((A/N: Aaah, when I woke up this morning, I was hit with an incredible inspiration!! Everyday until Christmas, I'm going to write a KyoxHaru oneshot!! (God only knows how I'll pull this one off)

I'll still be updating 'To Kiss A Kitten', so I'm planning on a very busy Christmas Season!

These take place a year after 'Christmas Fever', by the way.))


Santa Baby

"What the Hell are you wearing?" Kyo asked in confusion.

Haru just smiled, tightening the large, black belt around his slender waist. He wondered vaguely if he should stuff the costume, since the fat man was, afterall, a fat man. Kyo huffed, turning away from his boyfriend.

"I'm Santa Clause." The ox spoke, and Kyo growled.

"I knew that!" He screeched. "But why are you Santa Clause?"

The younger boy's eyes twinkled in the morning's light, as he stepped toward the, now flushed, cat.

"I got the job at the mall." He whispered, trying desperately to sound seductive, but the sentence wasn't really the sexiest, and cat chuckled softly.

"You are, definitely, the biggest loser I've ever met."


Haru couldn't help but shift uncomfortably on his throne, as yet another small child sat on his lap.

"Have you been a good little girl?" He questioned, and she burst into tears.

How many had that been now? Forty, fifty, sixty children that he'd upset? Was he really that scary?

Of course, he'd take crying over screaming anyday, he noted, as a shrieking little boy was placed on his lap.


"So how was your day, Father Christmas?" Kyo droned, as an exhausted Haru opened Shigure's front door.

"Peachy." Was his reply.

The cat smiled, shyly wrapping his arms around the ox. The younger boy smirked, sitting down at the kitchen table, and pulling the cat into his lap. He ran his fingers through the boy's bright hair, and grasped the small, golden locket around his neck.

A whole year, and Kyo was still wearing the old thing.

"So," He drew out. "Have you been a good little boy this year?" He purred, causing the older boy to shiver.

"You should know." The cat spoke, and the ox smiled.

"So what would you like for Christmas?"

Kyo rolled his eyes, gently pushing himself away from the younger boy, and staring him in the eyes.

"I would love," He paused, a sly smile stretching across his features. "for you to take off that stupid beard."

Haru let out the breath he didn't know he was holding. Of course the cat would lead him on like that. It wasn't like he'd actually expected to have hot Santa Clause sex on the kitchen table or anything. Of course not.

"And after that," The orange haired boy drew out. "I'll meet you in my room."

The ox didn't notice the bright red blush staining Kyo's cheeks, or how he stumbled up the stairs.

Afterall, the ox was too busy changing his clothes, as fast as he possibly could.

The End

((A/N: I don't like the ending.. bleh.. cornballishness..

hmm.. Implied ensuing smut, for flyingdaggers. And a good beginning for a, hopefully, good oneshot collection!

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