much of anything while I'm in labor."


After that, things went by way too slowly, but also way too fast. The waiting for Tim to 'dilate' open enough to start pushing the baby out was interminable for both of them. And yet, Kon also found himself dreading the birth, both because he'd have to see Tim in quite a lot of pain, and because he didn't know anything about babies.

He'd learn, of course, and Tim would teach him, but it was still stress-inducing. As was watching Tim strain through the labor pains and listen to her whimpers.

But at least the anxiety wasn't constant, even if there were only the occasional moments when it was dispelled. Every hour on the hour the nurse would come by and check to see how far Tim was dilated. Kon didn't exactly like the fact that another man was seeing those parts of his wife, but he knew better than to say anything, especially to Timmie. In the mood she was in, she'd likely follow through on those clichéd threats pregnant wives gave to their husbands about castration.

Tim finally consented to drink some water with lunch – just looking at her panting form had made Kon's mouth dry in sympathy – even if the lunch itself was only some vegetable soup and cut up fruit. A few more hours of waiting, while Kon contacted Tim's parents and his own – or, in the case of Clark and Lois, tried to; they were out on a story and had never given him their new cell phone numbers – and Ma Kent spent a few minutes trading tips with Tim to make bearing the pain easier.

Then Tim's water broke, and the doctor started coming by every half-hour, and somewhere along the way – Tim couldn't quite place when – she had finally gotten her epidural, and the actual pushing had been a lot easier than she remembered from her first birth.

Stupid all-natural child birth. Timmie loved Dana, she really did, but she'd never again listen to someone who'd never actually given birth about having no drugs when going through labor. Ma had told her to go for it as long as the doctor said it wouldn't harm the baby, and she was definitely going for it.

Finally, finally, the 'real' labor started, and Tim could push.

"Okay, Timmie, push! …Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Okay, relax for a moment…now take a deep breath and push." Kon desperately tried to remember the proper cadence and rhythm that Tim had taught him from her Lamaze classes taken so long ago, talking her through her contractions. His touch seemed to help her ride through the pain, but Kon was pretty that by the time her labor was over, he wouldn't have much feeling left in his hands, Tim was squeezing them so tightly.

Still, it was the smallest price to pay if he could actually help Tim through this.

Wiping Timmie's sweat-drenched face with a cool washcloth provided by a nurse, Kon said, "You're doing great, baby. Have I told you how much I love you today?"

Tim gave him a pained smile. "Once or twice," she hissed through gritted teeth, trying to relax between contractions. "It's…definitely a lot easier with you here. I'm…" She swallowed hard, and panted as tears pricked her eyes. "I'm so glad that I…don't have to do this…without you."

"I'm glad, too," Kon said, pressing a kiss to her forehead. Feeling the hitch in his wife's breathing, he prepared to start talking her through another contraction. Before he knew it, their child would be born, and they'd be parents.


Despite his anxiety, Kon could hardly wait. Children were such incredible things – so much possibility and potential , all wrapped up in a tiny little bundle of wonder. The whole world might be changed, for good or evil, in a hundred different ways, by this lovely little person – or not at all. You could never tell.

Unless you were right there for it.

Like Kon planned to be.

From when they arrived at the hospital at half past ten in the morning, to when the baby was born at 5:37 in the evening, was approximately seven hours. Still, caught up in the miracle of life that they were, the hours seemed to fly by for Tim and Kon, while also being interminably long for both of them.

But when it was all over…they had their son. Jason Drake Kent. No other name had even been considered.

Kon thought the baby – their baby – was perfect. Jason looked so…so perfect with the tuft of dark hair peeking out from underneath the little blue cap the nurse had put on him, and his tiny starfish hands with specks for fingernails. And since Timmie was in that nebulous place between exhaustion and true sleep, he could look his fill.

Jason made some cooing noises, so Kon picked him up, careful to support the baby's head. He could touch his fill, too. And he did, cradling his son in his arms, barely able to believe that he'd had a part, however small in, creating this little miracle of life. He gently touched Jason's tiny little cherubic face with his index finger and smiled as Jason's blue eyes opened and stared vacantly at him. Kon moved his finger down, setting it on the baby's clenched fist. The tiny hand opened and grasped his father's finger, and Kon felt his heart skip a beat.

Tim woke up when an orderly brought them both dinner. She was still tired, and Kon had to help her eat since her hands trembled when she tried to fork up some of the watery pasta on her plate.

"Jason's probably hungry by now, too," Tim said, once they were both through eating. She appeared stronger for the meal, and the extra-strength Tylenol a nurse had given her.

Kon carefully lifted Jason from his bassinet and carried him over to Timmie. He placed him in her arms, then leaned over and tentatively stroked one of the baby's cheeks with his forefinger. "You hungry, little dude?" he asked.

The baby's head moved jerkily towards the contact, and his eyes blinked briefly open, before falling shut once more. He gave out a thin wail, and his mouth opened in a sucking motion. "I think that's a yes," Timmie chuckled gently. Awkwardly, she shrugged one shoulder out of her gray hospital gown and put the baby to her breast. Jason needed a bit of help maneuvering into position, but then latched onto her nipple with an eagerness that almost surprised Tim. "Oh!"

"Does it hurt, Timmie?" Kon asked anxiously. Logically, he knew that Tim had breastfed before – it was the best start a woman could give to her child – and if it had hurt she would have told him. Still, she had years of practice at being a mother, but he was relatively new to being a father. And Jason hadn't been nearly that…enthusiastic the previous night.

"No, it's just a bit of a surprise," Tim said, blushing even as she cradled Jason's head closer so he could nurse easier. "Robin wasn't nearly that eager." She smiled down at the baby with pride and watched her baby eat.

Kon grinned as he too watched. "Look at him go!"

For a few minutes, the newborn suckled with enthusiasm, but then he seemed to lose interest, and relinquished his grip in favor of looking around, eyes flicking across the room and finally settling on his father.

"Kon, would you like to hold him?" Tim asked.

Gingerly, Kon picked up the tiny bundle; even supporting his neck, he scarcely needed more than two hands to hold him. "He's so tiny," he whispered, awed.

Wiggling her way back into her drafty hospital gown, Tim smiled as she watched her husband and son together. "They grow up fast," she said, and couldn't help but become a bit nostalgic for Robin's own babyhood. "Where's Robin?" she asked.

Kon roused himself from his reveries, encompassed in the tiny world of the tiny baby he held in his arms. "She's probably still at home with Darla and Bart."

Tim yawned, eyes fluttering closed as she settled back against the pillows. "I want her to meet her little brother as soon as possible. Could you–" she yawned again, "–could you call them and ask them to come?"

"I'll do that," Kon promised. "After you get some sleep. And her, too, I'm thinking." It was almost eight in the evening; the next morning would be soon enough for everyone to be introduced.

Too tired to protest, Tim just nodded. "All right."

Once Tim had dropped off to sleep, Kon crept into the bathroom with the room's phone to call Bart, letting him know the plan. His friend sounded a tad breathless and irritable when he answered, and Kon wondered if it had more to do with his proximity to Darla than with Robin's rambunctiousness. Darla was a shameless flirt, and Bart had always had a thing for blondes.

Kon preferred brunettes, but Robin was the exception.

"I'll wait for you to call tomorrow, and then we'll head over," Bart promised, and then with a squeak – making Kon wonder exactly where Darla's hands were – he said, "Bye, gotta go!" and hung up.

Kon shook his head, a rueful grin on his face, and headed back to watch over two-thirds of his family, while waiting for the other third to arrive.

The next morning dawned bright and way too early. At least as far as Timothea Drake was concerned. She'd been woken up several times during the night by Kon, since Jason had started crying, and, after making sure his diaper was dry, Kon had assumed Jason was hungry.

Jason was. And while Kon could have gotten some formula from one of the nurses and fed Jason himself, Tim's breasts felt very uncomfortable if she went too long without draining them of their milk.

Still, even with the soreness on top of the lack of sleep – something Tim did not remember with fondness from her first pregnancy – she was eager to see her daughter. Their daughter.

Just as eager as Robin was to meet her new brother, no doubt.

Not wanting to disturb his son's 'breakfast,' Kon had headed off to the payphone down the hall to ask Bart and Darla to bring Robin by. No cell phones were allowed in the hospital and Kon hadn't wanted to go outside in the cold to make the call. "They're on their way," Kon told her.

"Good," Tim said, shifting her grip on Jason to that he could nurse easier. "Jason's almost finished eating."

Jason barely had finished eating before his diaper needed to be changed, and Kon got his first real lesson in how to change a diaper. After Jason was all clean and tucked away back into his fuzzy blue sleeper, Kon tugged his hat down over his head and put his socks on his feet, before settling him in the crib and helping Timmie make herself look a bit more presentable. He dug her out some soft flannel pajamas and combed her hair back into a loose braid.

They were finally all tucked away with a few minutes to spare before their guests arrived.

"Well, kiddo, ready to meet your big sister?" Kon asked the tiny bundle nestled in his arms. Jason opened his eyes slightly and yawned in response, before promptly falling asleep again.

Tim laughed softly, a pained grimace briefly coming over her face as the action put pressure on her sore muscles. She smiled again anyway, as she took in the sight of her husband and their newborn baby boy. "It seems I'm not the only one who's tired."

"You've had a long day," Kon said, perching carefully on the edge of the bed so Tim could see Jay. "A long two days, actually."

"He was worth it, though," Timmie said softly, reaching out with one hand to stroke the wispy dark curls on her baby's head. "Every single minute."

Inching closer to his wife, Kon agreed, "Yeah, he was." They both settled in to watch over him, as they anxiously waited for the arrival of their other child.

It was only a few minutes later, barely half an hour after they'd made the call, that Darla phoned from just outside the hospital, letting them know that they were there. A few minutes after that, the door creaked open, and they both turned to watch as Robin tiptoed inside. "Izzit time?" she asked in a stagewhisper, wide eyes scanning every niche and crevice of the brightly-lit beige room.

"Yes, sweetpea," Tim said, smiling softly.

"Come on in, pumpkin, and meet your baby brother Jason," Kon added.

Robin rushed over to the bed and then, with a gentleness belying her earlier helter-skelter run, climbed up on the bed to sit beside her still-healing mother. "He's so small," Robin said in awe as she peaked underneath the blanket at her little brother. Jason blinked wide, sleepy blue eyes at her, and she grinned.

"You were this small once," Timmie said, a wistful smile on her face as she reminisced.

Robin turned curious eyes on her mother. "I was?"

Smile widening, Tim murmured, "Mm-hm."

Looking back at her baby brother with renewed awe, Robin whispered, "Wow." She clambered carefully over Tim's legs to sit on Kon's lap and get a better view of Jason.

Kon adjusted his grip on his son so that Robin could 'hold' Jason. With Tim squeezed in beside them, her arm supporting the baby's head, Conner Luthor Kent felt perfectly at peace for the first time in his life.

He had everyone he loved cradled right there in his arms.