-1The Return of the LXG

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A league of men and a woman who had extraordinary powers had just buried its leader. Now they sat in the parlor of Allen Quartermain's house. Not a word had been spoken for some time. Rodney Skinner stood staring into his glass. Captain Nemo and Dr. Henry Jekyll sat staring at nothing while American Secret Service Agent Tom Sawyer stared out the widow. Mina Harker watched the flames dance in the fireplace. The ticking of the clock was the only sound.

"So," Skinner broke the silence. "What do we do now? Allen's dead, Gray defected and is dead. Looks as if we two openings for anyone with an unusual talent." Nemo stood.

"Are you proposing we hold an audition, Skinner?"

"I can see that. Positions available in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Apply within. Interviews on Saturday." Tom barked a small laugh at Henry's jest.

"Gentlemen," Mina placed a hand on the doctor's shoulder. "I had hoped Allen's boast was not just that. The man saved us all. He gave his life to save the world. He was not in Africa when he died. Africa may not let him die, but Siberia did."

"He would still be alive if I had been paying attention,"

"It is a bit hard to see an invisible man sneak up on you, Tom. There is no need to blame anyone. Besides it was your bullet that stopped M."

A young man entered the room, paper in his hand.

"Mr. Quartermain?" Henry and Tom rose from their seats.

"Mr. Quartermain is no longer with us. Could we be of help?" The man looked nervously about him.

"I have a telegram for him. Which of you will accept it?" Mina nudged Tom.

"I will," The man handed the telegram to Tom. He read and handed it to Nemo. Skinner read over his shoulder. Mina and Henry read it together.

"We will accept this mission," the man smiled for the first time.

"Thank you, sirs and ma'am."

After the man left, Henry sank back into his chair.

"The world is full of madmen. This one just happened to steal the most powerful weapon known to man and kidnap the inventor's two children."

"Can we do it with only five of us?" Thunder rumbled.

"Five? Of course, not!" Tom and Skinner turned at the familiar voice.

"Allen?" Henry's jaw dropped. "I need a drink!"

"Yes, Lad. Who did you think it was, Father Christmas?" Allen stepped into the room. "Now what adventure do we have in store?" Mina handed him the telegram. "And I have taken care of our member problem." Allen turned back to the door way. "League, may I introduce to you a friend of mine, Marina." A young woman with a spear on her back entered the room. She was dressed in animal leather. Her stomach and legs from the thigh to her knees were bare. She wore laced boots that reached her knee.

"This is the seventh member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. So when do we start?"