I'm guilty. It's December first, and I really can't help myself. Warning: This it purely on a whim. So if it's fluffy ... good! There will be more than one chapter, I just don't know what'll happen yet. HA! Stay tuned for more, kiddies. I don't disspoint, do I?

Enjoy. And Happy Christmas Shopping!

"You know, I just don't think I'm in the right Christmas mood."

Sirius turned and looked at her, shock written across his face.

"Excuse me?" he choked.

"I mean, sure I've bought presents and all, and the tree is up, and I eat the cookies, but – the music isn't making me feel all fuzzy inside, and I just don't have the spirit."

"Lily," he began, "you do feel fuzzy, and you know you do."

"No, Sirius," she said softly with a small smile, "I don't."

"Well snap out of it!"

"It's not that easy."

"Sure it is."

She looked sideways at him. Sirius was the spitting image of Christmas Spirit. He was even wearing the red and greens as many times and as extreme as possible without being sickening. He had learned to bake, and continued to everyday, running out of butter, icing sugar, and sprinkles several times a week. He drank eggnog at every meal. He constantly had Christmas music playing, or else was humming it under his breath – even singing it at the top of his voice in public. He bought the real tree – went to the lot and everything to pick it up, then popped popcorn and found berries to string together without magic. He built a snowman, a fort, a snow angel in the snow. Everything Sirius did was in some way related to the season. If it wasn't, he made it connected to the festivities.

Oh, the festivities.

Sirius had put it on himself to organize the Christmas parties: for Lily's work, for his own work, for the Order. He planned it all, arranged Secret Santas, sorted out food and drink, and managed the times to have the parties. He decorated the offices, wished everyone a Happy Christmas when they passed. If it was anyone but Sirius it would all have been overdone, but Sirius pulled it all off flawlessly without getting obnoxious about it all.

It truly was a Christmas miracle.

But Lily didn't have time. Neither did James or Remus. All were busy with work – the holidays were the prime time for accidents to happen, people to make bad decisions, and the shopping. Oh, the shopping. Luckily for James and Lily, Remus worked in Diagon Alley (as well as the greater part of London), so it was easy for them to give him their lists and a fist full of money and tell him to get it done. And he did, happily, which was a relief as the others worked long, odd hours. Remus stayed out as long as possible just to avoid Sirius and his Christmas cheer.

It was sickening to those who knew him best.

But every year had been the same, for the most part. And every year, Sirius would try to get them all into the Christmas spirit. Lily was always the hardest to break.

"Well, I think we should go shopping."

Lily sighed. "I have all my shopping done. There's no need to."

"There's always a need to."

"Sirius, just give it up."

"It's the longest night of the year. Let's go out."

"I'm expecting, I can't go and have a few drinks."

"Who said we were drinking? Let's go skating."

Lily looked at him sideways. "Skating?"

"Yes. On the river. Get bundled up and let's go."

"Sirius –"

"Come on."

"But James –"

"James and Remus are already waiting there, let's go!"

Lily sighed, defeated, as she got up from her office chair. Sirius had already jumped up and was holding her coat for her.

"I'm not very good."

"And you think I am?"

She smiled. Maybe skating would inspire her to celebrate the season? She sighed, following Sirius down the hall. It was worth a shot.