It's done.

Sixty-one limericks.

And now that I've got this off my mind, it will probably be at least another seven years before I have the urge to limerick again. Many thanks to you guys for hanging in with me during this temporary insanity, especially to everyone who reviewed and encouraged this strange project. You guys brightened my days.

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Will somebody please e-mail me some aspirin?

"Folks, I promise I will not allow
this to happen. That's my solemn vow.
Turn into him? Never!
My lifetime endeavor.
(Hey Lancer! Make sense to you, now?)

"Will you waste me?" asked Danny, "Demented!
It's your own life that's being prevented."
"You don't get it, you fool!
Only time is the tool
I'm still here; I can't be circumvented!"

The battle was running amok.
And you know? It was just Phantom's luck
that his hair conflagration
could lead to cremation
when he hit a petroleum truck.

Four Phantoms 'round Danny revolving:
"You can't prevent me from evolving!"
"By the promise I swore,
you should be. . . nevermore!"
"You're a child! Who cares what you're resolving?"

The answer he gave was laconic.
"I PROMISED!" he cried. It's ironic
that two words would work
to disable the jerk
when the emphasis went supersonic.

Phantom asked, "Is it too much to ask
how you learned to accomplish that task?"
Though a building was razed,
Dan emerged from it, dazed,
And got caught in a ghost vacuum flask.

Danny tried to transform, but he failed;
seems the forces of evil prevailed.
The hands of time stayed,
bird's eye on the parade;
time goes marching on, but he bailed.

Danny's willing to take all the heat.
"The answers just fell at my feet!
There's no way to conceal
that I've broken the seal,
But I'm telling you: I'll never cheat!"

Danny waited with cold apprehension,
but Lancer relieved all his tension.
"I'll give you a break,
and the make-up you'll take.
You can study all week in detention!"

Jasmine watched him confess what he did do,
concerned about all he had been through.
"I've now told my brother,
we'll trust one another.
But this will take some getting used to!"

And finally. . . drum roll, please. . . .

The observants cried Clockwork's disgrace,
"You must now defend his resting place!"
Let the future beware,
for the signs are all there:
First the laughter, and then. . . .