Notice From The Author


Dear readers, I am sad to inform you that I have no idea as to when my next update will be, but I know for a fact that it will not be this weekend or at all this or next week. I am sorry, and do not get angry.

I know I have been slow on the updates because of my plays and all that, but a new development has come up. We got the rehearsal schedule for the musical and I will be staying after school until about six o'clock every night and weekends will be spent at rehearsals as well, and this will last until the first of April, sorry.

Not only does that restrict my writing time, but also my schoolwork time, and as you can understand, my schoolwork comes before fanfictions.

I will be backed up a long time, especially with the essay I have to write that's due next week in history.

So, my apologies, but I can't be updating anytime soon. And don't think it's just for this story. If you look at all my incomplete stories, this notice is posted there too.

So, don't get angry with me, hate my drama teacher. I already do, especially since Saturday is my birthday and I have to spend from one in the afternoon until five in the evening practicing.