Happily Ever After

Rune Alchemist Kaori

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A/N: Ha! Third one, do you know what that means? It means I have written a trilogy! I feel special. -cough- Anyway, this story follows up immediately after "A Turn For The Worse." So if you haven't read that one, I suggest you at least read it if not both of the other ones before this one.

I think it was George Lucas who said that to write a good trilogy, the first part you introduce the characters, the second part you put them in the worst possible position ever, and the third part you get them out, so yes, this one should be a little happier. So, let's get on with story, since that's why you're actually here right?

Chapter 1

Tohma's trembling hand was reaching for the drawer in his desk, preparing to end his life with the gun he had stashed away inside, when his hand faltered. Something wasn't quite right... He was weird like that, noticing something was out of place. The blond examined his desk and in the middle of it was a large brown box with his name upon it. He blinked curiously. He couldn't recall ordering any packages.

Tohma narrowed his eyes. Why would it matter what was in the damn box? He opened the drawer and pulled out the revolver. He held it up to his head and closed his eyes tightly; his finger hovered over the trigger as he let out a shaky breath (A/N: Ah! The suspense is killing me!)

There was a scuffling sound inside of the box on his desk and turquoise eyes opened to peer at it. He carefully opened the box with his free head, too curious to dismiss it. Besides, whatever was in there was distracting him.

Shuichi ran back into NG, having forgotten his bag with all of his songs in it. He chuckled at his own stupidity. He had been so excited to go home and call Yuki he forgot his keys which were also in the bag. The singer froze as the sound of a gunshot echoed through the empty halls. His violet eyes widened in horror and he ran towards where he believed the sound had originated. Shuichi burst into his boss' office and looked around wildly.

Tohma was standing there, staring into the box Shuichi had left for him. There was a gun on the floor, a broken lamp and a hole in the wall. He stared at the blond in disbelief.

"S...Seguchi-san...?" he said, pulling the president out of a daze.

Whimpering in the corner of the box was a tiny white puppy, huddled against an old t-shirt. Tohma's eyes moved over to a rather frightened Shuichi Shindou. He smiled his usual business-like smile.

"You're here awfully late Shindou-san," he said pleasantly.

"I...I... I forgot some stuff... like my keys.." Shuichi said, "What.. What happened?"

The older man ignored the question, smiling still.

"You left this here?" he asked, looking at the small canine in the box. He glanced over to see the boy nod. He waited for him to explain.

"I... I thought that.. Umm... maybe you could use another friend... you seemed really upset before and... and Yuki told me to be nicer to you..."

Tohma's smile became amused as he thought, How very like Shindou-san to deface Eiri like that. The blond looked down at the puppy who blinked it's dark eyes up at him. It yipped and jumped up to get to it's new master, tipping the box over. Tohma promptly grabbed the pup before it could fall onto the floor.

"You may go Shindou-san," The blond said as he sat down on his chair, holding the puppy on his lap while he pet its soft velvety fur. Shuichi bit his lower lip worriedly. He then carefully picked up the gun to take with him... just in case. The pink-haired singer glanced back one more time, knowing full well there were plenty of other ways Tohma could end his life. However, he had already been dismissed, and his boss seemed ok. He was sitting there petting a puppy, how much more ok could he look? Slowly Shuichi left.

Tohma looked down at the dog on his lap as it snuggled against his rather expensive jacket.

"I suppose you're rather cute," he told the animal, but frowned when he saw white dog hair on him. He lightly flicked the pup's nose.

"That's bad," he said, but continued to pet it anyway. After a while he glanced to where he had dropped his gun and it had gone off. Apparently Shindou-san had taken it with him.

"I guess that means he saved my life then..." Tohma thought out loud with an amused smile on his face. He'd never admit that he owed the singer anything. The president stood to his feet, picking his new little friend up as well as he headed out the door.

Well, the evening hadn't exactly turned out as he had planned; there were divorce forms waiting for him when he got home and he realized he had forgotten to tell Shindou-san not to mention what he had seen to Eiri; but the overall outcome had been decently pleasant. His little pet curled up next to him, enjoying his new master's attention as Tohma began to fill out the paperwork to send back to Mika.

Shuichi was feeding his own little puppy as he talked on the phone with Yuki. Since he hadn't been specifically told not to tell he decided to bring up what he had seen to Yuki.

"What do you mean?" the author asked, sounding slightly concerned.

"I...I think he was going to kill himself..." Shuichi told his lover, biting his lip softly. Yuki was slightly stunned. Tohma did not seem the suicidal type.

"Keep an eye on him for me Shuichi... if anything happens call me... I didn't think Tohma would..." Yuki frowned. He thought of all the times he had forcefully shoved his brother-in-law from his home and shouted at him to leave him alone. He sighed.

"Shuichi, maybe you should tell Sakuma-san," the blond said.

"Only if it gets any worse. Sakuma-san will freak out and charge forward, attempting to get Tohma professional help.." Shuichi said, "You and I both now how the media feeds off of the littlest things... If it got out that Seguchi-san had tried to kill himself... it wouldn't be good."

Yuki sighed. Shuichi was right.

"Alright, just keep an eye on him Shuichi," he said, "If you suspect anything, call me ok?"

"Ok... Yuki... when are you coming home?"

"I'll be home tomorrow night," Yuki said softly.

"Good... I miss you."

"I know, but I'm coming home soon."

"I love you Yuki."

"I love you too Shuichi, good night."


Shuichi hung up the phone. He had by now poured way too much dog food into Hana's dish. He sighed, scooping it back into the bag while the puppy began to munch happily upon her feast. The singer chuckled. He did hope that his boss was ok though...

End Chapter 1

A/N: Ok, did you guys really think I would have the heart to kill of Tohma-kun? I love him too much! XD I hope you guys enjoyed.