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"why don't you wait until later?" Ben told his cousin.

"the bathroom is really a mess" Ben said for emphasis.

' fine whatever' Gwen said.

Gwen quickly made her way to the RV. Great I hope I don't make any noise came night time. Gwen had a good idea what happened wouldn't just end.

Gwen caught a flash of green ahead of her.

"Gwen are you okay? Why are you walking slowly?"

Gwen looked behind her, Ben was not where he was suppose to be; he was ahead of her.

"I am fine Ben" Gwen answered. She increased her movement; the RV was just ahead of them.

Gwen came to an abrupt.


"No, I won't"

Just then Ben bumped from behind her

"What's going on, who is Grandpa talking to?"

Ben and Gwen quietly made their way to the RV.

Whatever conversation Grandpa was having, it was no doubt serious.

"I said I don't want"

"I know to follow orders but I don't see any real concern."

"Grandpa?" Gwen said, bringing Grandpa Max to their attention.

And just like that Grandpa took the phone and hanged up.

The two cousins looked on in shock not sure what to do. Ben and Gwen moved their way inside the RV

Gwen cast Grandpa Max her best "I need to know what is going on look" before crossing her arms.

She didn't need to say anything Ben's curiosity would give in before hers.

"That was just a friend calling to see if we can go fishing sometimes." Grandpa Max said

But this was going on her list of things that were going to prevent her from going to sleep.

"Why were you yelling?" Ben asked

"The signal" Grandpa Max pointed

Ben was not exactly buying it, but didn't have any proof

"Was that your boss?" Ben asked trying to get more information from Grandpa.

"He used to, I am retired" Grandpa Max got comfortable in his seat. Seemingly ready to drive.

He looked at us trying to usher us to sit down.

This could not wait.

"Ben?" Gwen turned around and looked at her cousin. How best to do this

'Don't say you see a sumo wrestler outside'



"Are you guys ready to go, we will be leaving…" Grandpa Max called out.

"Ben where is my stuff." Gwen asked noting for the first time that she didn't have the things she bought at the gas store.


"Could you get it?"

"No" Ben answered automatically

"I still have a headache, could you get my stuff so I can take an aspirin" Gwen implored.

Ben looked at Gwen a moment and reluctantly left the RV.

The moment Ben left the RV Gwen forgot about whatever headache she was dealing with and turned all her attention to Grandpa Max.


What was that about?" Gwen asked in a serious tone.

"just stuff" Grandpa Max shrugged

"I will deal with it" Grandpa Max said reassuring.

Gwen hardened her eyes, letting her determination show

She was not going to let this go.

Grandpa Max sank deeply in his chair

"The people I work for…we all do different things. As a plumber they let me deal with alien issues without interferences." Grandpa Max said

He shot a look at his grandkid. Frustratingly noticing he had managed to increase the girl's curiosity instead of satisfying it.

"Except these days there is a new face and his shaken up the whole place, but

Whatever the case I am still the best"

"How?" Gwen stated her question

Grandpa Max let out a yawn whether because of his old age or to signal he wanted the conversation to end.

"I manage to convince them that Ben's aliens are one of the good guys and if they start believing otherwise they might ask me to bring him in." Grandpa Max said in a serious tone. He gave Gwen a meaningful look and after a minute allowed a soft smile to graze his features.

Just then Ben entered the RV laughing uncontrollable

The idea of Grandpa trying to capture Ben like a wild animal was surreal but that was lost on Ben as he held up a purple box and laughed.

"She is a hoax"

"Who is?" Grandpa Max asked sitting up.

"The fortune teller we saw outside the gas station" Ben answered.

"That's interesting" Grandpa said lazily. He looked up from the mirror a bored reflection on his face.

an exact opposite to what Gwen was feeling

"We are going to Colorado, do you guys want anything before we leave" Grandpa Max stated dismissing Gwen.

"um nothing right now" Gwen answered hurriedly.

Ben already took his seat inside the RV. His hands going over flash card he seemed to have gotten from the purple box. 'a hoax what went on out there'

As if sensing her question Ben opened his big mouth.

"So anyways this fortune Teller…" Gwen tried to signal for Ben to be quite. Grandpa was not paying attention not knowing this was serious.

If there was a chance she was gay. Grandpa can't find out like this. She had no idea what Ben experienced when Madame Weblin touched his hands.

Ben did not look at all shaken at the fact that he had gone through a traumatizing experience which had her shaking.

What if Ben had passed the test, which she obviously had failed? Gwen looked anywhere but at Ben. -Lots of dishes in the sink, dirty clothes, the floor a mess-

Her legs felt weak. Gwen sat beside Ben, not sure if begging would only make things worse. Maybe threatening, she needed leverage on Ben and fast.

"Grandpa…?" Gwen hissed in a cold voice

"Uh Gwen did you want something?" Grandpa Max looked up from the front seat.

"No I uh…" Gwen blushed trying to get her voice to normal. Grandpa Max narrowed his eyes somewhat. His eyes returned to normal, as he cast Ben a calm smile.

A few seconds passed and Ben passed her the purple box, a glint still in his eyes.

Gwen ignored the Box entirely.

"Grandpa" Gwen hissed some venom getting in her voice.

"Gwen did you want to ask me something" Grandpa Max asked in the front seat. Clearly ignoring the roughness of Gwen's voice. He was used to that type of tone when he had worked in the military. However…

Grandpa Max turned around in his chair and faced his Grandkids.

"What are you guys talking about?" Grandpa Max asked slowly.

"Uh nothing, we were talking about nothing" Gwen quickly responded.

"Just about fortunetellers" Ben said seemingly to help.

"She asked us…" Ben let out a yelp before he could finish his sentence.

"… About the weather" Gwen finished off

Grandpa Max raised an eyebrow at this and went back to driving.

Gwen let out a relived breath after effectively kicking Ben under the table.

'That shut him up'

Ben let out a frustrated sigh before glaring at Gwen.

Before Ben could say anything Gwen went back and finished saying whatever she was trying to say in the beginning

"Grandpa can't know" Gwen said threatening

"Gwen…" Grandpa Max stated.

"Yes Grandpa?" Gwen called out

"Did you call me?" Grandpa Max asked. His tone making the question a statement

"No Grandpa" Gwen replied a flatly

A frown creased Grandpa Max forehead. Sometimes Gwen did not understand that the conversations they would have are private. Maybe it's best she does not know everything.

The RV reached it destination. Grandpa Max got out of the car and left his 2 grandkids behind. Grandpa Max was ways closer to the store and away from the RV. He stood still for a second, and allowed his body to shake anxiously, his breath coming out hoarse. True he was just going to Street Mat, but inside the store in the locker in the back, there was something waiting for him.

Ben sank further in his seat after Grandpa Max left. From time to time he had be been getting glares from Gwen, but this is the first time he got to see the full anger on the girl's face. Gwen twisted around and smiled at Ben.

"So… what is in the box?" Gwen asked moving closer to Ben. Ben took the box in question and pushed it further from him.

"Um questions about what we wanted to know about the future" Ben replied.

Gwen sat opposite of Ben. 'There was no way she is touching the box' Gwen thought. She would let Ben explain everything. Control maintain control

"So anyways the box has about 8 questions inside it and you are given the option of choosing 4 questions that you want answered." Ben hurriedly replied, already deciding moments ago that he would keep talking. Maybe her temper would come down.

"So what type of questions can you ask?" Gwen demanded.

Ben looked at Gwen and glanced quickly away.

Gwen smiled in warding at Ben's discomfort. 'Yes she was the boss and Ben was the measly servant."

"Actually the questions are quite stupid" Ben silently chuckled. His eyes digging a hole in the ground.

Gwen looked at Ben and hissed under her breath. With how slow the answers were coming, she was just about reach over and grab the box from the table.

Gwen brought her hand to her mouth and made un exaggerated cough.

"Oh right the question" Ben murmured. His mind coming back to the situation at hand.

Ben dipped his hands and pulled a card out of the box. He perused,-the loose white piece of paper that was carefully cut into a square- then leaned back to read from it. His posture betraying the fact that he already knew what was in the card.

"The first time your partner realized they loved you?" Ben read in a monotone voice.

Gwen looked up and down and blinked. 'Like when… I … Gwen, charm caster as in smitten...'

"Of coarse these don't apply to me" Ben stated, feeling the need to defend his status as being straight.

"You know I am not in, never... just..." Ben stumbled in his thoughts. Gwen sends him a glare that sends him further in his seat.

'I am not gay' Why could he not say that. How did he say he was not gay? Before it meant 2 guys weak limp guys staring goggle eyed at each other.


Hands surrounding him bringing him closer, kisses right and left, his body growing weak, the desire the unbearable desire to see the body in front of him withering. On his knees, the slight tug on his pants, the aching need. The zip unzipping shaking hands

His pants are down on his thighs. unmasked desire. He can't help it. his hands massage the growing heat between his legs. 'K Kevin'

A step closer, he can smell it. The big bulge, come already leaking through. He looks up.

To see a different side vulnerable so trusting not scared that i would bite him. That hand pushing his head forward acknowledgment, the pants heavy pants. The other hand reaching forward to bring his zipper down, a slight blush on his face, eyes glazed over.

He knows what he wants.

On a random street, down on his knees Kevin claiming him over and over.

Ben let out a small moan.

"Ben" Gwen yelled furiously

Ben glared at the ground hoping his blush would soon fade.

"It does not apply to me" Ben muttered defeated. He was not pursuing this

"What about the rest of the questions" Gwen asked after a moment.

"Read them yourself" Ben grumbled getting up.

"Maybe we should talk about something else" Gwen quickly said. Standing up and folding her arms.

"How about um I have some magazines that have guys without their shirt on" Gwen slowly teased.

Ben's hands come on the table like he had fallen forward.

"is that what you like" Gwen asked smiling

"I am not like that" Ben said shaking his head.

"What gave you that idea?" Ben challenged. He knew there was nothing in his 16 years that would point to him being like that.

"Oh I don't know" Gwen started her smile getting wider.

Ben felt like his breath as being snuffed out of him. "Gwen it's all stupid" Ben said sitting down.

He emptied the entire content of the box on the table.

"When you get married", "when you fell in love with them" Ben quickly read.

"When they made you cry" "when you thought you lost them" "when..." Ben stopped when he heard Gwen groan.

'To actually think Charmcaster would care for her like that' Gwen mused closing her eyes.

Ben raised an eyebrow at this and continued to read. "the first slap"

Ben and Gwen took a pause at this. "Grown up issues" Gwen shrugged.

"Just imagine Grandpa Max getting slapped" Both grandkids started laughing. "Honey bun i have had enough of your cheating ways /slap/"

Gwen mimics grinning, a perfect picture of an angry girlfriend. "Why did you not just tell me you hated my cooking?"


"my roasted chicken and Chinese rice not good"

/slap/ Ben inserted laughing

"Next time I will just throw in some old fish and cabbage to boil"

"Please" Ben said in a rough Grandpa voice

Gwen bust out laughing, "okay okay just take a bite of the food, then you won't have to eat that yucky cabbage anchovies salad with chicken feet."

Ben let his lips quiver deliciously.

"Eat" Gwen implored like a doting wife

"chicken feet where?" Ben asked making it like drool was falling off the side of his mouth.

"Don't worry I am taking cooking classes, so you won't have to worry about me making you wired dishes. My dad was like that "shrimp potato egg salad", tuna sandwich with syrup", chicken wings on top of waves of pancakes with mayo" Gwen said apologizing

"No way" Ben looked up like he was in heaven.

"yea I know, after I wash up I will go ahead and take my father his garbage salad urg!" Gwen said winking at Ben

"You mean you are just going to leave me here with the uh salad and those weird food" Ben let out in quivering voice

"Don't worry after i wash up that will be the last time you see them." Gwen said getting up.

"wash wash wash" Gwen sang brushing over her clothes.

Ben sat down deeper in his seat laughing, knowing what was to come.

"honey bun did you finish your plate?" Gwen inquired grinning

Ben grinned back and waited for it

"omg omg garbage you are covered in garbage" Gwen cried out in horror

"no it's just the food, your delicious cooking i could not decide" Ben groaned out

"Garbage you prefer to eat garbage"

"Cabbage" Ben said defending the food

"Ben, Gwen" a red faced Grandpa called out entering the RV

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