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Christmas with the Skywalkers

Chapter One

An annoying beeping sound wrung in Obi-Wan's ears as he slept. He had no idea what it was, and desperately wished it to go away, but it would not stop. Finally he had fallen asleep, only to be awoken by the noise. A very annoying noise. Obi-Wan would prefer being awoken with Master Yoda calling to him and whacking him with his gimmer stick. Anything but the ringing.

Obi-Wan's eyes fluttered open, then closed, not liking the gloomy light. He slowly opened them again, and realized where he was. He was in a Jedi Starfighter's cockpit, in some hanger. The beeping and whirring continued and Obi-Wan looked over to the translation screen. It was the Arfour unit that had been responsible for the noise. I never liked that thing, Obi-Wan thought. He proceeded to shake his head, and reply, "Yes, Arfour?" his voice was groggy, and it was obvious that he had just been sleeping.

We've landed on Naboo. I tried to wake you earlier, but you wouldn't, so I landed for us. We are 1.3 kilometers from the destination you seek, is what appeared on the translation screen. Obi-Wan rubbed his eyes with a yawn, looking out of the cockpit. Everything was so dark. He wondered the time.

"Arfour, you wouldn't happen to know the Naboo standard time right now, would you?" He asked the droid.

0300 hours.

"Thank you." Obi-Wan said to the droid, and it beeped in response. Obi-Wan sighed, looking around again, then, rested his elbow on his knee, and covered his beard with his hand, thinking. Three in the morning, on Christmas day: should he wait? Or should he go now? The answer seemed to be obvious, but due to the fact that Obi-Wan strongly desired to get out of the small cockpit, and that he was eager to see his friend, made things a bit harder.

He looked out of his cockpit once more. It was still, almost too still.

Christmas time, it seemed, in this Galaxy appeared to be the only time when things were calm, even if they were not. As he looked around the docking bay, he saw many ships. Many families had come to spend the holidays with their grandparents or other relatives, and many husbands and wives had gotten off of work for this special occasion. It was something Obi-Wan had never done; though he certainly wondered about it. Being a Jedi meant never celebrating Christmas, so, this would be the first time he would. He was familiar with the traditions of Christmas though, family getting together to open gifts in the early morning. Simple, but so hard at the same time. Especially for Obi-Wan.

He had not seen his friend in months, and the more time between visits, the more awkward it became. It seemed they knew each other less, and less. Obi-Wan missed the closeness to his friend, the happy moments, and the laughing. All that seemed so far away, and impossible to get back. He tried to understand Anakin situation, but he just couldn't. He had a family to take care of, but what happened to Anakin's father figure? His brother; his friend? It almost seemed Anakin had forgotten him most of the time. Of course Anakin had a wife and children to take care of, but the fact that he ignored Obi-Wan's letters for months at a time was unbelievable! How could one forget about the one who had raised him? Obi-Wan had never forgotten Qui-Gon for an instant, to him, it would be like forgetting the Force.

To me, but not to Anakin, Obi-Wan thought to himself bitterly. When Obi-Wan suddenly realized tears were in his eyes, he calmed himself down, taking deep breaths as he closed his eyes and thought. He needed to make a decision. Now.

Yes, he decided, I will go now.

Saying his good-byes to Arfour, and getting the information he needed, he left his cockpit and proceeded out of the hanger bay into the cold night air.

It was bitter cold, but with the aid of the Force, he managed to keep slightly warm. The winds blew hard, and the light snow began to dance on the street and sidewalk. Now, Obi-Wan wasn't one to complain most of the time, but the fact anyone desired to be on this retched planet in the cold season was crazy. Obi-Wan wouldn't mind the snow too much if it were the morning, when the sun was actually up. But, it wasn't, so there was nothing much he could do right now. Except walk.

And so he did. It didn't seem a soul was up at this hour, as every single house and shop light was off, except those for decoration, and even those were turning off slowly. The lack of light made it hard for Obi-Wan to see the direction he was going in, but he managed.

Has he trudged through the snow he began to doubt his decision of coming again. After all, what if that invitation had just been one of those that wasn't really inviting you, but just saying for the heck of it? What if the twins didn't like him? What would he say when he got there? What if they didn't want him to stay? All these things started rushing through his head, and Obi-Wan found it hard to walk and think all these things at the same time.

So, he stopped.

Why do I find it so hard to do a simple thing, Obi-Wan thought to himself, such as visiting a friend for Christmas?

The fact was; he was nervous. After not seeing ones friend so long, you begin to not want to even meet them again because you are so afraid of the awkwardness. And that fear makes everything a thousand times worse than it is.

But, Obi-Wan decided that fear was not worth it, and continued walking. Before he knew it, he had arrived on the same street where Anakin lived. Lotus Lane.

It was a dainty little neighborhood, full of small, but beautiful houses, which was very common for Naboo. All of them were nicely decorated, and it seemed every front yard had at least one snowman. It was obvious that the neighborhood was very young. Obi-Wan could very well imagine Anakin and Padmé fitting in here.

The aging Jedi Master made his way up the street, looking for the address of 3827, which was the current address of the Skywalkers. When he finally spotted it, the house gave him no surprise, it was that pinkish-red brick that the majority of Naboo had, it was small, but had a nicely sized yard. The style of the house was probably Padmé's choosing, but the yard was most likely Anakin's.

Well, this is it.

The moment of truth. He hadn't seen or heard his former Padawan in months, and he was here. Yet, he hesitated still. It was 3 in the morning yes, but also he had come unannounced. But, he had not just walked through the snow for nothing. He planned on making it past that door up ahead. So, continued forward, and careful not to slip on any ice, Obi-Wan knocked on the door. Three times. No answer. He waited for a full five minutes, and still no answer.

Upon finding the doorbell, he wrung it; but to no avail. Then, more thoughts of doubt fill Obi-Wan's mind. They, meaning the Skywalkers, had probably left for Padmé's parents house. The thought crushed Obi-Wan's hopes, and he began to turn around to leave.

But, then he heard footsteps beyond the door. More than just that, he could hear a series of familiar Huttese curses, from a familiar mouth. Turning around, Obi-Wan smiled.

The door opened to reveal Anakin Skywalker, who still seemed to be muttering a few curses under his breath. He was dressed in a robe, and he looked dead tired as he rubbed his eye looking at Obi-Wan in the annoyed way. Obi-Wan could not speak, only look upon the scene with a smile. After awhile, Anakin became extremely annoyed.

"Sir? Is there something you needed?"


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