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Sam had gotton up that morning of Christmas day, to find she was alone. No parents, grandmother, butlers, maids, or even presents! She tried over and over again to call Danny or Tucker, even her parents, but no one anwsered. Sam sat on her couch, in her black pants,and lilac colored sweatshirt. Her legs were pulled up to her chest, with her arms wraped around them. Her head rested on her arms, as she cried. No one to talk to. Her raven black hair covering her face. She put her head in her hands. She tried to calm herslef down, but she couldn't hold it in. She let the tears fall until there was no more left. She fell over on her side, crying herself to sleep.


"Sam is going to love this Danny..." Tucker stated in awe.

"I hope so..." Danny said looking around at what he,his family, Tucker and his family, and Sam's family had done for her. It was all Danny's present, but everyone just (helped) with it.

"What do you mean you hope? Of course she will!" said Tucker in a high pitched voice.

"Yea.. but..." Danny whispered.

"But what?" Tucker asked.


Danny did the last finshing touch to it all. No not the star on the tree. He hung the mistle toe in the middle of the room. (Danny rented a local teen center. Okay? Okay!). He looked at the place where the party was going to be held, in just a little while. He made sure another one of his presents was hidden safely. Then he remembered one little problem. Sam wasn't there, and didn't know when to come, or anything. He quickly took out his cellphone, only to see ten messages from Sam. He pressed speed dial, and waited. Sam picked up.

"Hello?" Sam asked as she yawned.

"Hey Sam. Sorry I couldn't get back to you." Danny apollogised.

"It's ok, but no one is here.. no presents no nothing." Sam sniffled.

Danny bit his lip. He knew it was his fault.

"Oh... well want me to pick you up? I got something to show you." He said.


"Oh please? I think you will love it!" Danny exclaimed.

"Fine, i'll come." Sam said giving in. She could never really say no to him. It was to hard for her.

"Great! I'll be right there!" He yelled.

Danny hung up his phone and yelled to everyone that he would be right back. He ran outside, then turned ghost. The snow was falling again, but Danny didn't care. He just wanted to get to Sam as fast as possible.


Sam hung up her phone, while runing upstairs to her room. She quickly got different clothes. The shirt was again black with a purple circle in the middle, but this time it was a sweatshirt. Her pants were black, and warm. She slipped on her clothes, socks, and her favorite combat boots. She brushed her hair, until it was silky smooth. She ran back downstairs, grabbing her violet jacket. She sliped it on, zipping it up. Just then a knock came at the door.

She ran to the door out of breath, opening it. There was Danny in ghost mode, reaching a hand out for her. She gladly took it, smiling. He smiled back. Sam didn't know but everytime she smiled at him, his heart would melt. He wraped his other arm around Sam keeping her close, but also making her blush madly. He took off with her, soaring in the snow. She began to shiver. Danny looked down at her, going intangible. She looked up at him, locking gazes. Danny looked away blushing, watching where he was going. Sam looked at the ground beneath her, going by quickly, as she blushed.

They soon arivied at the teen center. Danny landed, taking both hands and putting them over her eyes as a blindfold. He led her to the door, turning the knob. He opened it quickly, taking his hand away from Sam. At that very moment everyone yelled"Merry Christmas!!!". Sam gasped, as she saw everyone she knew and loved there. She stood in awe as she saw the gifts, tree, the whole thing actually. Danny nudged her. She looked back at him, then understood. She walked up to her mom and dad, giving them a huge hug. She walked up to Tucker hugging him. She then walked up to Danny hugging him as well. She looked at him with watery eyes.

"Did you do this?" Sam asked.

"Well... yea but everyone helped with the party." Danny said blushing.

"Thank you Danny!" Sam explained. Her face in his chest. Danny blushed, but hugged her back.

"I got something else to show you." He told her. He ran over to where he kept a little box. He checked the inside to make sure it was still there. He quickly ran back to her. Danny handed her the box, blushing again. Sam blushed, taking it greatfully. She opened it slowly. She stood there, mouth agaped, in the middle of the room ( hehe). It was silver ring, with a heart, diamonds all over the ring, inside the heart, and around the heart. Sam blushed, looking at him. He then pointed to what was right above them. The mistletoe. They both blushed. Danny sliped the ring on her finger. They both looked at each other for a brief moment before attaching lips. They both gazed into each others eyes to make sure it was real.

They both found out it was no dream. Closing their eyes. Sam snaked her arms around Danny's neck. Danny's hands went to Sam's hips, deepening the kiss. For the few seconds of plesure, that seemed like an eternity, came to an end. They looked at each other in the eyes.

"I wanted to tell you... I love you sam." Danny whispered in Sam's ear making her shudder.

"I love you too." She whispered.

"Hey lovebirds!!! Lets get this party started!!!!" Tucker yelled from across the room.

Danny and Sam smiled looking at Tucker.

"What do you say Sam?" Danny asked.

" I say.. Lets get this party started!!" Sam exclaimed.

They partied for the rest of the night. Danny and Sam sneaking a couple kisses now and then. Tucker each time saying 'ewwww' or 'Get a room!'. Which they would smile to the 'Get a room!' then saying ok, runing into a closet. Folowed by Tucker saying 'You guys are gross!'. Danny and Sam loved Christmas every year after that. Reminding them of that special day.


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