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14-year old Danny Fenton was hanging out at his house with his two best friends, Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley. Sam and Tucker were discusing where they would go after dinner on Christmas Eve. While Danny was watching his two friends discuse it..or so it seemed he was. He was actually thinking about what he was going to get his friends for Christmas. He new what Tucker wanted, but he hadn't bought it yet. He pushed aside what Tucker wanted for awhile to think of what Sam wanted. He couldn't seem to think of anything.

Sam snapped her fingers infront of Danny's face. He blinked a couple times then looked up at Sam.'Wow she looks beautiful...' Danny thought. Yes Danny had finally relised his love for Sam, but he didn't want to tell her because he was worried.

"Oh sorry." Danny said.

"It's ok," Sam told him, "Anyways, would you rather go to the movies or to the mall?"

"UH... I don't know?" Danny said confused.

"Oh hey that reminds me... What do you want for Christmas Sam?" Danny asked, changing the subject.

"I think I know..." Tucker said looking at Sam, with a sly kind of look.

"Shut up Tucker!" Sam yelled at the Tech-geek.

"Is there something that you guys aren't telling me?" asked Danny.

"No!" Sam said a little too quickly.

"Ok... anyways what do you want?" Danny asked again.

"I'am not sure really.." Sam said.

"Well, Danny I got to get going... Coming Sam?" said Tucker.

"Yeah, hang on let me get my coat." Sam stated ,and ran over to the coat rack.

Sam and Tucker got their coats, said goodbye, then left.

"I know what you want Sam!" Tucker screamed.

"Shh!!!!" Sam whispered.

"I know YOU Know but..."

"But, what?" He asked.

"It will never happen..." Sam whispered again.

Not another word was said until Sam went into her house. She said goodbye to Tucker, and closed the door behind her. She took her coat off and put it on the coat rack. She ran up stairs, and into her room, closing the door behind her. She turned on the radio, and a new song started. It sounded too girly, but she decided to listen to it anyways.

Just a friend, thats all I've ever been to you

Just a girl, who wants to be the center of your world

But I aint got much to offer, but my heart and soul. And I geuss thats not enough for you to notice me.

Im just your girl... and I geuss thats all I'll ever be to you, to you

'That sounds a lot like how I feel about Danny..' Sam thought.

I try to smile when I see other girls with you

Acting like everything is okay, but Oh

You don't know how it feels to be so in love, with someone who doesn't even know..

My secret love..

'Oh my god... thats just like me!!' thought Sam.

In my dreams... I see us both together constantly...

Why can't you see, this love for you is here inside of me

What do I have to do for you to notice this? You look at her with love, when me it's just friendship.

Im just your girl...and I geuss thats all I'll ever be to you, to you

I try to smile when I see other girls with you, acting like everything is ok but Oh

You don't know how it feels to be so in love with someone who doesn't even know..

My secret love..

Sam started to sing along now. Letting hot tears run down her cheeks, as she thought of Danny.

What do you see in her you dont see in me?

Boy your so hard to believe.

Why do you show her love, but there is none for me?

Boy you don't make sense to me.

Is it cause I don't have much to offer ,but my heart and soul.

And I geuss theres not enough for you to notice me.

Im just your girl, and I geuss thats all I'll ever be to you, to you you you!!

I try to smile when I see other girls, but you

Acting like everything is ok, but Oh

You don't know how it feels, to be so in love with someone who doesn't even know... My secret love...

The song ended, and Sam buried her head in her pillow. She cried for a little while before falling asleep.


Danny was flying the wintery night sky. As light,cold, white snowflakes dropping to the ground. Some of the snowflakes were sprikled in Danny's white hair, while some flew into his face. Danny saw Sam's light on and decided to go see her. Danny flew down to her window and wiped the glass from frost with his gloved hand. He looked inside, he saw Sam crying and struggling in her sleep. He looked at her worriedly. He went intangible, then flew threw her window. He flew up to her, and saw her shiver. He went back to human mode, then sat down on the front of her bed.

"Aww... poor Sammy..." Danny whispered.

Danny wiped her tears off her face, and held her head in his lap. Brushing her hair back gently. He sighed as he stared at her. Sam stopped trembeling, and snuggled his leg. Danny looked a little surprised, but kept stroking her hair. He stayed most of the night with her. Just snuggling close to Sam, enjoying every minute of it. He saw It was almost 6 A.M. and knew he had to leave. He frowned at the thought of leaving her, but he absolutly had to leave, before she woke up. He gently took his arm out from under her head, and stood. Covered her with the blankets, then turned ghost. He opened the window, then flew out. He looked at the sky. It was still grey, but there was no snow falling.

'I got to tell Sam how I feel...' Danny thought.

He flew into his house , and crawled in bed. So he could sleep for atleast an hour or two.


Sam woke up a little while later.

'I had the weirdest dream...' Sam thought to herself. She looked at her clock on her nightstand. It said 6:59. Sam sat up, ruffling her hair a bit. She yawned and rubbed her eyes. She grabbed her things for a shower, then went into the bathroom. She turned on the water, making sure it was just right. She went back into her room and turned on her radio. She sang along to 'Secret Love' again, while in the shower. She stepped out with the towel wrapped tightly around her. She walked back into her room, and went into her walk-in closet. She got dressed in black pants, with a black and purple sweatshirt. She slipped on her favorite black socks and ran downstairs. Sam picked up the phone, while runing to the kitchen. She dialed Tucker's number, while she grabbed hot chocolate.

'Hello?' asked a groggy Tucker.

"Hey Tucker, it's me Sam." She said.

"Hey Sam whats up?" Tucker asked.

"Nothing much." Sam said.


"I need your help..." Sam said.

"With Danny?" Tucker asked.

"How-" Sam said got cut off.

"Because Danny asked me to help him ask you out...Oh no!" Tucker said, but then relised what he said.

"H-he D-did W-W-what???" Sam asked surprised.

"Yeah..." Tucker slowly said.

Silence was between them now. Sam could barely talk.

"Sam you there?" Tucker asked.

"Y-y-y-e-a.." Sam managed to studder out.

" Well I'll talk to you tomorrow. We have to cancel tonight... Danny and I have to help our family's with Christmas stuff since tonight is Chirtmas eve." Tucker stated.

"Ok..." Sam said.

"Well got to go.. bye Sam." Tucker said.

"Bye Tucker..." Sam quitly said.

They both hung up the phones. Sam placed the phone on the counter near her hot chocolate. She then fell to her knees and yelled at the top of her voice "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sam stood up again, taking a sip of her hotchocolate. She, grabbed the phone with one hand, and had hotchocolate in the other. She placed the phone back on the receiver, while trotting carefully up stairs, making sure not to spill her hot chocolate. She placed the hot chocolate on her desk and ra to her bed. Sam ploped on her back on her comfortable bed. She stared at the ceiling while thinking of what Tucker said on the phone. It gave her hope, hope for her to be with Danny. She stayed like that for awhile, waiting excitedly for the time to see him again.


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