Ruki44: bites nails nervously Ok, please don't kill me.

Ruki: grabs shirt WHY SHOULDN'T WE!


Hinata: She has a point you know.

Ruki: Damn Let's go

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Tetra: That's telling them.

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Tetra: Make me!

Ruki: Bring it!

All out fight breaks out

Ruki and Rukia: looks at each other then join fray

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Chapter 8

Naruto groaned as he stared at the test. He was never good at test taking to begin with and those damn drunkards were not making anything better and he's going to have that stupid song stuck in his head for the rest of the time now.

Damn extra sensitive ears.

He glanced down at his paper and smiled. It was a message from Gaara.

'I'm gonna kill those bastards the minute we're done with this test, damn extra sensitive hearing! Anyways, how's the test coming?' ' Naruto smiled and noticed Gaara's dust in the air.

'What do you think? And that song should be outlawed, now. Like this very minute.' He wrote quickly on his paper.

'That girl next to you, Hina-chan was it, seems to be good. Ask her for help. I'm sure she would love to help you.' Came Gaara's reply. Naruto glanced over to Hinata. Gaara could be on to something…he bit his lip.

'Can't do it. It's against everything I believe in…' he sighed writing back.

'Damn you and your sense of honor. I'll give you the answers later.' Came Gaara's reply. Naruto smiled. It was nice to have siblings.

'Thank you so much, did I mention how much I love you?'' he wrote back.

'Now don't go gay on me man, you know I'm straight. And you would be breaking somebody's heart.' Naruto frowned. Gaara knew something he didn't. He would have to find it out, after the test. But for now…

"Naruto-kun? What's the matter?" he heard Hinata ask. He looked over to her. "You don't have any thing filled in." she said worriedly. Naruto laughed sheepishly.

"Oh, I'm just not what you call the greatest test-taker in the world. Don't worry about it." He said softly laughing. Hinata frowned a bit.

"You seem awfully smart Naruto-kun, I mean this shouldn't be a problem." She said. He grinned

. "Ah, but I'm more of a practical kind of guy, I can do it, but I can't tell you how I did it." He said explaining. Hinata fidgeted around.

"Why don't you copy of me? I mean that is…" she said, beginning to stammer. Naruto cocked his head then smiled at her, making her pale complexion turn to the vibrant red he became customary with.

"Like I said, don't worry about it. Wouldn't want you in trouble because I can't take a simple test." He said gesturing toward the test. "I'll just answer the tenth question and everything will be alright. Thanks though. That was really nice of you." He said softly. Hinata blushed and turned away, apologizing quickly. He shrugged it off; Hinata was weird like that sometimes.


Gaara sighed. The idiot, his brother really couldn't see it? And he spent the most time with her out of all of them…he glanced over at his shoulder and his eye started twitching. Maku had a little alter up.

It was really a small little soapbox with a cheep birthday candle on top with a piece of paper that said 'youth' in front of it.

He glanced then to the protectors, some of who were staring at him, then at the sheet, then back at him. He saw one lean over toward the other and whisper something in his ear. Gaara, interested, listened intently to the best of his ability on the conversation.

"What's it say on that piece of paper?" said the first proctor. The other one glanced toward Maku.

"Dunno, I'll go see." He whispered back. He silently slipped out of his chair and smoothly walked past Maku, quickly glancing at his alter before leaving. He arrived back at his seat and leaned back toward the first proctor.

"It's 'youth'." The second replied confused. The first proctor sighed.

"It's Maku then, praying to the gods of youth…" the first proctor muttered.

"Does that count as cheating?" the second proctor asked confused.

"Dunno, does praying to an imaginary god count as cheating?" the first one asked after a moments thought. The second one mulled it over.

"No, but it counts as being creepy." The second one concluded.

"So we should take off points right?" The first one pressed. The second one stared.

"It's not against the law to be creepy." The second one replied shaking his head. The first one was quiet for a moment before reaching into a bag and speaking into a microphone.

"Mike, you know that guy…you know the one, with white hair?" the first proctor said into the microphone.

"The creepy one?" the man named Mike asked.

"Yea, let him go." The first proctor told the man. Mike was silent for a second before answering.

"Why?" he demanded.

"Apparently it's not illegal to be creepy." The first proctor said sighing. Mike was silent before sighing himself.

"There goes half our jail…" Gaara's eye twitched. What was wrong with these people? Just then Koga's voice broke Gaara's thoughts.

"OK YOU RUNTS, TIME FOR THE TENTH QUESTION!" came Koga Uramashi's voice attracing Gaara's attention.

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