A/N: Hey! This is Omega Epyon here. This story was NOT written by me or the other Team Omega authors.It was written by Julian Soullard, who wrote BMG and PPU (Past, Present & Uncertainty, the sequel of BMG). I have put his story in all due respect to Julian, so compliment/ flame him, not me.
Dragon ball Z/ Sailor Moon/ Ranma ½ fanfic.

"Boy meets girls" side story #1.

By Julian Soullard.

Warning: All characters from this fanfic are copy right from Akira
Toriyama (Dragon ball Z), Takeuchi Naoko (Sailor Moon) and Rumiko Takahashi
(Ranma ½) so don't sue me. And by the way, as stated above, this is a side
story from my other fanfic "Boy meets girls". In other words, there might
be a lot of things you won't understand in this story if you haven't read
"Boy meets girls" first.



Secret identity at risk.

Trunks was tense. This was the fifth pencil he crushed with his thumb...
and he was starting to run out of pencils. Such pressure was due to the
test he was taking at the moment. A History test, and a tuff one for that
Or at least he felt it that way.
After all, that was one of the disadvantages when you're from another
universe. History just doesn't tend to be the same as in your world.
Therefore, getting confused is very easy. Trunks first noticed this when
he associated World War 2 with the Sayans invasion.

One the other side of the class room, Ami was also going through the test.
Although, unlike her purple hair friend, she was taking it very easy.
Actually, she'd already finished the test ten minutes ago and was currently
checking all of her answers for the third time, just in case she forgot to
add something.


Another pencil went to heaven to meet the tree it was cut out from.

Trunks gave up. Only five minutes left to turn in the test and there was
nothing left for him to do. At least, this was going to be over soon, one
way or the other.

Five minutes later, both Ami and Trunks were heading for gym class while
discussing about the test they recently had.

"That was too easy, wasn't it?" Ami declared. Trunks just raised an
eyebrow to that comment, obviously not sharing his friend's opinion.

"Oh, yeah..." he sarcastically responded, "Piece of cake."

Up ahead, both of them saw most of the students gathered around the
school's billboard, which was at some point strange since there would be
no grades posted there for another two weeks.
Curiosity taking the best out of them; both went to take a look. Between
the crowd were also Usagi and Makoto.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Trunks asked making his way towards the two

"Oh, hi guys!" Usagi beamed.

Along with the two girls, some of the other students turned around and
immediately gathered around teen time traveler.

"Trunks! Just the guy we were looking for!" said one of the female students.

"Yeah, he'll be perfect!" another one added.

"What? What are you talking about?" asked the confused Sayan. "Perfect for

"The contest, of course!" one answered.

"What contest?" asked Trunks still confused.

"You mean, you don't know?" a random student questioned, "I would've
thought you'd be the first student in knowing about it."

"About WHAT?" he asked once again, a little frustrated.

"About the martial arts contest our school will be holding next week."
responded a student matter-of-factly, while pointing at the sign pasted on
the billboard.

Trunks took a closer look at the sign. It clearly announced a martial arts
tournament in a week between different schools as well as an announcement
to all students from Juban to participate, if possible, to such event.

"How come Juban is fixing all of this?" Ami asked to no one in particular.
"We don't even have a martial arts club."

"I think it's some kind of experiment," Makoto supposed, "Maybe to push the
students into forming one."

"You're a martial artist, aren't you Trunks?" a student asked him.

"Well, yeah."

"Then you can enter the tournament."

"I... er... don't know." Trunks told them unsure.

"Aww, com'on!" another one insisted. "Makoto is always bragging on how well
you fight."

"She does?" he asked as he eyed Makoto who smiled a little guilty from
behind the crowd.

"Besides, along with her, you two are the only martial artists in Juban."

"I... really don't think so." he said, "Anyway, I have to go to gym class
now." he then made his way out of the crowd.

Once the purple haired time traveler left, the rest of the students, a
little surprised by his reply, gathered around Makoto.

"Hey, Makoto," one of them said, "You told us he was a martial artist,

"Well, yeah."

"Then why is he refusing to be in the contest?" asked another.

"You don't think he's chickening out, do you?"

"What?!?" asked Makoto to the impertinent student. Her gaze was cold
enough to make that student regret what he said. The fact that she was
also holding him by the collar of his shirt in a non delicate way helped
in enforcing that statement.

"Hey, I was just kidding!" the student apologized.

After some persuasion from Usagi, Makoto released his shirt.

"Anyway," continued another student, "since you're his girlfriend, can't
you convince him?"

This time Makoto blushed. She wasn't Trunks' girlfriend... yet. Although
she was really close to him, more than any other of her Senshi friends.
And trying to be the so-called girlfriend had certainly become one of her
list's top priorities lately.
Still, just imagining what it would be like to actually *be* his girlfriend
made her cheeks flush. What it would be like to be held so lovingly and to
feel Trunks lips touching hers, experiencing all the affection that he
could give her and to...

"Hey, Mako-chan!!" Usagi declared while snapping her fingers in front of
her friend's eyes, "You're daydreaming again."

"So," the student repeated, "can you convince him?"

"I... I'll see what I can do." she answered. "Anyway, count me in."

In the meantime, in another school, Furinkan school to be more precise,
Mamoru Chiba was trying to relax inside his cubicle. Even though the day
had just started, *somehow* he ended up inside a fight between Ranma
Saotome, Ryouga Hibiki and Kuno Tatewaki. Fortunately, he managed to get
out of the melee before getting seriously hurt.

[Just three more weeks...] he repeated mentally, [Just three more weeks and
I'll be out of this madhouse.]

Things had really been hard for Mamoru these last four weeks. If only he
could blame it all on the students. But it wasn't just that. There was
also that nut case for a principal who contributed to the lunacy. Him and
all the residents from Nerima, for that matter.

Outside his cubicle, the usual screaming, hitting and running could be

"Come back here, you jerk!!"

"Ranma!!! Prepare to die!!!"

"You no touch Airen!"


[humph! Looks like Kodachi just joined in.] Mamoru thought.

In spite of all the madness going outside, Mamoru calmly took his coffee
mug and took a sip while trying to ignore the raging students.
Someone knocked at his door.

"Come in." he said.

As the door opened, a beautiful woman in her mid twenties was revealed.
She had long brown hair and penetrating dark eyes. The tight one-piece
yellow dress she was wearing also left little to the imagination .
Yep, she was a real piece of work. But she was also (fortunately for
Mamoru) really a little girl whose body just took such form when draining
someone's ki. Those "someone" normally being delinquent students... or so
she liked to call them.

Anyway, Mamoru managed not to stare at her by constantly reminding himself
that the woman in front of her was really a little girl. This had proven
effective during his stay here. Besides, he had become good friends with
Hinako-sensei in spite of her bizarre nature of draining energy. If Ranma
hadn't told him that it was, at some point, normal that she did that,
Mamoru would've thought that Hinako-sensei was a member of the Negaverse,
and that meant fighting her. But he knew better that that. After all, this
was Furinkan High school, and everything here worked with different rules.
If draining people's energy was "normal" here. Then, so be it.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu, Hinako-sensei." Mamoru said politely.

"Ohayo, Mamoru-san." she responded with her sensual grown up voice. Yes...
it's a good thing Mamoru knew how to deal with talking to such a woman. "I
brought you the students' book report, so we can go through them together."

"Well, let's start then."

"By the way, before I forget," Hinako added, "our principal asked me to
tell you something."

"Oh?" declared Mamoru not very enthusiastic. Anything that was somehow
related to the principal usually meant trouble for the teachers or students
of Furinkan, sometimes even both. "What is he up to now?"

Right after asking, Hinako's body began to shrink, as much in size as in
age. Sitting next to Mamoru was now a cute eight to twelve years old little
girl. Mamoru, however, didn't act shocked to the change.

"Looks like there's a chance for you to spend the weekend back in Juban."
she said, with a whole new childish voice.

This caught Mamoru's attention immediately. A chance to get out of Nerima
for the weekend, and to Juban no less, next to his Usako. Who cared if it
was only for a weekend! He'd gladly pay for ten minutes out of this crazy
prefecture. A weekend sounded like pure heaven.

"Are you serious?" he asked with high hopes, "You're not teasing me, are

"Not at all." she stated "But there's a catch."

[I knew it!] Mamoru noted. "What's it gonna be this time? I hope it's not
making Ranma wear a school uniform."

"Well, no." Hinako reassured him. "Although it has to do with Ranma."

"Is there actually something in Nerima that doesn't have something to do
with him?" he sort-of joked. "So, what is it?"

"There's going to be a martial arts tournament soon." Hinako went on.

Mamoru smirked. That definitively had something to do with Ranma. If there
was martial arts in it, there was also Ranma in it. Still, he really didn't
knew how that was related with going to Juban... unless...

"Exactly *where* will this tournament take place?" he asked fearing the


The tux dressing hero widen his eyes. A cascade of emotions and possible
situations involving the students from Furinkan and the Sailor Senshi
invaded his brain. There was absolutely no way that this could turn out
okay. Oh, the horror!! The madness!!

"Anyway," Hinako continued, "since it's in a different prefecture, principal
Kuno needs someone to chaperon. Since it's in Juban, I thought that maybe
you would..."

That's as far as Hinako went. The next second, Mamoru stormed out of the
cubicle towards the principal's office. Hinako was left alone with an
unfinished sentence.

"... be interested..." she concluded.

Hours later, school was finally over. Trunks was heading home along with
Usagi, Ami, Makoto and Minako (who joined them after school).
As they promised to the other students, the girls were doing their best to
convince Trunks to join the team for the tournament. That team consisting
of Makoto so far.
Trunks however, wasn't really looking forward to be part of such
activities. There were several reasons why he was refusing, in spite of
his friends constantly asking him to change his mind.

Nº1: Trunks had the advantage of being a Sayan hybrid, therefore finding
an opponent strong enough was going to be difficult. VERY difficult.

Nº2: Even if he actually met a worthy match, he couldn't go all out and
turn Super Sayan. Even ki blasts were out of the question. Otherwise he'd
be blowing his cover and everyone would find out that he was Super
Saya-man. And that was something he *really* wanted to avoid.

Nº3: He really didn't want to "play" with the contestants of the tournament.
It would be like insulting them if he held back so much. It really wouldn't
be fair for them, not to mention that he wouldn't feel pretty good about it

Therefore, entering the tournament was a big no-no.

"Com'on, Trunks!" Usagi told him while going through her please-please-
please-with-sugar-on-top routine, "You're our school's only hope."

"ahem!" Makoto went. Even if Trunks was a good fighter, she wasn't half
bad and would've liked some credit for it.

"Sorry," Trunks repeated for the tenth time, "But I already told you I
don't feel like entering."

"Surely there must be a reason," Ami stated, "But which one? Meeting with
other martial artists should be a good experience for you, shouldn't it?"

Trunks tried to think of an excuse. He couldn't tell them his real motives,
so his brain started working in overdrive to come up with a believable

"I... er... I. The reason I became a martial artist was to protect the
ones I care about." he began, "Being part of a tournament has no interest
for me. Besides, I don't want to hurt anyone who hasn't done anything
wrong... [Man, I can't believe I actually said something so corny!!! That's
even worst than the stuff Mako-chan reads in those mangas of hers!! They'll
never buy that!!]

"That's... so noble..." the four girls chorused. Trunks just couldn't
believe that they actually fell for it, he almost face faulted.

"But you don't have to *hurt* anyone." Makoto reassured him.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable with it anyway."

Usagi gave up on her last act. Trunks was very stubborn and changing his
mind wasn't hadn't prove to be easy, she was starting to run out off tricks
to convince him. So, she began to ponder on a new scheme. Suddenly it hit
her: a new idea. This was definitively going to change his mind.

"Maybe you shouldn't be in the tournament." Usagi began, taking her
friends by surprise with such statement.

"Er... thanks for understanding." Trunks declared a little surprised by
the change of attitude.

"After all, we still have Mako-chan." she continued, "She's, after all, our
school's most treasured fighter."

"Er... well... thanks for the complement, but..."

"Yes!!" Usagi went on, completely cutting what Makoto was about to say, "A
woman worth admiring..."

At this point, her four friends were looking at her curiously, trying to
figure out what she was up to.

"Just imagine," the senshi leader continued, "A girl on her own fighting
against all sort of dangerous opponents. No matter the odds! Only God knows
what kind of monsters she'll meet in that tournament. Still... Mako-chan is
always willing to see the storm through!!"

Trunks blinked. He actually hadn't thought about that. Makoto *was* going
to be in the tournament. And she *was* going to fight alone. Therefore,
getting herself hurt wasn't very unlikely.

"Mako-chan," Usagi told her, "I just wanted to tell you how much I admire
your courage. You know... just in case I never get to see you again after
the tournament..."

"Hey!! Don't put a jinx on me!!" the tall brunette protested.

At this point, Trunks wasn't felling very certain if to enter or not the
tournament. He obviously noticed that Usagi was manipulating the situation,
but she did have a point. The thought of seeing Makoto hurt wasn't very
appealing to him.

Minako chose that moment to lend Usagi a hand. She did remember of a
little "other" factor that would help Trunks make up his mind, in case
he was still doubting.

"I heard that some real good fighters from Nerima will be in the
tournament." Minako stated.

"That's where Mamoru-san is working now, isn't he?" Ami noticed.

"Yeah. If I remember well, there's a minimum of five fights per day in that
district." Minako added, "I'm sure that the martial artists there are pretty

"Now that you're telling this," Usagi cut in, "I remember Mamo-chan saying
that a guy named Ranma Saotome was really good."

"Isn't he the guy with three fiancees?" Ami questioned.

"That's right!" Usagi began, "If he has so many girls after him, he has to
be one heck of a hunk!"

"Maybe fighting against him wouldn't be so bad." Minako told Makoto, "Looks
like there's a bright side to all of this, right Mako-chan? Hey, who knows.
Maybe if you're lucky, he'll be fighting you without his shirt. Neat, huh?"

"Er... I don't even know the guy!!!" Makoto replied embarrassed.

Trunks blinked again. For some unknown reason (to him, that is) picturing
Makoto next to a good looking guy didn't seemed right at all. Actually,
that seemed to disturbed Trunks greatly. After all, if this guy's story
was true, maybe he was some sort of gigolo. He definitively felt an
obligation to keep an eye on Makoto if she ever met that kind of person.

"Okay, okay!" Trunks interrupted the female chatter. "You can stop with
your little act now. I'll... be in the team."

"Yes!" Usagi and Minako said simultaneously while giving each other a

"Trunks-kun," Makoto began, "you don't have to do this only because of me.
I'll be okay, really."

"No, don't worry," Trunks responded, "I mean... I wouldn't like to see
you... hurt or anything, I mean... I wouldn't like that...and... well..."
for some reason, he felt his cheeks warming up. "Anyway, Ami is right. It
might be fun and I don't want to get rusty."

"I see..." Makoto declared while lowering her head, she was also feeling
her cheeks flush.

"Well, this my way home." Trunks stated, conveniently changing the subject
"See you girls tomorrow." he then quickly jogged out of sight.

Ami, Minako and Usagi took their sight towards their brunette friend once
Trunks was far enough not to hear them.

"Love is in the air..." Usagi teased her friend.

"Knock it off." Makoto told her.

"Isn't it romantic?" Minako declared, "Both of you fighting hand in hand
like a true couple, just like Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Kamen."

"Did you see how he was blushing?" Usagi asked.

"Looks like Mako-chan has her own personal bodyguard." Minako made clear
while nudging her friend.

"Come on, girls. Stop teasing her already." Ami said.


Several days later, just a few hours before the tournament started, the bus
leaving from Nerima to Juban was ready, along with all the martial artist
students who were going to participate in such event.
Mamoru was at the front of the bus. After he got the news about the match
he was more than willing to take all the yahoos... er... students to Juban.
Fortunately, Hinako-sensei was there with him for damage control.
Ranma and Co. were really looking forward to this match. Therefore, to keep
Hinako from sucking their energy out of them, they were actually behaving
like normal students.

"Okay," Hinako made clear, "This is how things are going to work during the
trip. If you start a riot: you get drained. If you do any sort of property
damage in Juban: you get drained. If you don't behave: you get drained. If
you harass anyone: you get drained. If you get on my nerves: you get
drained. Did I make myself clear?"

Every student in the bus gulped and then nodded silently.
Mamoru sweatdropped. Hinako-sensei could really go overboard sometimes.
Actually, that wasn't accurate. She flew off the handle most the time.
Mamoru was just happy that she was on his side. The last thing he wanted
was turning his weekend in Juban into a Nerimian simulacrum.

The bus then departed with all of its passengers on their best behavior.
Ranma, however, was getting bored ten minutes after the ride started.
He would've tried to have a conversation with Akane, but that brought
certain risks. He supposed that in five minutes they'd be both screaming
at each other and therefore getting drained. Ranma quickly threw that
possibility away. Ukyou was also there, but she was asleep. That left Kuno
and Mamoru, and there was absolutely no way he was going to have a friendly
chat with the young kendoist. So, he decided to talk to Mamoru instead.

"Yo, Mamoru." he said.

"Yes?" this one answered.

"How good are the fighters in Juban?" he asked.

To this, Mamoru gave it some thought. He didn't knew Usako's school all
that well. But there was someone he knew.

"Well I don't know the students so well," he began, "but Mako-chan is pretty

"Girlfriend of yours?"

"Just a friend." Mamoru corrected him, "One of my girlfriend's friends

"So, is she any good?"

"Above average I'd say." he went on, "But I can't think of anyone else
besides her... although..."


"Well, there's this guy who recently entered school." Mamoru remembered, "I
think he's Mako-chan's boyfriend or something."

"So what about him?"

"I really don't know much about him," he explained, "But from what I've
heard I think he's a martial artist, he also seems to be in good shape."

"But is he any good?"

"Can't say I've seen him fight." he told him, "Sorry, but can't help you

"Well, at least there's gonna be a guy I can fight." Ranma declared.

"Oh?" Akane suddenly stated from the seat next to them, "You don't think a
girl can offer you a decent match?"

"Hey, I don't hit girls, all right." he made clear, "Even if they turn out
to be uncute tomboys like yourself!"

"Is that so?" the Tendou girl asked with her temper rising up. Ranma just
pulled a face at her as a response.

[Here we go again...] Mamoru thought. "Er... guys, Hinako-sensei is
grabbing her coin."

That was warning enough to make them both behave once again.

"Maybe you shouldn't underestimate martial artists from the opposite sex,
Ranma." Mamoru told the pigtailed boy.

"The toughest girl I know is Shampoo." Ranma declared, "And I can beat her
easily. The old ghoul is another story though."

"Oh yeah?" Akane challenged "And what about the Sailor Senshi? They're
pretty strong."

"Com'on, Akane!" he replied, "You don't really believe those stories. Five
girls dressed in sailor fukus fighting monsters that pop out of nowhere,
yeah right!"

"And I suppose a sixteen year old guy who turns into a girl when splashed
with cold water is normal?" Mamoru countered, "I can assure you that the
Sailor Senshi are pretty real."

"You're kidding me." the young martial artist responded, "You mean you've
actually seen them?"

"More than once."

"humph! I always though it was some sort of story mothers told their
kids to go to sleep." Ranma pointed out, then he comfortably laid back on
his seat. "Anyway, I don't think they'll be fighting in the tournament. It's
in the bag."

"Mamoru-san," Akane began, "is that true? Have you really seen them?"

"Sure," he answered, "they're kind of the local heroines in Juban."

"I've heard there has been monsters attacking citizens lately." Akane went
on, "Must be hard for them to be always on the look out."

"Monsters?" Ranma asked intrigued, "What kind of monsters?"

"I wouldn't know." Mamoru lied, "I'm not usually there when they show up."

He then gave some thought about that last sentence he said. He actually
hasn't been around for the past four weeks. Fortunately, Usagi called him
by phone every day which proved she was all right. Even though there were
constant attacks from monsters, she assured him that the other Senshi and
her were fine. Actually, she also told him about the so-called Super
Saya-man who was helping them out each time a situation showed up. Mamoru
didn't get much information about this new super hero though. After all,
the Senshi didn't knew much about him either, except that he showed up to
back them up when they had problems.

Mamoru would definitively feel much better if he knew more about the
mysterious hero. However, Usagi insisted that he was a decent person and
Mamoru felt he could trust his girlfriend's judgment of character. Still,
several doubts constantly cruised around his brain. He really wanted to
get some answers.