-Twenty-Five Days-

A Psychonauts Christmas Fanfic by Digitaldreamer

Day One: And So It Begins


Okay guys, so here's the deal. The holiday season is upon us, and well, I happened to notice this section has a severe lack of holiday-ish fics. This, my fellow Psychonaut fanatics, is a problem. Thus, I have devised a solution.

I have begun this fic, hence forth known as "Twenty-five days". Every day, from now until Christmas, I will post one chapter, ranging from 300 to 1000 or so words in length. Each chapter will be a separate vignette, which may or may not be connected to the chapters previous. Some viginettes will be continuations of previous chapters, some will be stand-alones, but they will all have to do with two things: Psychonauts and the Holiday Season. In the end, they should all tie together to form the most insanely awesome Christmas fic ever.

Well, I can dream, anyway. I probably won't succeed at the whole "updating every day" thing, but I can try.

The first two chapters are setting up my main plots for this fic (because yes, there is in fact, a plot. Shocker with me, I know) and aren't so amusing...but the rest, hopefully should be. Or else they'll be heart-warming or whatever.

So anyway, onward!


The great, hulking building that made up Psychonauts HQ was always a busy place. Agents rushed this way and that, going through security measure after security measure to get to their desks. Elevators chimed, carrying agents from one floor to another. The tapping of hundreds of keyboards could be heard as reports were typed up at insane speeds, case files covering desks and chairs. Pens, papers, and notes telekinetically flew over cubicles, most agents not even casting the objects a second glance as they wandered towards the break room to get more coffee.

Ah yes, just your average day at Psychonauts HQ, or so one would think at first glance. But no, today was in fact, just a bit different. Cold drafts could be felt whenever the doors were opened, bringing with them whispers of ice and snow. The chatter among the agents was slightly more jovial than usual, and the music was indeed a bit different from the usual that played over the intercom. Some agents were even humming along with the tunes.

It wasn't yet in full swing yet, but indeed, the Christmas Season was upon the Psychonauts agency.

Raz was already apparently in the spirit of things as he walked across the main floor of the agency, a stack of papers in hand. He had chosen to only wear the top of his Psychonauts uniform today, along with a pair of simple jeans and a tan jacket Milla had insisted he start wearing, as it was getting quite chilly outside. He had to admit, Milla had been right, and so in order to help keep warm the ten-year old had taken to wearing a long, light green scarf with red stripes. Not only was warm, but it did this cool fwooshy thing whenever the wind blew hard enough, which he personally thought gave a rather nifty, dramatic sort of effect.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the waaay!" The boy sang under his breath as he made his way through the halls. Though it was early, he was already rather excited for the quickly coming holidays. How could he not be? He had always celebrated the holidays back at the circus, it had never been much of a celebration since they were always so busy with training and everything. This year, however, things would be different. This would be his first Christmas spent at the Psychonauts agency! That meant he'd be there with Sasha and Milla and all of the other friends he had made around the agency.

But best of all, he'd get to spend it around Lili. No amount of presents could compare to that.

"Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open slei-- HEY!" He yelped as black, green and pink blur of something quite suddenly slammed into him, knocking him back. The ten-year old groaned, rubbing his head. "Ah, what was-- oh, Lili!" He sputtered, realizing the pink thing was in fact his girlfriend.

Lili rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her hips. "Wow, how observant of you, Sherlock." She drawled. "Did you figure that out yourself, or did someone help you?" She was clad in a long-sleeved green striped shirt, and over this she wore a short-sleeved black zip-up hoodie, as well as her usual pink skirt and boots.

"Heh...sorry." Raz said, reaching up to adjust his goggles, which had been knocked askew. "How are you?"

"Fine." Lili muttered, fiddling absently with one of her pigtails. "Though I'd be better if they'd stop playing these stupid carols...it's way too early."

"I think they're kinda catchy myself." The goggle-headed boy said with a shrug. "And it is December. Aren't you excited?"

Lili snorted. "About Christmas? Are you kidding? I hate this stupid holiday."

From Raz's expression, you would think he had just been told True Psychic Tales had been taken off the shelves. "You...hate it? Why!?" He sputtered.

"Why not?" Lili scowled. "It's so commercialized! All the stupid ho ho ho's and the stupid sales and the stupid decorating and the stupid cards and...ugh, it's so ...so...stupid!"

Raz stared at her for a moment. "...Wow, that's a lot of stupid."

"Because it's all stupid, stupid." The brunette snapped, folding her arms before her.

Raz sighed. "Yeah, I guess the holiday's a bit commercialized, but still...I mean, it's an excuse to give gifts and relax with friends and family, hm? I mean, you have to like that part at least, right?"

Lili snorted. "Friends and family?" She murmured, tugging absently at her sleeve as a far-away look came to her eyes. "What friends? And dad's always too busy to be around for the holidays anyway...I usually end up spending it here, and the agency is always pretty empty around that time. Not that I care or anything."

"Whoa..." Raz muttered after a moment of silence. "Man...I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Lili muttered. "It's not like I care or anything. It's just another stupid month, that's all."

"Oh come on, don't say that!" Raz admonished. "Come on, maybe this year will be different!"

Lili gave a harsh laugh at this. "Different? Yeah right."

"Hey, you never know! I mean..well, you never had me around for the holidays before, now have you?" The boy asked, flashing a grin.

Lili watched him for a moment, looking almost like she was going to smile. However, instead of smiling she scoffed, walking past Raz and down the hall. "Whatever, Raz. You'd better hurry and get that paperwork delivered, huh?" She called behind her.

Raz stood there for a moment, staring after her. Though she acted as if she didn't care, Raz could tell.

She was sad.

Well, he'd have to change that.

"Don't worry, Lili! You may have had some bad Christmas's in the past, but things will be different this time! I promise!" Raz called after her. "In fact...uh...it'll be the Best Christmas Ever! Mark my words!"

Lili didn't even turn around, she just kept walking.

Raz grinned to himself as he turned around, hugging the paperwork to himself. Sure, Lili didn't seem excited now, but she'd see! He'd make her see! Things would be different this year, he'd make her smile!

With that, Raz continued down the hallway, beginning to sing again. "Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh...BEST CHRISTMAS EVEEEEEEEER!"

Little did he realize that with those three simple words, he had just doomed himself and everyone he came in contact with to the most insane holiday season that they had ever experienced.

Christmas would never be the same.



To Be Continued...

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