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The Titans backed up as the Brotherhood of Evil jumped down from the building. Their eyes looking at them and the army that surrounded them.

"What do you guys want?" Asked Cyborg. Having the Brotherhood of Evil here didn't seem right to him. They were top villains. A ordinary crime just didn't seem to fit their style.

"It is all apart of our plan to destroy you Titans." Said Monsieur Mallah.

General Immortus raised his hand. He then made a signal, by making a fist. His army began to attack. Thinking quickly, Raven created a force field, blocking the lasers shot at them.

"I wonder if the other two Titans are doing as badly as you three." Laughed Madame Rouge.

Robin looked around himself. He walked right into a trap and was in danger. Right now he didn't care about his mistake, all he cared about was making it out of this alive. He still had his bo staff in his hand and didn't make a move. He waited till he heard one of the robots move, that's when he attacked. He jumped in the air and hit with his bo staff. Laser guns was shot at him, which he deflected with his bo staff. He threw birdarangs at five robots, hitting them. He jumped out of the way just in time to be missed by one of Plasmus attacks. Robin threw his disc at Plasmus, making him explode, but Plasmus quickly grew back. This battle was far from over.

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven had managed to escape from the Brotherhood of Evil. They were hiding in a dark alley. Beast Boy leaned against the alley wall and slid down.

"This is not good." He said.

"Tell me about it." Said Cyborg, rubbing the back of his head. "We have a army of bad guys chasing us down."

Raven was pacing back and forth. She looked as if she was in deep thought.

"Raven." Said Beast Boy. "You okay?"

She stopped pacing to look at them. "I'm worried. Madame Rouge said that all of us are being attacked."

"Which means Robin and Starfire are probably corned like us." Said Cyborg.

"So, I'm sure Robin probably already kicked bad guy butt." Said Beast Boy, showing faith in their leader.

"It's not him I'm worried about." Said Raven. "When Starfire left she was confused and hurt. With her emotions like this I'm not sure she'll be able to defend herself."

"We gotta get out of here." Said Cyborg.

He peaked his head out to look around. He nodded, saying the coast was clear. They began to walk when they heard a noise from behind them. They turned around and there was the Brotherhood of Evil.

"Did you really think you could escape." Said the Brain. "Attack."

Their army began to shot at them. Raven created a force field blocking them.

"Cyborg, go and find Starfire. Me and Beast Boy will hold them off." Cyborg nodded and ran off. "Beast Boy, you ready?" Beast Boy nodded and turned into a T-Rex.

Robin threw birdarangs that collided with the robots. He was breathing hard and he was beginning to get tired. He didn't stop though. He couldn't stop. Slade stood on the balcony and laughed.

"Come now, Robin. Surely you can do better then that."

Robin growled. He was already angry, and Slade taunting him was only making it worse. The robots began to surround him again. Robin jumped in the air and jumped off them. He was using them as steps to climb up to Slade. With one last jump, Robin launched himself in the air. He made a fist, ready to punch Slade out. He was only inches away, when Cinderblock grabbed him by his cape. He flung him around and threw him, making Robin hit the wall, hard. Overload then shot electricity at him, making a direct hit. The attack didn't end there. Plasmus stretched out his arm and clung himself to Robin, pinning him to the wall. Robin struggled against his hold, but couldn't free himself. He was out of strength. Slade walked his way up to him. If he didn't have the mask on you could swear he was smirking. The last thing Robin remembered was a blow to the head, then he fell into a darkness.

The air was cold as it rushed past him. He didn't stop, he kept going. He had to make sure his team mate was alright. As he was running he heard foot steps. He stopped, he listened to the sound around him. Nothing. He began to run again, but stopped. He knew something was up. He turned around.

"Alright, come out! I know someone else is here so show yourself!"

A figure walked out from the shadows. His foot steps guiding him into the middle of the street, in front of Cyborg. He raised his head, relieving his face. Cyborg gasped.

"Surprised to see me, Cyborg?" Asked Brotherblood, a evil grin on his face.

"What are you doing here?" Questioned Cyborg.

"Funny story actually. You see, Slade, not only freed me, but he made me a offer."

"What kind of offer?"

Brotherblood smiled. "The chance to destroy you."

Brotherblood jumped in the air and landed right next to Cyborg. His hand was in a fist and pushed up, colliding with Cyborg's jaw. The force of the punch was so strong it sent Cyborg flying into a abandoned building. Brotherblood jumped up through the hole created by Cyborg from his crash into the building. He looked around the dust filled room. He was caught off guard by a punch from Cyborg. Brotherblood prepared his sonic cannon. Cyborg saw and also took out his sonic cannon.

Robin slowly began to wake up. His body hurt, probably from the battle. He became alert when he felt something strong tied around his wrist. He looked up to see he was tied to a wall. He looked at his surroundings. Dark, empty. The sound of waves crashing against rocks could be heard outside. He was no longer in Slade's old base. Where was he? The sound of footsteps coming closer was heard. Out from the shadows appeared Slade. Robin struggled against his chains. The sight of Slade made him sick.

"Slade. Why did you bring me here?"

Slade walked right past him and sat down in a chair. He spun around so he wasn't facing Robin. He took out a remote control and scenes of the city appeared on screen. What shocked Robin was what was on screen. His friends were fighting their strongest enemies...and they were losing.

"I just wanted you to be able to see the finale hours of your friends." Replied Slade.

She had to move quickly. With her powers not working all she could do is run. Lucky for her, Blackfire liked to toy with her opponents. Blackfire shot another energy blot, causing dust to rise in the air. Starfire hid behind one of the machines. She tried to make a starbolt, but it only faded away. She couldn't use her powers so she had to use something else. She looked up at the machine she was hiding behind.

"Come out, sister dear." Called out Blackfire. "You're only delaying what's to come."

Blackfire looked around. No Starfire. That's when she heard something. She turned around, but it was to late. A huge, metal ball had slammed into her, throwing her backwards. She managed to look up and see Starfire handling some kind of machine.

"You think that can stop me!" Said Blackfire, rising to her feet.

Starfire paid her no mind and used the machine to throw the ball at Blackfire. Blackfire caught it, and using her super strength she threw it back. Seeing her own trick used against her, Starfire jumped off the machine before it hit. Her landing was ruff and she struggled to get up, but Blackfire shot a energy bolt at her, making her roll on the ground.

"Give up Starfire, you can't beat me." Mocked Blackfire, walking closer.

"I will not give up!" Said Starfire, rising to her feet.

"Your pathetic, just like your friends."

This comment made Starfire angry. "My friends are not pathetic!"

Blackfire laughed. "Do you even know what's going on? Your friends are being taken down as we speak."

Starfire couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You are wrong."

"No, I'm not. Your friends are being attacked just like you. And just like you, they are weak."

Starfire couldn't take it anymore. Every insult said about her friends made her angry. Her eyes started to glow green.

"You might as well give up any hope of seeing your friends." Laughed Blackfire.

That was it. That last comment made Starfire angry enough to shoot her eyebeams. It hit Blackfire, sending her flying into the ground. Starfire slowly walked up to her, her hands and eyes glowing.

"You may call me whatever you like, but you are wrong about my friends. They are strong and will prevail. And so will I."

Blackfire stood up. Her eyes started to glow and she shot out her eyebeams. Starfire shot out her eyebeams, meeting Blackfire head on. They stopped and Blackfire flew in at Starfire. She shot out a purple bolt of energy. Starfire held up her hands as a defense and was pushed back. She fell to the ground and Blackfire flew in to go punch her.

Starfire rolled out of the way and lit a starbolt, shooting Blackfire. Blackfire became angry. She came here to do a job and she intended to finish it. She flew in the air and her hands began to glow. She smiled as she shot energy bolt after energy bolt. Still not able to fly, there was nothing Starfire could do. The attack came head on causing dust to rise in the air. Once it cleared, Blackfire landed and looked at her sister. Starfire was face down on the ground. She tried to lift herself up, but couldn't. Blackfire walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair. Starfire winced in pain.

"I told you that you were weak, sister dear."

Blackfire picked her up and threw her to the edge on the cliff. Blackfire flew in the air and prepared a large energy bolt. She launched the energy and it not only hit Starfire, but the cliff as well, breaking it. The rocks fell towards the ocean as did Starfire. As she was falling the only thing she could think of was Robin.

The Brotherhood of Evil watched the battle before them. Beast Boy had turned into a rhino and continued to hit soldier after soldier. Beast Boy knocked more down, but only more came. Raven was handling herself well. She continued to fight soldier after soldier without much of a problem. Madame Rouge eyed her with interest.

"I think it is time I join this battle."

Raven didn't even see the attack coming. She was knocked to the ground by none other then Madame Rogue.

"You fight well." Said Madame Rouge. "Do you fight well enough to defeat me?"

Raven stood up. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Daggers of black energy were sent at Madame Rouge. Madame Rogue did a back flip to dodge them. She landed on her feet and gasped as a black hand pinned her to a wall. Raven walked up to her.


"Enough." Said Raven. "Tell me your plans."

"We already said why; to destroy the Titans."

"I know that. What I want to know is what kind of danger my friends are in."

"Your friends are being attacked by the top villains and their strongest enemies." Madame Rouge then stretched out a hand and hit Raven, breaking the hold on her.

"I see, everyone goes against there strongest enemy." Said Raven, standing up. "But there is a problem in your plan."

Madame Rouge raised a eyebrow. "Oh really, and what would that be?"

"Me. I don't have a 'top enemy'."

"True, because you already toke care of him, didn't you? Raven, daughter of Trigon." Hearing his name made Raven angry. She attacked Madame Rouge by throwing objects at her, all of which Madame Rouge avoided. "I know all about you. You are evil. Born to destroy the world."

Raven held her head and closed her eyes. "Shut up."

"You are meant to destroy lives, not save them."

"Shut up."

"Once this battle is over, you and your friends will all be gone."

"Shut up!"

Raven now had four, red glowing eyes. She grew and streams of black energy were coming from her. Madame Rouge was taken back, but stayed calm. Slade had told her all about this girl. Raven attacked with her black magic. It hit Madame Rouge, sending her into a wall. Madame Rouge jumped out of the way in time to be missed by another attack. She stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Raven. Raven struggled against her hold. Raven couldn't manage to break free. Her eyes went back to normal. Madame Rouge took this as her chance. She slammed Raven against the wall with full force. She then slammed her into the ground, knocking her out. Beast Boy, who was being held by two soldiers saw Madame Rouge walking up to Raven.

"Raven!" He yelled. "Get up!"

Madame Rouge looked over at him. "Your cries are useless. Once I'm finished with her I'll go on to you." Madame Rouge's hand turned into a sharp sphere which she held over Raven.

Beast Boy looked at the scene before him. "I won't let you hurt her!"

Over come with anger and the need to protect Raven, Beast Boy changed into his most powerful form. The Beast. He ripped his arms away and struck the soldiers holding him. He jumped up and landed in front of Madame Rouge. He let out a roar and hit her with his claws. The Brotherhood of Evil watched his new form.

"Do not just stand there." Said the Brain. "Destroy him."

Monsieur Mallah and Madame Rouge tried to hold him down, only to be attacked. Beast Boy grabbed Madame Rouge and threw her into a wall. He used his claws to hit Mallah and throw him into a car. The soldiers ran at him only to be pushed away by his strong arms. Beast Boy growled at them. He then went over to Raven. Raven was breathing slowly. While his back was turned, General Immortus told his army to attack. They took out there ray guns and shot at him. Not paying mind to the danger behind him, Beast Boy was hit on his back. He roared out in pain and changed to his human form. He fell to the ground not moving. The Brotherhood of Evil smiled. Mission accomplished.

He flew into a wall, causing a hole to be made. He rubbed his head because of the pain. Brotherblood stepped into view. "Come now, Cyborg. Is that all you can do?"

"I'm just getting started."

Cyborg shot his sonic cannon. Brotherblood jumped out of the way and shot his own sonic cannon. Cyborg ran out of the way. This battle wasn't in his favor. His systems were low, due to all his blasting. He needed to save energy, but every time he used hand to hand combat Brotherblood threw him into a wall. This was an old building, with all the damage being done to it, Cyborg wasn't sure how long it will hold. With all the thinking he was doing he was caught off guard. Brotherblood pinned him to the floor.

"This time I will get rid of you, Cyborg."

"Not gonna happen." Lifting his foot, Cyborg shot a rocket from his shoe.

Brotherblood fell to the ground. Cyborg didn't waste any time and shot his sonic cannon. Brotherblood flew into a wall. Dust rose in the air and Cyborg couldn't see whether Brotherblood was down or not. The dust cleared and there was a pile rubble.

"Finally." Breathed out Cyborg. He fell to his knees and checked his systems; 10 percent. It's a good thing he stopped Brotherblood now, any longer he would have probably been a goner. He then heard something moving. Out from the pile of rubble rose up Brotherblood.

"You didn't think I would go down that easy, did you?"

Cyborg had a shocked expression on his face. This battle was far from over. He got up and prepared himself to attack. Brotherblood shot his sonic cannon, Cyborg met him head on with his own sonic cannon. He glanced at his arm; 7 percent. Brotherblood noticed.

"What's the matter, Cyborg? Systems low?"

Cyborg didn't answer. Brotherblood smirked. He knew his systems were low. All he had to do was drain him out. A light sweat broke out on Cyborg, he couldn't keep this up. He was now at 4 percent. That's when he noticed something. His sonic cannon was being pushed back. Brotherblood pushed a button on his arm and his sonic cannon increased in strength. Cyborg tried to hold his ground but it was useless. Brotherblood's sonic cannon not only pushed him back, but it hit him with full force. Cyborg was thrown to the ground, he attempted to get up, but was unable. He glanced at his arm; 1 percent. Brotherblood looked at him, he then walked out of the building. He stood in front of it. He prepared his sonic cannon and pushed the button to make it stronger. He shot at the building many times until it crashed down. When the dust cleared, all that was left was a pile of rubble. Among the pile was a visible robotic arm that was grey.

Robin watched in horror as each one of his friends lost there battle. Slade's laughter was the only thing heard int the room.

"Well, Robin, it looks as if my plan was a complete success."

"Slade! You sick, twisted monster! I swear I'll make you pay for this!"

Slade watched as Robin tugged at his chains. He turned off the screens and walked towards the door, leaving Robin to grieve over his fallen friends.

Raven's eyes slowly began to open. Her thoughts went to her battle with Madame Rouge. That last attack should have wiped her out, nut since she had healing powers she was able to protect herself. She lifted herself off the ground. What she saw made her eyes go wide in shock. Not to far from her was Beast Boy. He was face down on the ground. The back of his shirt was torn, exposing his burn wounds. She quickly hurried over to him, lifting him up in her arms.

"Beast Boy... Beast Boy!"

She started to panic. He was cold and his wounds were bad. Raven didn't waste anytime and began to heal him. The wounds began to clear up. Once the healing was done Beast Boy should have woken up, but didn't.

"Come on, Beast Boy. Don't do this." Her voice was broken. She placed him on his back and tried to heal him again. Nothing happened. Tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Beast Boy, please. Wake up."

He didn't respond. Raven laid her head on his chest and began to cry. That's when a hand began to stroke her hair.

"Smells like lavender." Raven looked up and saw Beast Boy's eyes slowly opening. "Raven, are you crying?"

She quickly wiped away the tears. "No." Beast Boy lifted himself off the ground with Raven's help. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, my head kind of hurts."

"Do you remember what happened?"

"Yeah. Madame Rouge went to attack you, so I jumped in and stopped her." Raven slapped him behind his head. "Oww, what was that for?"

"For being an idiot. You could have been killed."

"Better me then you." Mumbled Beast Boy, rubbing his head. Raven heard and her expression softened. She leant in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Wow, what was that for?"

"For saving me. Now come on. It's time we go on the attack."

She walked down the dark, city streets. Her communicator was in her hand. Her last thoughts was of Robin, the good times she had with him. With those happy thoughts on her mind she was able to avoid her fall into the water. The streets were empty as she followed the trail to her team mate. She looked at her communicator, the blinking red dot grew brighter, saying her team mate was here. Her eyes looked around, they fell upon a pile of rubble. That's when she saw Cyborg's arm. She ran to the pile and began to dig him out. Once she had him completely out she noticed his systems were down. She opened up his back and started his system reboot. Once he started to glow blue that meant he was recharged. His human eye opened and looked around.


Starfire grabbed him in a hug. "Cyborg, you are okay."

"I am now, thanks to you. You okay?"

"Yes, I have survived my attack."

"Well, then there's only one thing left to do. We go and finish what they started."

The villains all sat around a table, proud over there victory. That's when Slade walked in. "It's time." They nodded and headed out the door. He lead them to where Robin was being held. They stood in front of him, grins on their faces.

"Before I get rid of you for good, Robin, I'll make you a offer." Began Slade. "Join me. Side by side we could bring this city to its knees."

Robin stared at the villain in front of him before he spit in his face. "Never in a million years would I join you."

Slade wiped the spit off his mask. "Fine."

He took out a ray gun and pointed it at Robin. Before he could fire, the ray gun was encased in a black glow and ripped from Slade's hands. It floated in the air was crushed.

Before the villains could react a blue light was shot out of no where, hitting Brotherblood. A green light then shot Madame Rouge and Blackfire. A black hand grabbed the remaining members of the Brotherhood of Evil and threw them into a wall. A green rhino then charged in and hit Slade, sending him into the pile of villains. Robin knew what was going on. It was his team. Sure enough the four Titans thought to have fallen, appeared. They went over to Robin and broke off his cuffs. Robin was over joyed.

"You guys are alive."

"Well duh." Said Beast Boy. "We still have bad guy butt to kick."

"Plus we have a score to settle." Added Raven.

"And we could not leave you in the hands of Slade." Said Starfire.

"Okay." Said Cyborg. "Now that we are back together, let's kick some butt!"

Robin grinned. "Titans, go!"

The battle began, and this time the Titans weren't going to lose. Beast Boy changed into a T-Rex and struck down Mallah and Madame Rouge. Raven took down the Brain and General Immortus. While they took down them, Cyborg went after Brotherblood. Using his speed, he punched Brotherblood. He then used his sonic cannon. Brotherblood also fought back using his sonic cannon. Using the button he overcame Cyborg, knocking him down. Cyborg took a shot and missed Brotherblood.

"You missed."

"No, I didn't." Cyborg pointed up to the ceiling which came down on Brotherblood. "Booya!"

Blackfire used her eyebeams to knock Starfire to the ground. "Once I'm done with you, I'll get rid of your boyfriend."

"He is not my boyfriend!" Starfire shot her eyebeams and threw as many starblots as possible. Blackfire fell to the ground.

Robin only had one person he wanted to fight. Slade. During the fight, Slade made a run for it, Robin followed him. He followed Slade outside and was surprised to see he wasn't there. Someone snuck behind Robin and kicked him. Robin rolled to the ground, close to the edge of the cliff. He looked up to see Slade.

"This ends now, Robin." Slade jumped in the air and went down to punch Robin. Thinking quickly, Robin lifted his feet and kicked up, pushing Slade off him. Slade fell to the ground and rolled off cliff. He grabbed the ledge and looked up to see Robin. "Well Robin, it looks as if the cards are in your hand."

"You attempted to destroy me and me friends. Like you said; this ends."

"That's what you think Robin. I always come back." With that said, Slade let go and fell to the water.

The next day...

After defeating their enemies and sending them to prison, the Titans looked for Slade. He was no where to be found, knowing him he would be back soon. The Titans were happy to come home and rest. Of course Robin had to apologize, but there was still something he had to take care of. It was now morning and the Titans were in the living room.

"Dudes!" Yelled out Beast Boy. "We just kicked Slade's butt for the third time. We totally need to have a party."

"Oh yeah!" Yelled Cyborg. "Were gonna need pizza, games and lots of meat!"

Before Beast Boy could argue, Raven slapped her hand over his mouth. "Don't say anything. I already have a headace."

While the other three Titans argued, Robin asked Starfire to come to the roof with him. They watched the sunset in silence until Robin spoke.

"Listen, Star...I wanted to say sorry for what I did."

"Robin, you already apologized."

"No, for what I did to you. I walked out on you when you were only trying to help."

"Robin...I forgive you."

They were left in silence until Robin spoke. "What happens now?"

Starfire looked away. "Maybe it would be best...for us to just remain friends."

"I think that would be best too." Answered Robin, trying his best to hid his disappointment.

They then heard a crashing sound from inside. "Arggh, Beast Boy! Give me back my meat!"

Starfire turned to look at Robin. "I am going to see how our friends are doing."

Robin nodded and watched as she left the roof, leaving only him to look at the sunset.