Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy characters. Believe me, you don't want to know what I'd do if I did.

Thanks to Zukosfire7, with whom I passed these notes and constantly share my fanfictions with. MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope: You're the future.

Me: You're retarded.

Hope: Why thank you helpy helper ton

Me: ur welcome.

H: Your nails are weird, like ur face! Lol, j/k. I love you Brookie!

M: You're lucky I love you too. (A/n in a completely friendly way, to all you dirty minds out there.


M: Retard. Glomps Hope

H: Why are we using paper when we're sitting RIGHT HERE!!! Lol.

Sure, it's a short note, but I'm sorry! We were bored after foresight! For those of you poor souls who don't know what a glomp is, its kind of a tackling hug.