by Gunman

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It had been a week since the 'Shower Incident' as Shinji had labeled it.

When he had been blinded by a faulty overhead light, and wandered into what he thought was the nearest men's locker room and into the large shower stall to wash his eyes out, only to discover after a time, that he was in fact in the girls locker room and shower.

He discovered this when he effectively got most of the debris out of his eyes, and focused enough to find himself staring into the red eyes of Rei Ayanami.

The blue-haired girl, having no concept of modesty, was not startled when Shinji blindly stumbled into the shower room, noticing his impaired state of vision. She did nothing as the boy inadvertently trapped her against the wall with his hands and used her showerhead to wash out the debris in his eyes. She said nothing, as the wet streams of water washed over him and sprayed her as well.

When Shinji finally opened his eyes she placed a hand over his mouth to keep him from screaming, because the German redhead, Asuka Langley Sohryu, had just entered the locker room and called out to Rei who had gone in ahead of her. Rei, in a rather ingenious flash of inspiration, helped Shinji get out without Asuka seeing him. She did this by using her body as a shield, playing on the premise that Asuka, trying not to be a pervert as she proclaimed others to be, wouldn't want to look at her nude form.

Her plan proved successful and Shinji escaped unnoticed.

Since then, Shinji owed Rei a debt that he didn't think he'd ever be able to repay. Which he told her a week after the incident.


It was another long and boring synch test that ended with all three pilots thoroughly soaked in LCL. Again, Shinji wondered why the orange liquid smelled like blood. It was after the tests that Asuka quickly hurried off to shower, which left Shinji and Rei behind her.

"Uh... Ayanami?" the blue-eyed boy tentatively asked.

"Yes, Ikari-kun?" the red-eyed girl replied.

"I... uh, I didn't get a chance to thank you for what you did last week."

She looked at him a couple seconds, before realizing what he meant.

"It was... nothing." she said, the boy missing the slight blush that washed across her cheeks.

"No. It was. It really was. If Asuka had found me in there, even by accident, there's no telling what she'd do to me." he explained. "So... thank you."

"You are... welcome." she replied and started to walk of.

He could have just left it at that. Most would. But Shinji knew that he owed Rei big time, and so did what he figured was the appropreate thing to do.

"And if there's any way I can repay you, just name it."

Rei paused down the hallway and turned around to face him.

"Repay?" she asked.

"Yes. If you... ever need anything. You know, a favor, of me, just ask. Alright?" he said with a smile.

Rei considered that for a time, then nodded her head and walked off.

Well... at least I got a nod out of her. Shinji thought as he too walked off towards the locker room.


Once he had depressurized his plugsuit and stripped it clean of his skin, Shinji stepped into the new single shower booths that they had just finished installing this week. It was still inside the shower room of the men, and women's, lockers, but divided by special plastic walls and a door that gave a fair semblance of privacy.

The main problem with this, is that there was little room inside the shower booth when the water was turned on. This was because when a shower is first turned on, the water is nearly ice cold and needs time to grow warmer. As such, Shinji's body received a shock when the cold water hit him, and he fought hard to endure it until the temperature grew warm enough to simply stand underneath it.

As his body was cleansed of the foul-smelling liquid that had oozed into every part of his body from the test, Shinji's mind drifted.

His thoughts focused on that of one Rei Ayanami.

Oh, Rei! He sighed as the water cascaded down his slim form. What is it about you that makes me crazy? Yours hair? Your pale skin? Your gentle smile? Your... eyes? The image of Rei's eyes at their 'shower meeting' flashed in his mind. Or is it everything?

Shinji lost all track of time as thoughts of Rei consumed him. It was only when a pair of slim arms wrapped around his stomach that he was brought out of it.

"Wha..." he gasped as he looked down at the arms. Thermal expansion took him when he realized who's hands they belonged to. "R-R-Ayanami?"

"Yes, Ikari-kun." the girl whispered, which caused Shinji's blood to pump harder.

It also didn't help that he felt her soft, smooth skin and pert breasts against his back, telling him that she was as bare as he was now.

"What are... you doing here?" he nervously asked.

"I am taking you up on your offer."


"To repay the favor you said you owed to me."

Shinji's mind froze. He did say that he owed her a favor, but he didn't expect this to be the way to repay it. Maybe cooking her dinner, or helping her with her school work. Not showering together.

"But... you want to shower with me?" he blurted out before he realized what he had said.

"Yes." she replied. "I have heard that when a man and woman shower together, there is a certain amount of intimacy required."

Shinji blushed again. What was she insinuating?

"Uh... Ayanami?"

She rubbed her cheek against his shoulders, causing the boy to shudder a little.

"I have even had strange dreams since the incident." she said. "I have never dreamed before then." she explained softly.

Shinji couldn't have known that Rei had never had dreams before when she slept.

"What kind of dreams?" Shinji asked as the water continued to pour over them.

Rei didn't answer him for several seconds, trying to find just the right words. "Sensual. Passionate." she finally said. "I have never had dreams before. And never dreams of such... intimacy... before."

That actually made Shinji ask a question more curious than depraved.

"Were these dreams... about you?"

"Yes." she replied, her hands moving up from Shinji's stomach to his chest. "And of you."

His voice caught in his throat as he tensed up. Me? Rei was having intimate dreams about me?

"It has been such a short time, yet I feel... I feel warm at these thoughts of becoming one with the person I feel attracted to."

Shinji breathed again. "You mean... me?"

"Yes, Ikari-kun." she said, hugging him tighter. "I find you... quite attractive. And I wish for you to find me attractive as well, even as the water caresses our bodies together."

Shinji finally managed to find his strength and managed to turn around to face the girl. His body was still wrapped in her arms, and he brought his arms up to hold the girl to him now. His expression was one of awe as he took in the girl who had been dreaming about him, and he admitted he had been dreaming about for a long while now.

The exotic looking girl was exposed to Shinji once again, as she had been that day at her apartment when he came to drop off her new ID card, and then just last week when he had mistakenly wandered into the girls locker room. Though young, her body was fine and well-toned, shapely and athletic legs and high almost C cup breasts that would have made any girl jealous. Her skin was smooth as silk and flawless. There was no hair anywhere, except with a small patch of blue hair that Shinji didn't glimpse with his eyes.

The girl who stood before him was truly an Angel.

"Do you find me attractive, Ikari-kun?" Rei asked him gently.

"Yes, Rei-chan." Shinji said warmly. "I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

His warm confession made the red-eyed girl blush noticeably, a soft moan escaped her lips as she fell into his embrace.

After several seconds... "So.. What do you want to do now?" he asked softly.

Rei turned to look at him, giving him a gentle peck on the cheek before spinning around to press her back against his chest, moving to place herself between his body and the streaming shower.

Shinji's groin was now rubbing against her shapely rear as his hands slowly wrapped around her waist to gently caress her stomach, slowly raking his nails into her soft skin, not to tear her flesh but to make his presence known. Rei moaned as she felt his touch, resting the back of her head on his shoulder as she moaned. Her soft hair brushed against Shinji's face as the boy tightened his embrace. In his heart he had always hoped to be with Rei, in his mind he had seen this scenario played out and yet it had never been finished.

Now it could be.

"Rei..." he whispered softly in her ear, making her shiver in pleasure.

Shinji's lips trailed down her slim neck as his hands reached up to tenderly embrace her soft, now hardening, breasts. The shower's noise drown out most of her loud moaning as she threw her head back in amazement. He kissed the side of her face as he began kneading them, the girl's body thrown into ecstacy and pleasure.

Rei moaned louder as Shinji held her, her own dreams of intimacy, while extremely new to her, had now come true. Having overheard the Second Child's numerous rants of perverts and how they'd do everything to see girls naked and even touch them, Rei felt very differently in regards to Shinji. She knew he was not pervert, and being touched and caressed by him now felt more wonderful and warm than anything she had ever experienced before. She felt pleasure and tenderness in his touch, the soft whispers filling her ears sent a ting of excitement through her.

But it was his gentleness that captivated her.

She had suspected that Shinji had feelings for her, was attracted to her, and knew that he was not a pervert as Asuka had often labeled him. For he did not act like the majority of boys Asuka often labeled as perverts, baka's and hentai's.

Seeing that Shinji was different, she thought that Asuka must be wrong in her judgment of him, as the majority of people acted a certain way and Shinji did not.

Her thoughts were jarred from her path of reasoning as another jolt of pleasure shot through her, that started at her breasts and went to a much lower reason.

Rei's eyes shot wide open as her moans peaked at amazing decibels she had never reached before. She moaned loudly even as her body felt weak. "Do not stop Shinji-kun! Please do not stop!" she gasped with fierce panting. "OOOOOHHHHH!!!!"

Shinji was caught up in her rapture even as he leaned forward to capture her neck with his mouth in a leech-like kiss. He pulled back from her, kissing her jaw line as he whispered in her ear. "Did you like that Rei-chan?" He asked as he rubbed his face against hers as he accidently found a tender spot underneath her breast, triggering a response neither expected.

"YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!" She screamed as she felt her entire body go limp. She was lucky that Shinji was holding her, otherwise she would have fallen right to the floor.


A thin warm mist had settled around Rei as she tentatively opened her eyes. She regained her vision as she noticed she was now sitting on the floor, in the cross-legged lap of one Shinji Ikari.

"Shinji-kun?" She whispered as she felt his face gently nuzzle her own.

"Did you sleep well, Rei-chan?" he asked her.

"Yes." she replied. "I dreamed." it was then that she realized something.

1-they were both naked. 2-they were sitting on the floor of the shower stall, and considering that the walls of the stall were dry, it must have been awhile. And 3-Shinji said that she had slept.

"I was... asleep?" she asked.

"Yes, Rei-chan." he replied.

"For how long?"

"Nearly an hour."

That puzzled Rei for a few seconds. "I slept. What did you do?"

"I watched you sleep."

She blushed. "You did?"

"Well, I couldn't leave a lady unconscious on the floor of the men's shower." he smiled.

A smile graced her lips as she fell against Shinji's bare body, the boy kissing her forehead as he drew her arms around her.

"Shinji-kun?" she asked softly.

"Yes, Rei-chan?"

"I want to shower with you again... at a later time." she said.

"Sure thing, Rei-chan."

The pair sat in the dripping wet shower stall for several more minutes before finding the strength to get up and go to the locker room. After nearly an hour in the shower, the walls of the stall were not the only thing that had dried.

Shinji and Rei looked at each other briefly for a couple of seconds before drawing close to the other and softly bringing their lips together in a tender kiss.

No words were needed between the pair now, and they simply accepted it. Their second shower together having taken them to a new level in their relationship, and they wanted little more than to enjoy, and accept, it.


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