A fair face shot from the grime covered ground, frantically surveying her current predicament. Steam shot from within the bellows that creaked and hissed, turning mechanical cogs and poles. This was observed through the cross shaped hatchings of the barred door.

She watched the three human captives who were sprawled lifeless against the slime encrusted walls, knees enfolded into her chest as her nimble tongue efficiently removed the crumbles of dirt and other debris tangled within her pure coat. A defeated sigh escaped her lips as she shifted one graceful leg into a more suitable position. Her gaze lingered on the Boy Who Lived.

A torrent of pity swelled within her pale breast as she observed the scar-faced boy with gentle eyes. The small queen slunk towards her motionless companions, reaching an uncertain paw towards their prone forms. Her touch jolted the trio out of their previous state, bodies going rigid as they began to comprehend the gravity of their capture.

"Oi, where the bloody 'ell are we?" Ron exclaimed hoarsely, glancing nervously around the small cell.

"Well obviously not where we want to be Ronald!"

Victoria stifled an amused smirk as the bushy-haired girl gave the freckle-faced boy a disapproving stare. However, entertainment that could be provided from the students would have to be overlooked. Stranded within the strong-hold of Macavity's lair called for quick and decisive action. She slipped from the concealing shadows cast by the odd machinery, making her presence known through the gentle timbre of her voice.

"Although it would be most entertaining to view this evolving squabble, I am afraid I must ask you to define a line of civility while we are held captive here. Macavity holds the dark force powerless to his will, and it would be wise if you wish to remain unscathed to cooperate."

Her oceanic eyes studied each human in turn, pale features reflecting none of the panic encased within her bosom. A sigh escaped her lips, echoing dismally against the stone enclosure. She folded her delicate paws beneath her chin, staring forlorn as the black-haired boy drew a thin piece of wood from within the recesses of his robes. Pointing the tip towards the metal door, he recited a mumbled incantation. A shot of shimmering light attacked the iron grate, but was reflected by a seemingly invisible shield. Letting out

"So…….., erm Selene right? Uh, so ya where exactly are we?" A very tongue-tied Harry ventured, a small stone tossing and turning within the confines of his palms.

A now ice-blue glare burned into his eyes as the fair face contorted into a hiss.

"This is the lair of the Hidden Paw, Macavity!"

The humans exchanged disbelieving looks.

"Maca-who?" The freckled covered boy inquired quizzically, his face wrinkling into a pattern of confusion.

"Ma-ca-va-ty. He is a ruthless criminal who has been plaguing England ever since he was cast from the Jellicle tribe." Her eyes gazed unseeing at the rifted pattern of the straw strewn ground. "Since then, he has wreaked relentless havoc throughout my tribe. He has even had the ire to claim a queen as his own. Fortunately, my brother was able to release her from his evil clutches before anything too, shall we say unpleasant occurred." Nose wrinkling in distaste, the fair Halfling pushed her body from the floor, extending each limb in a meticulous stretch, trying to ease the stiffness caused by the cold stone floor.

"We must find a way to escape, for we have got to rescue Mi…Quaxo from Macavity's control!"

Her passionate outburst was met with skeptical looks from her human companions.

Ron ventured, "Uhh well Professor Selene ma'am, that's a brilliant idea, but we are kind'a locked in a stone cell with an iron door that happens to be three times as big as all of us put together! Not to mention I, uh, I mean we lost our wands!"

A giddy chuckle echoed down the winding staircase, followed by a very insistent hush. Victoria's face broke into a grin worthy of the Cheshire Cat.

"Not for long!"