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Chasing You, Chasing Me

By Kyusetski Satsuki


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I am Here

I wouldn't deny

These feelings

I have for you

I'm keeping inside all to myself

Couldn't you feel

The weight of my stare

Whenever I look

Past your way

When can I hear my voice?

Calling your name

In this infinite rain

When can I tell you things

Without doubt and fear

Rushing through my head

Open your eyes

And see me

I'm looking at you

Why can't you see?

Do I have to be gone

For you to know who I am

Do you have to be hurt

To realize

That I am here?

Is it because

I don't stand out

in the crowd

Just mixing with faces unseen

Oh would it be nice

Just to sleep at night

Without tears of wishing

Tomorrow you're mine

Just when the thought

Of giving you up

Come to me

Knowing that I failed

You'd come along

Like I've never been there

You're hurt

And you're calling my name

Why do we have to hurt

Ourselves all the time

Why do I keep on wanting things

That can never be


I am here…

Why can't you see?

End of chapter one… My own song, I composed it for an unrequited love… hahaha…

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