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Merry Christmas Baby

"Kyo-kun, Sohma-kun, Shigure-san, Hatsuharu-kun, Momiji-kun, it's Christmas!" Tohru exclaimed, gasping rather deeply since she spoke the entire sentence in one breath.

Kyo grumbled slightly, but still woke, while Haru didn't even open his eyes. Yuki, led by a very awake Momiji, stumbled down the stairs half asleep, and Shigure just seemed to appear by the tree.

Kyo and Haru's hearts pounded as they finally realized what was going on.

It was Christmas morning, the hour of truth.

"Everyone, give eachother their gifts!" The dog exclaimed, searching for his pile under the Christmas tree.


"Uhm, here." Kyo mumbled, blushing brightly, as he shoved the ox's present into his arms.

The entire room froze as he ripped open the paper. Momiji stopped ogling over the plush bunny Yuki had given him, and Tohru ceased her hopeless banter of "Thank you!" and "Sorry, it's not very much!" even though they all knew she spent an entire years worth of money on Christmas gifts.

Haru didn't seem to notice the silence, even though Kyo did, and continued opening the package.

Off went the paper, and on his lap sat a cardboard box.

"It's what I've always wanted." He smirked, and was punched in the arm.

"Just open the damn gift." his kitten huffed,

So the sound the cardboard scraping against cardboard filled the room, as Haru attempted to open the rather large box. Once it was open, he peeked inside.

..and almost had a heartattack.

Inside layed a short, frilly black..

French Maid's Costume.

His head snapped toward his kitten, but the boy wouldn't look at him. He only stared at his bare feet, blushing furiously.

He closed the box slowly, smiling at the room's other inhabitants, then turned to his still flustered lover.

"I love you." He stated simply.

And the cat only blushed harder.


"Kitten?" He spoke softly, laying a hand on the older boy's shoulder. "Could you come outside for a minute?"

The boy nodded, slowly getting over the embarrassment of the morning.

Everyone else had already finished opening their gifts, and were chatting quietly while the two left.

Of course, all eyes followed them out the door.

"Wanna go spy on them?" Shigure asked.

"Of course." Yuki answered. "We've only waited all season for this proposal."

The group made their way out the door after the two boys, finding the perfect hiding place behind a tree close by.

'Just don't screw up, Haru.' The rat pleaded silently. 'Please, do it right.'

He watched as the cat and ox talked.

'For Kyo's sake.'


Haru smiled fondly, slipping the small present into his kitten's cold hands.

"I couldn't let you open this in front of the others." He whispered.

Kyo only nodded, tearing the paper off carefully.

In his hand sat a small, velvet-covered box, and his heart stopped. It couldn't be. He had to be thinking wrong, the younger boy would never choose him-

"Open it." Haru muttered, and Kyo almost couldn't bring himself to.

'It can't be.' He told himself. 'He couldn't possibly love me that much.'

There was a small creak as the box's lid came up, and Kyo willed himself to look at whatever it held.

There was a ring, a small diamond ring sitting on the box's cushion, staring up at him.

"Haru.." He trailed off, a large lump gathering in his throat, and the prick of tears behind his eyes.

The younger boy leaned down, proped himself up on one knee, and stared up at his very emotional lover.

"Kyo Sohma," He drew out, hoping his nervousness didn't show in his voice. "Will you marry me?"

The whole world seemed to stop, and all he could hear was the pounding of blood in his ears. All he could see was the love of his life, standing before him.

And then the silence was broken, and the world became clear again.

The older boy nodded, eyes shining with unshed tears.

"Y-yes, yes I will." He choked, and Haru stood, taking the boy into his arms.

"Merry Christmas, baby." He whispered, kissing his fiance's orange haired head.

He felt his kitten nod into his chest, as his shirt became damp.

He didn't care if the cat was soaking his shirt with tears, or if he was freezing to death in the cold. He didn't even care about the four spies under the tree behind him.

"Merry Christmas."

All he could hear was the beating of he and his kitten's hearts, and the and the four words that just wouldn't stop echoing in his mind.

"Y-yes, yes I will."

And that's all that mattered.

The End

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