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In the RV Ben and Gwen watched as the trailer drove farther and farther away from the state park

"Grandpa, why can't we?" Ben complained

"We don't have enough money right now and whatever we have we have to save for emergencies.

Ben and Gwen sighed as the RV pulled away and they couldn't see the park any more. They had really wanted to go to the fair.

In the afternoon they drove up to the car station. Grandpa Max went on to fill the RV with gas. He looked to his two grandkids and felt a twitch of guilt.

"Ben? Gwen? Here is $ 5 dollars each, why don't you guys go and buy something for yourselves?"

In the store, Gwen picked some nutrition bars and Ben just filled up with candy. Outside they sported a woman.

She was old. Ben took a minute to look at her, she looked creepy. From her unusual clothes, you would mistake her for a homeless person if not for some gold glitter glimmering from the table she had set up. Ben tried to move closer to see what she could be selling. The woman must have seen him approaching for she said, "hello would you like to know your future" she invited smiling. Gwen tried to direct Ben away; she didn't believe much about fortune tellers.

"Really?" Ben asked curiously. Gwen watched as Ben took a step from her and went to be another victim of a con artist. Liars making you believe they can tell your future. Ben moved closer to the table and took in all the weird things the woman had on the table. On the table there were vials, bottles containing concoctions, and some other stuff. There was a box when Ben touched, made shrieking noise. Ben placed it down quickly.

The woman took the box and put it else where. Gwen had noticed some bones on the scrunchy the lady used to hold her long hair, when the lady had bend down to put the box under the table "Those were just my pets, they don't take well to stranger" she apologized.

The lady got up to see her customers.

"so like do you sell love potions?" Ben asked, trying to figure out what the vial and bottles held. The lady looked at Ben enjoying his curiosity; she let her eyes wander to the girl standing next to the boy. 'She didn't look like a potential customer with that frown on her face' Madame Weblin decided. When Gwen turned to face her she looked away quickly.

There was no need to talk to the girl, she would concentrate on the boy and let him led his cousin.

Madame Weblin looked at Ben and smiled kindly. "We used to have some, but they were forbidden because they interfered with free will" she replied, not adding anything more but assuming the boy would know what and why things happen. Ben looked at her, taken in by the mystery surrounding the place.

"So what do you do?" Ben asked, wondering how selling potions and what not could be considered a job.

"Tell the future", the woman said simply "My name is Madame Weblin"

"Yea right" Gwen said after deciding they had spend enough time with this -night gown wearing person with high heel and bones for her hair band- lady.

"Look we don't have any money on us, so why don't you…"

Ben looked angry at Gwen. "We do back at the RV"

'I could go ahead and get the money' Ben thought quickly

"You don't have to go right now" Madame said halting Ben and Gwen. At least not until you believe I am what I say I am.

"Why don't you give me your hand" she said looking at Ben. Ben took his hand and placed it on Madame Weblin's. Gwen just groaned she could not believe they were still going to waste more time here.

Madame Weblin looked carefully at Ben's hand. She held the hand in a tight grip, trying to get a feel of the hand.

"You're strong"

Gwen just rolled her eyes

"Yea that's a big deal"

"Gwen quit it" Ben told her. He had actually felt a spark or something when the lady touched him. He didn't know if she was a fake or not but he needed to find out.

Maybe she can tell him something he didn't already know.

Gwen looked at Ben carefully, "You know her…" Gwen turned around to face the lady "… is just playing with us right, there is no such thing as being able to tell the future"

"I know, I just thought it would be something cool to do" any ways if this was free he could find out all he could.

"So…" Madame Weblin coughed to get Ben's and Gwen's attention.

"So what would you like to know about your future?" after saying this she gave Ben a minute to think about what he wanted to know then, Madame Weblin turned to look at Gwen

"I will need quiet" She said, not bothering to hide the frustration on her voice. Madame Weblin thought back to her task. It was very important to do this "save the world" but she could not very well tell these people the danger she saw. Gwen glared back at her, then folded her arm to signal to the Lady 'don't count on it'

Gwen looked at her cousin; he seemed almost in deep thought like he expected something to happen.

Gwen waited to hear what Ben would ask.

"Is there danger in my future?"


"What type?"

"What you have seen before, but not like you will"

Gwen pulled Ben back and stood in font of Madame Weblin. "I hope that didn't count as a session?" Gwen said glaring at the lady. "You have told us nothing we didn't know"

Gwen looked away disappointed. For a second she thought something would happen.

Madame Weblin reached out and pulled Gwen's hand, "Why don't I tell you your future"

Madame Weblin said as she pulled Gwen closer to the table.

She reached under the table and pulled out a box with four little boxes inside. "Choose one of the boxes and I will answer four questions inside it."

Madame Weblin looked at Gwen and Gwen looked back at her with her eyes cold.

"Let me see your hand again?" Madame Weblin said as she quickly grasps Gwen's hand and caressed it softly. "Your hands are soft, you are a true magician" Madame Weblin said smiling.

Gwen looked at Madame Weblin furious. "Ben lets go" Gwen said roughly to Ben.

'She was not about to waste another second here.'


Ben said to the question the lady had asked

"What did you say" the lady turned her attention to Ben.

"the purple box" Ben said pointing at the little box.

"Why don't we try the purple box?" There were 3 other boxes inside, different colors but Ben had felt pulled towards the purple box.

Gwen looked at Ben groaning, "Ben we have to go back, Grandpa Max is probably waiting for us" they had been here long enough.

Then turning to Madame Weblin, Gwen said irritated, "Look lady maybe you didn't hear before but we don't have any money"

"Don't worry you can pay me later" Madame Weblin said quickly. Madame Weblin took a bag and pulled out duplicate purple boxes, then turned to Gwen as if expecting something.

Gwen looked at her and said scornfully, "What do you plan on telling us; we are going to be rich, maybe when we are going to die or just maybe how there is a prince waiting for me, well what is it?"

Madame Weblin smiled as if Gwen had answered correctly. "Since you don't want to know about your fortune (the green box) , your death (yellow box) , or any future husband (the red box ) then we have only one box left." The lady said handing Gwen the purple box. She took another one and gave it to Ben.

Ben looked at his box exited and went on to try and open it. The box felt like metal and when Ben looked for a latch he could not see one.

"How do you open the box?" Ben asked Madame Weblin.

"I already know the first question and I will answer it" Madame Weblin replied.

Madame Weblin then proceeded to pour a vial on her hands and mixed it. When she was done, she placed her hand facing forward on her side and closed her eyes.

Ben just looked at her mesmerized.

"Hello" Gwen said irritated "What was the first question?"

"What your love would be if you chose the same sex?"

"What?' Gwen yelled

Ben crashed down to earth.

"same what?"

"the same sex" Madame Weblin said calmly with her eyes closed.

"You want to know or what?" "Place your hands on mine"

Ben shrugged at Gwen and did as Madame Weblin said. Gwen watched as Ben placed his hands on Madame Weblin's. Nothing seemed to happen. Ben looked at Madame Weblin waiting for her to reveal her answer. Then as if on instinct Ben closed his eyes.

Gwen saw a spark fly from Madame Weblin's hand and cover Ben. Energy surrounded Ben. Then in a slow whisper Ben called Kevin's name out.

"Ben are you alright" Gwen asked. Madame Weblin let go of Ben's hand. When Ben opened his eyes they were glowed purple.

"Ben…?" Gwen said silently, and then turned an accusing eye to Madame Weblin.

Beside her Ben was whimpering

"Ben what is it?" Gwen asked scared

"What did you do to him?" Gwen asked Madame Weblin threatening

"Answered his first question' she said it like a fact, then looked over at Ben and replied, "He will be okay in about 20 minutes"

"Kevin…" Ben murmured

"Ben what is it?" Ben's skin was flamed and he was sweating

"What about Kevin?" Gwen asked worried, then silently to herself she wondered if Kevin was the one…"

"He…" Ben said grasping

"He doesn't have a shirt on and his… we, well he" Ben blushed deeply and pushed Gwen aside.

"I need to be alone"

Gwen looked at Ben 'What the hell?"

"Where is the bathroom?" Ben said nervously, brushing his hair back and avoiding her eyes.

"What is going on here?" Gwen turned to confront Madame Weblin except she blew a powder in her face. When Gwen was about to tip over, Madame Weblin took a hold of Gwen's hand and a warm purple glow surrounded Gwen.


They were in a room. It was big. She and Charmcaster were in a corner talking, nothing in particular. All she felt was a deep sense of peace.

"You are dreaming, she is the one if it was the same sex, she is the one."

Gwen listened the words not registering. She was so happy. She did not know why. Just watching her, seeing her. Gwen moved closer wanting to be near Charmcaster. Gwen strained her ears to hear whatever it was Charmcaster was saying. Gwen could tell she was lying on the floor and Madame Weblin was still talking. Gwen got up, she knew where she was.

Gas station.

Ben was nowhere in sight. She could see Madame Weblin a few distances from her. Gwen walked until she reached the wall and sat with her back to it. She tried to imagine the concrete she felt in her dreams. Everything disappeared and Gwen was back to the big room. She felt the wall her back was against and looked at Charmcaster. Gwen let her arms reach out and embrace the girl's gently face.

Madame Weblin walked over to Gwen.

'Apparently women need more proof'

She looked at her watch and noted 10 min had passed. 'The cousin should be done soon'

Ben had finally found a bathroom. When Madame Weblin had touched his hand, he had felt a spark. Something whispered for him to close his eyes. That's when things got complicated.

He had closed his eyes and the next thing he knew Kevin was in front of him. Unbuttoning his shirt. Slowly so slowly and sending him sultry looks. "I like the shirt you were wearing" , "looked hot"

"I got turned on just looking at you"

"Kevin…" Ben whimpered

He opened his eyes but Kevin didn't disappear.

"come here" the boys' voice called.

Ben looked around he knew where he was. Gwen was asking what was wrong. Everything Ben thought. His pants were feeling tight. He looked at Madame Weblin trying to ask…

"Kevin… he doesn't…" His felt as if someone was kissing him. His voice came out hoarse as he continued to talk. "He doesn't have his shirt on and us, him…" His pants were getting tighter and the dream more vivid. He had to get out of there.

In the bathroom, he knew he was in the bathroom. Kevin was still talking to him. He saw them in a room. Everything looked perfect like a suite.

"come here" Kevin cooed.

Ben walked to him. Kevin pulled him the rest of the way and lowered his head to kiss him. In the bathroom Ben touched his lips feeling the kiss like it was real.

Slowly Kevin had his hand under his shirt and massaged him gently. "You ready to suck me?" Kevin asked already knowing the answer with the bulge piecing his thighs.

Ben heard Gwen scream. He opened the bathroom door and tried to hear Gwen. No sound.

Few seconds later he heard Madame Weblin murmur something he could not hear.

Everything would have to be okay, Kevin was looking at him. He had a hand inside his pants and was pumping it. Waiting for Ben to beg for the honor of pleasing him. Ben went back to the bathroom and ached his back against the wall. He unzipped his pants and gave his cock the attention it needed. His eyes glazed over, sweat tickling down his body.

He hoped Kevin got the message. Kevin increased his movements pumping his length harder and faster. He watched as Ben opened his mouth silently pleading, his hand at his side and his pants about to pop.

Kevin reached towards Ben and unzipped his pants, lowering them. As if on cue Ben lowered himself on the floor. But now before Kevin gave his cock a hard tug.

Ben pumped his cock harder and harder not believing what was happening. Kevin had him on the ground and lowered his ever glorious cock to his waiting mouth. Ben welcomed it. Tasting it.

He let his tongue lick Kevin's length, appreciating it.

Ben stopped his movements.

'He had to think about what he was doing"

"Where was Gwen?" "Was she okay?"

Ben opened the bathroom door slightly; hoping a peek outside would calm his nerves. He looked outside still nothing. Then there was this gently voice telling him everything was okay that he could go back to his dream.

His lips were wet from sucking Kevin. They were still at it. Kevin had his hand on Ben's head encouraging him to continue. "That's good ah ah"

Ben leaned against the closed door still at the bathroom. He suck Kevin a few times sensing that Kevin was about to reach his release. Moments later Kevin came in his mouth. Ben caressed his hair as he felt Kevin brush his hair back, pumping a few times over his spent mouth releasing all his seed.

Ben eagerly swallowed accepting the gift. Ben got up his cock still straining.

"Touch yourself for me" Kevin ordered.

Ben did as he was told. Touching himself slowly knowing he was about to bust.

Kevin looked at him licking his lips. Then suddenly took a hold of Ben cock pumping it roughly. Ben closed his eyes tightly knowing his release would come soon. He pumped himself slowly knowing the dream was about to come to and end. As he come on his hands, Kevin took his lips and kissed him.

When Ben opened his eyes he could see the bathroom clearly. He went to look at himself in the mirror; from his ruffled hair to his shirt that were missing two buttons, straight down to his waist where his pants and underwear were lowered and his hands were covered in cum.

Ben watched his hands and other areas, blushing deeply. When he felt he was clean enough he went in search of Gwen.

Outside Ben sported Gwen sitting with her back against the wall. Madame Weblin looked up at him. "So you are finished?" she asked

"What was that?"

"Me answering your question"

"What..?" Ben asked then remembered the question, (who would your love be if you choose the same sex)

Ben looked down at the ground. 'It could not be real, what he had done there'

He had no knowledge of; it was not him Ben thought carefully. It could not have been, what did he know about…?

"Look lady let make one thing clear I am not gay"

"I didn't say you were"

"Then what was that about" Ben said referring to his dream

"um that is um something that would have to be encouraged"

Ben heard Gwen moaning and called out "Charmcaster"

Ben groaned inwardly

"She will be okay" Madame Weblin said.

Ben looked at Madame Weblin doubtfully

"She is having a similar dream to yours" Madame Weblin replied when Gwen let out a small whimper.

After Ben didn't say anything for a while, Madame Weblin took out a plastic bag and placed the two purple boxes inside.

"Well here" she said handing the bag to Ben.

Ben took the bag still confused about what had happened. He didn't know a way to confront the lady about what went on inside the bathroom.

"It felt real I could not come out of it" Ben said to try and explain his confusion.

"Like I said something like that has to be encouraged" the lady said packing her stuff.

"Where are you going?" Ben asked wondering how the lady thought to just leave them like that.

"Don't worry something like that won't happen without encouragement"

"What encouragement?" Ben said looking at the lady.

"that was not me in there"

Madame Weblin just looked at Ben

"I am not gay and don't like Kevin" Ben said for emphasis.

"in fact I found what happened disgusting" Ben said trying to make himself throw up but failing.

"I understand… but Your Grandfather should be noticing you and your cousin are missing soon" Madame Weblin said.

"Grandpa?" Ben looked at his watch; they were gone at least 30 minutes.

"I will meet you guys in Denver, is that okay" Madame Weblin asked.

"Denver?" Ben said confused

"that's the town you guys are heading to "

Ben turned to look at Gwen

'they should be leaving soon'

"so how do you open the box?" Ben asked

No one answered

Ben looked around him and didn't see the lady anywhere. She was gone the place was empty.

"Guess we will have to break it"

hope you guys like it.

about the whole 'the relationship would have to be encouraged' Madame Weblin was just trying to reasure Ben that what happened in the bathroom won't happen in the future unless he wants it to happen.

Anyways I got tired of waiting for more Ben 10 yaoi fic and decided to lay my own trap.

We all know that in the future Kevin is going to show up to frame Ben. I thought while Kevin is still framing Ben he might think about seing Ben and see how miserable Ben is with everyone thinking he is not a hero. Since Ben doesn't know Kevin is Kevin 11, Kevin would pretend to be Ben's friend while wrecking havoc as Kevin 11. Ofcourse Ben would be after Kevin 11 not knowing it is Kevin and Kevin would enjoy Ben frustration..

In that time that's when I play to lay my trap. Thanks to Madame Weblin, Ben would know all the sensitive spots on Kevin's body. And would have an easy time seducing Kevin. While Kevin is still working on 'I am not gay' issue and confusion Ben would already have had a head start and that would frustrate Kevin to no end.

Okay I know that didn't make sense and will stop talking now. Later.