Summary: He was a Jinchuuriki who was murdered by his best friend. But Fate has other plans, and Naruto wakes up in his five year old body. KakaNaru Yaoi


Two figures stood on the water, chakra gathered in their hands, one as a swirling sphere of wind, and the other as a handful of electricity. The two leapt toward one another…



The two clashed, as they pumped chakra into their attacks, struggling to overwhelm the other.

"Don't go to him, Sasuke…" Naruto growled. "There is nothing that Orochimaru can give that Konoha cannot."

"I will gain power!" Sasuke yelled, "I will kill my brother!"

Naruto stiffened. Sasuke took advantage of the blonde's slight dropping of his guard and thrust his hand through the boy's chest. Naruto's eyes widened in shock and his lips parted as blood spilled from his chest. He could feel his heart trying to beat around his friend and rival's hand. Blood rushed up his throat and out his mouth.

Kakashi rushed through the forest, his breath heavy, fear running through his veins. Kami-sama, don't let me be too late… Naruto… Please be alright…

The silver haired jounin burst through the cover of the forest in time to see the dark haired boy thrust a fistful of electricity through the chest of the orange clad boy. Kakashi froze and saw, as if in slow motion, as Naruto coughed up blood and Sasuke roughly pushed away the blonde and stepped back, his eyes fixed on the jounin.


Kakashi finally regained use of his limbs as Naruto began to fall. He darted forward, ignoring the Uchiha as he caught the boy before he hit the ground.

"Naruto!" Kakashi cried, kneeling as he cradled the dying boy.

Naruto felt the world dimming around him, and he fixed his fading sight on the anguished face of the one eyed man above him.

"Ka…ka…shi…" he whispered.

"Don't die, Naruto!" Kakashi cried, "You still have to become Hokage!"

"Ho… ka…ge? Sou ka…" Naruto smiled painfully. "Gomen… Kakashi… I can't keep… my promise…"

"No!" Kakashi said, his voice thick with emotion. "Don't talk… Save your strength, Naruto… You'll be alright…"

Naruto's eyes closed slowly and he whispered, "Aishiteru… Kakashi…"

"No… You'll be alright…" Kakashi whispered. "Naruto…"

The boy stopped breathing and Kakashi felt something in him break. He felt something large and thick ball up in the middle of his chest. It rolled upward, threatening to smother him, then exploded out of his mouth, voiced in a sob. He fell forward and buried his face in the blonde's shoulder and cried, deep racking sobs that shook his entire being.

"Naruto… Y-y-you pro-promised… You promised me that you wouldn't die! NARUTOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Unnoticed by the grief-stricken jounin, Sasuke vanished into the forest with a silver haired traitor…

He was drifting in the darkness…

Where was he?

"Aishiteru, Naruto-kun, aishiteru…"

"Aishiteru, Kakashi…"


"Nng!" His back arched as Kakashi's hand closed around him. "K-K-Kakashi…"

"I love you, Uzumaki Naruto…" Kakashi whispered as he thrust into him. "I'll love you forever…"

Why was he remembering this?

"Promise me. Promise me that you won't die."

"I promise."

Kakashi smiled and tugged his mask off and captured his lips in a bruising kiss.

"Thank you…" he murmured when they emerged for air.

That's right…

He had broken his promise…

He had died…

Even after he had promised Kakashi that he wouldn't…

"B-b-bring him b-b-back Naruto! P-p-please… You're the only one who can bring Sasuke-kun back!"

"I'll bring him back! It's a promise of a lifetime!"

He had even broken his promise to Sakura…

So he was dead…

The darkness consumed him and he remembered no more…

Cerulean eyes opened to look at a familiar ceiling.

"Tadashii… yume des ka?"

It was so real… Could it have only been a dream?

His hand fisted his pajamas above his heart.

If it was only a dream… Then why does my heart hurt?

He frowned as he felt something odd under his pajama top. Naruto stripped it off and stared in shock. There on his chest was a large scar, with several lines extending from it.

He recognized the damage immediately.


Could it be? Could it possibly be that it was not a dream at all?

He stood up and walked over to the mirror and stared at his reflection. He smiled suddenly.

If it wasn't a dream, and I'm not dead… If I really am in the past, then I can change everything!