A/N: Okay, where to begin. This is the sequel to The Marauders' Final Year at school which I wrote and you can read it by going to my page and finding the stories I've authored. It's great, you should read it.

Nineteen-year-old Lily Evans was walking through the graveyard at sunrise that morning with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. There was dew on the grass and it had rained the day before, clear sign of heaven's sadness. She walked around the graveyard, finding the large headstone bearing a very small (Like the letters were small, the passage wasn't small, get it?) inscription written by the poor girl's one true love.

Everyday that I realize that you're gone, just makes me cry even harder than ever. I will never forget you even though it would be easier in my life if I did, but at the same time, I want you to stay in my mind so that I can have some piece of you to carry with me throughout the rest of my life. You were the one person who ever loved me with their whole heart and soul and I loved you more than anything and anyone can imagine. Life seems impossible now and your love, what kept me going for so long, is no longer sustaining me. There is no way for me to depict the grief I feel for your death and no way for me overcome it. If you were still alive, I imagine we could still do the things we used to, take walks by the lakes and kiss under the stars and ridicule our friends. Nothing can ever change the way I felt for you and nothing will bring me to another, ever.

In memory of Clara Shay Marin, my angel and my life. I'll never forget you Claire… – Sirius Black

Lily fought back the tears that were so close to escaping and placed the bouquet of roses, Claire's favorite flower, next to her grave along with everyone else's. It had been about six months since she died and Lily still hadn't seen a smile crease Sirius's lips. He was falling apart, and so was she. The tears were flowing down her cheeks, warm and wet. She wiped them off with the sleeve of her sweater and knelt down by the grave, her tears falling on the cement that made up the stone.

"I'm so sorry Claire," she sniffled. "I would have rather died than you, truly I would've, but I knew you would've jumped in front of the Knight Bus for me. You would've never let something like that happen, and that's why I just can't stand what happened to you." Lily stood up, wiping her eyes again and trudged back to the entrance to the graveyard, she was far too tired to walk to her house, even though it was on the same lot. There, she apparated into her kitchen and slumped down on the chair at the table. Her boyfriend of over a year and a half now, James Potter, was sitting across from her. They had been living together ever since the end of their last year at Hogwarts. It was the middle of October and Halloween was nearing. Sirius was probably at his own house and Remus at his. Lily's other best friend, Tanya would probably be with Remus at the time. They may have broken up, but that didn't change their great friendship. Lily's tears began to fall again and James looked up, hearing her sniffles. He stood up and went to her side immediately.

"Hey, hey, you're fine, she's in a batter place," he coaxed, placing his arms around her shoulders and resting his chin on the top of her red, wavy hair. James hated seeing Lily cry, and in the past few months, she'd cried more than he'd ever seen her cry before. Lily had been devastated by Claire's death and when she had figured out why the cause had been so, she immediately blamed herself. Knowing that the poison that was slipped into Claire's drink was actually meant for Lily, caused her more pain every time she thought about it. Lily turned her head and buried her face into James's chest, soaking his shirt with tears. He rubbed her back softly and spoke comforting words to try and calm her, but nothing would help. Lily would probably go on like this for about an hour before she figured out how long she'd been going before trying to make herself busy in order to keep her mind off of everything.

When Lily finally got herself under control, someone else apparated into her kitchen, Sirius. He had loved Claire more than any other human being could've, more than her parents ever had and even more than Lily, as her best friend, had. Watching Sirius go through everything he had, was painful to watch. It literally made the heart ache. Sirius looked to Lily who was trying furiously to wipe the tears out of her eyes so that Sirius wouldn't see her crying. He walked over to her and knelt down next to her chair, placing a hand on her shoulder and kissing her on the cheek.

"Lils, it'll be okay," he said, small tears forming in the corners of his eyes. It was the first time Sirius had said something like that in six months and they looked up at him in surprise. Sirius had never been one to stay sad or upset for very long. The first time they ever saw him cry was in seventh year when Claire got sick because of the poison. Sirius always had this air of being arrogant and admirable, the look-at-me kind of air. In the past six months, that air had vanished completely. His gorgeous gray eyes had deep, dark circles under them, and his usually vibrant skin was pale and pallid. He looked almost sick and he was noticeably loosing his muscled stature. It was a terrible thing to watch Sirius go through and an even worse thing to endure. Lily kissed Sirius on the cheek and stood up, walking past her friend and boyfriend.

"I…have to make breakfast," she said, trying to distract herself. "Y-You w-want something, Sirius?" she struggled through her hiccoughs.

"Thanks, Lils," said Sirius softly, sitting down in one of the chairs. James hadn't gone back to his place, but instead, was behind Lily, his hands wrapped around her wrists as he kissed the top of her head, sending a shiver down her spine. She loved it when he did that. She couldn't help but be in a slightly better mood when he was so sweet to her.

"How about some chocolate-chip pancakes, just like Hogwarts used to serve?" she asked, a faux smile playing on her chapped lips.

"Sounds good," said Sirius, said Sirius, almost smiling for the first time in months. The only person who could bring him out of this misery was the one person he couldn't have, the person who was rotting away in the cemetery. He cringed internally at the image in his mind of the grave and her still and lifeless form underneath it, dressed in her finest dress he had ever seen her in, dressed in the same dress she had died in.

Lily, on the other hand, knew exactly what cheered her up, her addicting drug, James. To her, he was like wine and she was an alcoholic, she couldn't get enough of him and he couldn't give enough to her. They loved each other more than any couple in the world could claim, and that's what made them happiest, knowing how perfect they were for each other. Lily looked out the window at the forest surrounding her house and the small lake outside their window, Godric's Hollow was the perfect place for them, and she knew it. This house was left to them by James's mother and father after they moved to a different house to grow old together, farther away from the city and farther into the country. It had begun to rain again and she got back to work making the food. She pulled her wand from her pocket and waved it towards her cupboard. Immediately, a pan, measuring cups, milk, and everything else involved in making pancakes zoomed out, and for a special touch, chocolate chips. Everything began assembling itself and they even flipped themselves while on the stove. Lily gave her wand another wave and three cups zoomed from a cabinet above her head. James ducked as they flew to the table and were immediately filled to the brim with pumpkin juice, their favorite drink. Lily sighed as the pancakes zoomed to three plates waiting on the table, a stack big enough for an elephant zoomed onto Sirius's plate, a stack slightly smaller for James, and three pancakes for Lily. She gave the wand one last wave and three forks zoomed from the drawers and landed next to each plate.

Lily walked back to the table, picking up her fork and eating the delicious pancakes that magic could make. They were the perfect food, perfectly fluffy with the exact amount of chocolate chips. Lily was in heaven, being the choclaholic that she always was. James and Sirius dove into their food, downing it faster than humanly possible, something that Lily still marveled at. When everyone was finished, Lily went to her room and pulled out a small journal she'd kept from her first year at Hogwarts and began reading it. Her first day was amazing, the first time she'd ever met Claire on the Hogwarts Express. She'd helped Claire get rid of a painful curse, having read a few counter-curses in her books before coming to school. Ever since then, they'd been inseparable. Tanya joined them in the train that first day, having fallen and being helped up by Claire. That was how the three best friends began, and it would always have been them, even after school if it wasn't for the stupid poison. Lily shut the notebook hard and spitefully. She didn't want to think about those Slytherins or she might literally hurt someone. It was hard, when thinking of Claire, not to laugh. She had the most amazing personality. She was as smart and as sharp as a tack, but her common sense, well, a pencil eraser had more common sense than she did. Lily found out only after Claire died that her parents never loved her. Her father used to beat her mother and her mother used to yell at her to leave even when Claire defended her. Claire carried bruises her entire life from them, there was no denying that fact. Sirius had been the one who told, but it was a reluctant thing. Claire was not only a sweet person and completely misunderstood and unloved most of her life, but the most beautiful person in the world. When she first came to school, some people suspected her to be part Veela, a complete lie. She had a perfect, toned, tan body from all of the Quidditch she'd played. When Madam Pompfrey wouldn't let her play after Christmas because of the poison's progression and her fatigue, she was more upset than the rest of the team. She had been the best flier they'd ever had, never falling a single time and dodging other people and bludgers was probably possible in her sleep. Claire had perfectly straight, thick, pure blonde hair that fell down to her waistline and the sparkling blue eyes that only sirens possessed. Her eyes were so beautiful that when you looked at her, you couldn't help but stare into them. People would find themselves completely lost in her eyes and forgetting the rest of her, even if she was talking.

Lily missed Claire almost as much as Sirius did, and nothing would change that. Lately, every single one of her friends, Tanya, Peter, James, Sirius, and Remus, had all become withdrawn and continually shut themselves from everything but each other. They only found comfort in each other now, and that was a sad, sad thought.

After Lily and James had graduated Hogwarts, Dumbledore had asked them, Tanya, Remus, and Sirius to join his league in fighting the evils and dark wizards of their world. It helped Lily get her mind off of things, that was definite, but nothing would ever make her forget. She had dueled countless times with dark wizards, oftentimes ones she knew form school: Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa (Black) Malfoy, Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange, Rudolphus Lestrange, and even Severus Snape. Through all of the battles she endured, she never encountered the true evil that presented itself in their world, Voldemort. Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Tanya had no trouble saying that name aloud because they didn't fear him, only hated him. Many people, people who even worked for the Ministry of Magic, refused to say his name because of fear. Lily worked her job avidly, a healer at St. Mungo's in the ward for the people who had taken poisons. She didn't want anyone to go through what Claire had gone through. James was an auror at the Ministry of Magic, very high up on the list for those with great careers. Of course, no one believed him when he said that Lucius Malfoy was a Death Eater. Malfoy, in fact, had been working in the Ministry for some time as well, almost as much as James had.

Moonstone, Lily's cat, cantered from the kitchen and leapt up next to her, rubbing her head against Lily's arm. Lily smiled softly and petted her cat's head. James had bough Moonstone for her over a year ago and she was the smartest cat Lily ever met. She seemed know how everyone was feeling and she seemed to know how to comfort them as well. It wasn't just Lily, but people in general. The cat would watch everything that everyone did with the utmost concentration as though trying to understand it. The cat purred softly and rolled over on her side and fell to sleep. Lily sighed and stood up, closing the notebook with a thud. She walked back into the kitchen, a fresh set of tears on her face.

"Lils, please, it's okay, you're fine," said James.

"I…I miss her. I am so sorry for bringing you guys down with me," she whispered.

"We all miss her, Lils," said James, walking over and hugging her protectively. She wrapped her arms around him too and buried her face in his shoulder, the tears flowing freely again. Sirius wasn't there anymore and Lily wondered why. "He went back to his house," James said, practically reading her mind as usual.

"Oh," she sniffled.

"Do you wanna get out of here today? Do something fun?"

"Like what?" she asked, her mood brightening.

"Wanna go dancing?" he asked.

"You always know how to cheer me up, James Potter," she said with a smirk.

"Yeah, well, I try," he said, smiling back at her.

"And what are we to do before we go dancing?" she asked, already in a better mood.

"Hmm…how about we curl up in front of the TV and watch some good, old fashioned sitcoms," he said, smiling still.

"Sounds good to me," Lily sighed. "Hot cocoa?"

"You know me all too well."


"How do you keep reading my mind?" he laughed.

"Stop being a weirdo," she said, laughing.

"Come on, let's go watch TV," said James, smiling. "We'll call Remus, Sirius, and Tanya later to see if they'd like to join us."

"Sounds good to me."