Chapter 1 – The Yellow Stripe

I can truly and honestly say that I had no idea what to do. I was like a fish out of water, one that has no chance of escape. I knew that I had to begin to figure things out, and I could only think of one thing to begin do so. I took the wads of toilet paper out of my ears. I braced myself for the horrible noise that cursed my thoughts, but there was nothing. Silence, just like before. Good, but what next? I thought. My family was not in my house, and there was no power. Something must have caused this power outage, but there was nothing that came to mind. I peered out the window for the first time that day. Normal. Everything perfectly normal and in it's place.

Once again I tried the phone, but of course I had little success. It was then that I knew I had to go outside and figure things out. I slowly turned the handle on my front door and slipped through the doorway. I stepped off the porch and took a look around.

"Whoa," I spoke to myself. "That definitely wasn't there before." A long yellow strip of paint, no more than six inches wide, had appeared. It started at my porch, flowing under my feet and to the walkway the lead to my driveway. I looked past my brown brick driveway until my eyes met up with something I had never seen before, just sitting there in the center of my court. "That wasn't there either."

What the heck is this line doing here, I thought. And what in the world is that? It's funny, now that I think about it. At that time I didn't know what it was because it wasn't from this world. Now I wish I hadn't gone near it.

But I had. And this is what happened: I slowly put one foot down in front of me, stepping gently on the yellow stripe. Then the other foot went down. And then the other again. Soon I was on my driveway, and then in the street, following the paint stripe for a reason I don't know. I came to the center of my court, and stopped where the line ended, and the thing was.

It was silver, and it gleamed in the morning sun. Rounded like a dome, there were bolts that lined seams in what I thought to be metal. At the bottom, it looked like a small part of something very large that was protruding from the asphalt. Actually, it looked like it was actually in the street. Or under it, for that matter. At the top of the metal dome, it came to a point. On it there was a short and thin metal rod, standing vertically, with a metal ball no more than one inch in diameter resting on top. What is all this? I was amazed.

I walked around this dome. If I had laid on my side, I would only be half the length of this huge metal object. I was only halfway around when I noticed something irregular in the shape of the dome. It was a small, rectangular inlet of metal. And a latch. There was a latch on it, and I knew what it was. A door, I concluded. It's got to be a door.

Should I go inside? Why is this yellow strip leading to this dome thing? Who put it here? What's in there? Questions soon flooded my head, and there was only one way to answer them. I was going to go inside. I am definitely skipping school for this.