Original Summary: An IMPORTANT A/N that I urge all to read….

SS's Notes: To all my readers, I extend my salutations and thanks for following this story from its beginnings almost five years ago to its most recent chapter posted during the Christmas Season last year. I am deeply touched my the responses to this story, both good and bad, because let's face it, criticism, negative and positive both builds a story, and I appreciate all of your support and patience through many of the admittedly long dry spells between chapters.

I won't make any excuses about real life intruding or even emergencies that took my attention away from this story, because let's face it, those are only excuses. It is my sincere regret to say that I have lost interest in the Naruto fandom, and all Naruto stories, including this one, are now on permanent hiatus. There will be no more updates, except perhaps to the 'Angel of Death' series, and even those may be few and far in between.

If anyone wishes to take over any of the Naruto stories, then by all means, please feel free. All I ask is that credit is given where credit is due. Otherwise, I extend my apologies for letting you all down and abandoning this story. It has been a great five years, and it has been my pleasure to write such stories that readers will find entertaining.

With Sincere Goodwill and Regret,