Well, many of you that read 2018 requested a sequel, and I also wanted to write a Christmas now that its December, so I combined the two efforts. Here's chapter one, and I really hope you enjoy it. I need to know if its worth continueing, so if you like it please let me know. I always welcome feedback and love to hear from you. It's what keeps me going and inspires me to write stories in the first place. Enjoy:)

2018: A Christmas Story

December 18th, 2018, 12:32 p.m.--Colorado Spring, Colorado--the Jackson home

Christmas was coming again, and fast. To Daniel Jackson it seemed just yesterday that he and Vala had been welcoming their second child, sending their eight-year-old daughter off to her fist day of fifth grade, and putting out jack-o-lanterns. But now Thanksgiving diner together with all of their friends at Jack and Sam's house was almost a month behind them. In their modest two-bedroom home in Colorado Springs that they still hadn't gotten around to selling so they could get a larger one, the Christmas tree was up. Four stockings hung from the mantelpiece over the electric fireplace, and mistletoe hung in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.

Daniel passed Vala in that doorway on his way out to the living room to get their things together so they could be on their way. Vala stopped him but he pulled away gently, apologizing. "Not right now, sorry. We're going to be late if we don't get moving."

Vala sighed. "Why did they have to get married in December? Isn't this month busy enough already? Off-world missions, parades, parties, school play rehearsals…"

"I know, I know. But look on the bright side--Christmas is next weekend," Daniel answered, straightening his suit coat and tie. "We'd better go."

Their next clue that was so came in the form of Janet running down the hallway and jumping between them. She bounced up and down on her toes in her festive pink flower girl's dress, curled brown hair bouncing on her shoulders.

"Mom, dad, it's time to go--and Charlie's crying!"

"Oh!" Vala yelped. She slipped back into the kitchen for a moment, grabbed the prepared bottle she had been about to bring the baby before she'd seen Daniel coming, and rushed back out toward the living room. Daniel followed her, waiting while she scooped up their son from his car seat where he had been on the couch as they were about to walk out the door. Little Charlie Jackson looked up at him from his mothers arms as Vala slipped the bottle into his mouth, what black hair he had sticking up and his grayish-blue eyes characteristically wide.

Daniel grinned briefly at the boy, then picked up the now empty carrier seat and headed for the front door, only stopping long enough for everyone to get bundled up. The hard weather hadn't made this month any better. Once heavy coats were on the family trekked out through the snow on the ground and the lightly falling flakes to one of their two cars. Vala climbed into the back seat with Charlie so she could feed him on the way, and after Daniel had strapped Charlie's seat in she set him in it and buckled the baby in, having to take the bottle away briefly to do so.

Janet sat in front by her father since her mother wasn't there as usual. Charlie started to cry again, and didn't stop until the car had pulled out of the driveway and Vala had popped the bottle back into his mouth.

The drive to the church that was the site of Cassandra and Skaara's wedding should have taken ten or so minutes, but half an hour later the snow had thickened, and they were still sitting in the Saturday-before-Christmas traffic.

"I knew we should have left earlier," Daniel sighed.

"Daddy, the church is only three or four more blocks; can't we just walk?"

"Under other circumstances, maybe, but not now. It's freezing out there and we have your brother with us--not to mention that there's nowhere to put the car."

Janet looked anxiously out the window at the slow-moving cars in front of them. "Was there a crash or something?"

Daniel shrugged. "I don't know if there's an accident or not, sweetie, just…wait. We'll get there."

"We're going to be late, Daniel," Vala spoke up from the back.

Daniel groaned. "Tell me something I don't know…"

"We can't have a wedding with half the wedding party missing!" Cassandra exclaimed, jumping up from the bench she'd been sitting on in the women's bathroom-turned-dressing room.

Samantha O'Neill sighed. "I know, I know. Daniel and his crew should have been here twenty minutes ago. It's probably the weather and the traffic…"

"-And until they get here the wedding party is short three people. Great," Cassie sighed. She sank back onto her seat, arranging her full white skirt around her legs.

"I think I'll go check for them again," Sam decided. Cassie nodded and thanked her, so she turned and pushed out of the bathroom into the hallway. Just as she looked around, the side door into the building at the end of the hallway opened and Daniel Jackson's head poked through.

"Daniel! We've been waiting for you. What happened?" Sam asked. She hurried to the somewhat heavy wood door and pulled it open the rest of the way for him, wincing at the blast of cold air that greeted her when she did. Daniel nodded his thanks and steered Janet into the building, then came in carrying Charlie in his seat. Vala followed.

"Traffic jam," Daniel replied, eyes rolling as he closed the door behind them.

Vala shivered, shaking the snow off her coat. "You know, living in space hopping from planet to planet had its advantages."

"No snow?" Janet asked.

"No snow, no traffic…"

Sam cleared her throat. "Um, we should get where we need to be. Quickly."

"Right," Daniel agreed, directing his attention to Vala. "Okay, I'll drop Charlie off with Teal'c on my way. You and Janet should probably follow Sam."

Mrs. O'Neill nodded and held her hand out to Janet, who took it and went with her after she'd pulled her coat off. Vala took off her own coat, revealing her purple bridesmaid's dress that matched Sam's, and followed them.

The girls headed back down the brown-carpeted hallway, and Daniel made a brief detour through the auditorium to find Teal'c, who had promised to watch the baby during the service. It wasn't hard to find the jaffa even with a hat on and among the crowd in the pew of the many friends Cassandra had made in her years since coming to earth. Even Skaara, from his seven or eight months on the planet, had a fair enough number of friends there. Teal'c was sitting in the second row with the Mitchells and General Hank Landry. Daniel handed Charlie off to Teal'c, who grinned at the baby and put the carrier on the pew beside him.

That done, Daniel found Skaara and Jack. O'Neill would have been the best man, he had to give the bride away, as it was, after all, his adopted daughter. Thus, the station of best man had fallen to Daniel.

"Did I miss anything?" Daniel asked, noticing the line-up.

"Nope, but you're right on time," Jack answered, while trying to straighten his and Skaara's ties at the same time. The Abydonian, with his hair long since cut short in a simple earth style, still looked a bit uncomfortable dressed up.

"Jack, what are you still doing up here? You should be back there with Cassie…"

"Yeah, I know, I'm going. Beside, who are you to talk, Danny-boy? You're the one who's been holding this thing up."

That was when the music started, and Daniel's eyebrows went up. "Uh huh, and here 'this thing' goes."

"Thank you," Skaara said when Jack let go of his tie, which was now straight. "Danyel is right. You should go, O'Neill."

"I'm going, I'm going," Jack answered, starting to move off. Then he stopped briefly and grinned at Daniel. "Let's get related, shall we?"

"Okay, so my daughter just married your brother-in-law. That would kinda-sorta make you my son-in-law too, huh?" Jack asked suddenly, bringing a look from most everyone at their table at the reception.

Daniel almost chocked on his tea.

"No!" he sputtered as he set his glass down, bringing giggles from the women. "Skaara's your son-in-law, Jack, not me. I'm just…distantly related to you now. Sort of."

"It does not seem that distant to me, Danyer," Skaara grinned.

"Well, fine, not exactly distant then, but not that close either."

"Why not? I only said kinda and I only meant kinda," O'Neill protested.

"But if I understand everything correctly, that's not technically correct," Vala provided.

"Thank you."

"It does sound interesting though."

Daniel raised a warning eyebrow at her.

Jack butted back in then, smiling in amusement now. "One could choose to see it that way, though."

"Well I don't. For crying out loud, jack, you're only, like, ten years older than I am."

"Actually, it's more like fifteen or so," Sam added slyly.

O'Neill's face fell. "That's irrelevant." But his wife had already turned back to Daniel.

"Although I can't say I don't like the idea, either," she was saying.

By now poor Daniel was simply exasperated. "Are you my friend or my mother!" he yelped.

"Apparently, according to Jack, I'm you're mother-in-law."

"Sam!!" Daniel was turning red now.

Finally she gave him a reassuring smile and reached to pat his arm. "I'm just kidding, Daniel. That's enough, Jack; leave the poor guy alone."

"I don't see why he has a problem with it. Skaara doesn't have a problem with being related to me that way."

"Really, dad, just drop it," Cassie chuckled. Jack just rolled his eyes playfully, grinned and shrugged. The next moment there was a tiny, almost inaudible yawn from near the floor that attracted his attention to the baby carrier next to Vala's chair.

"Hey, the little guy's awake!" O'Neill announced. He cast a quick questioning glance up at Daniel and Vala, and once a nodded consent had been given Jack grinned and bent to pick the child up. "Hey, Charlie, what's up?" The baby didn't answer of course, but blinked up at the older man and giggled.

Daniel watched on fondly. Sam and Jack hadn't ended up with any children of their own, so the choice of name for Charlie hadn't even required a second thought once it was discovered that Vala was to have a boy. The choice had been made for Jack, and neither Daniel nor Vala would ever regret it. The speechless, thankful tears in O'Neill's eyes after their son had been born and Jack had been told his name was more than enough for them.

The O'Neills loved the kids of all the members of their team, their friends, just as much as they loved the daughter they'd adopted. They acted as something of an aunt and uncle to them, or perhaps even grandparents, but Jack seemed to have formed a special bond with this new addition to the SG-1 family.

Daniel's musings were interrupted when Janet came running up for the second time that day, though this time from a group of other children she'd been sitting with.

"Dad, dad, it's time to go!" she said suddenly, in a way reminiscent of earlier that afternoon.

"Go where?" Daniel asked in confusion.

"To my school, daddy, for practice for the school Christmas musical. It's Tuesday after our last day of school before Christmas break, and we have practice every afternoon until then, remember…"

"Oh!" Daniel remembered, eyes widening. "I'm sorry, I forgot," he sighed.

"I don't mind, as long as we leave soon…"

Vala glanced at her watched, and then started to stand as her eyebrows climbed toward her hairline. "She's right. We'd better go now before she's late…"

Daniel stood himself and urged her to sit again. "It's okay, I'll take her and come back to pick up you and Charlie."

"Daniel, by the time you get her out to the school and get back here in that traffic, we'll have been waiting for hours," Vala informed him, gathering her coat and their other things.

"Leaving so soon, Danyel?" Skaara inquired.

"Yeah, I'm sorry Skaara. I totally forgot about this."

Cassie stood with the rest of the occupants of the table to offer farewells. "It's all right, Daniel," she said, hugging him. "Skaara and I'll see you at work Monday."

"Aren't you going somewhere?" Vala questioned.

"Not until after Christmas," Cassie answered, shaking her head as her new husband's arm went around her waist. She smiled at him. "Skaara's never seen Christmas on earth before, and we want to spend it with everyone."

"Makes sense to me," Daniel commented, taking Charlie from Jack's lap and putting him back in his carrier.

"Aww, and we were just starting to have fun," O'Neill pouted.

Daniel grinned in amusement. "Quit whining, Jack. You'll see him Wednesday at the Christmas party at your house, along with the rest of us."

With that, the Jacksons were forced to hurry the rest of their goodbyes and be on their way.