It was Tuesday, and I was still asleep. At that time, I had absolutely no knowledge of the events that would soon unfold. Never would I have expected the night before that the morrow held much to be desired. I had no idea of the incredible – and terrible – things that were going to happen to me…

Beep…beep…beep…I rolled over my left shoulder and slammed my fist down on my alarm clock. I sleepily opened one of my eyes, and looked at the calendar tacked to the off-white wall that lay alongside my bed. Tuesday. My eye snapped shut and I slid deeper under my covers, into the warm haven. I was back asleep not long after.

I unwillingly awoke, a low rumble in my stomach. Food, it was saying. I lifted my head off my down-pillow and slid one, then two feet over the side of my bed. Only half awake, I descended the staircase, my gateway to food.

I was pouring my cereal when I heard it. I put the box down, listening. Still. Everything was still, and there was no sound. There's no one in the house. I called upstairs, hoping for a response. Nothing.I looked around the table for a note from someone, explaining this. Again, nothing.

That is about when I started hearing things. Not hearing things like crazy people do, not at all. This was real noise. Like nothing anyone has ever heard. It was high-pitched. It stung my ears, piercing my eardrums. I had to escape it, and quickly ran to my bathroom, closing the door tight behind me. It had only been muffled. The sound still seeped through. It was now louder, higher, as if clawing at my skin and ripping large gashes in my insides. It was terrible. Desperate to escape it, I did the only thing I could do in a bathroom to stop the noise: stuff toilet paper in my ears. Now, at first it didn't work. I readjusted the clumps of paper and pushed them deeper into my ears. The noise slowly faded, and I sighed, leaning against the wall in this cramped space.

What next, I thought. What next? I slid down the wall and put my arms around my knees, hugging them to escape my thoughts. The police, I decided, I must call the police. Makeshift plugs still in my ears, I turned towards the door and exited into the hallway. I picked up the phone, my hand shaking. Why am I so scared? I dialed the numbers carefully. 911. I held it to my ear, keeping the plug in place. No ringing. No dial tone. Nothing. What's going on? I questioned, astonished at what has happened thus far. I experimented by flicking the light switch in the kitchen, but the light stayed dark. Nothing was working. The power is out.

So many strange events had occurred already, and I was going to do anything I could to find out what was going on. Nobody in the house, sinister high-pitched noises occurring randomly, and no power. What was this all about? I was desperate, no, destined to find out.