It's Not to Be

The kiss was fleeting, yet it was just long enough for Fuu to commit his touch to memory, Shinsuke's eyes both warm and kind as he begged her not to forget him.

Pleading with him to return the sentiment, Fuu felt unshed tears burning along her kohl lashes as she watched the navy blue of his figure descend toward the rooftops, her heart far outweighing her fears as she suddenly found herself chasing after the only boy she'd ever felt remotely close to.

Landing with a graceless bounce a top the nearest roof, Fuu hastily scrambled to rise to her feet as the surprisingly intimidating guards ordered Shinsuke to surrender. Shinsuke, however had other plans in mind, the coruscating blade of his tanto catching the light of the setting sun as he defiantly pointed the weapon toward his astonished onlookers.

Panicking, Fuu felt as if her heart were now tattooing the beat of an executioner's drum within her bosom, her unspoken cries immediately dying upon her lips the instant one of the guards ran Shinsuke directly through with his sword.

Choking amidst his unforeseen delirium, Shinsuke staggered back as a volatile eruption of scarlet came forth from his mortal wound, his eyes sad and pathetic as he suddenly locked eyes with his screaming Fuu and gracelessly began to fall. The moment his bloodied torso hit the dusty road she knew it was over, her fairytale-like dreams of having someone to love and an eventual family dashing out of sight nearly as quickly as her heart had been broken.

As a lone tear trickled down the svelte curve of her cheek, Fuu genuflected and clutched at the folds of her kimono, her voice hushed and tainted by tears as she whimpered, "Let us meet again as you requested, Shinsuke…on the other side."

A/N: Although I LOVE Mugen/Fuu to death, the idea of Fuu/Shinsuke has always intrigued me. I mean, c'mon, there are Mugen/Yatsuha and Jin/Shino fics out there, but no Fuu/Shinsuke! They clearly would've hit it off if they met again since they connected so well, but alas, his life was meant to end on such short notice. :( If anybody else would like to take a stab at these two, that'd be awesome – I was contemplating writing a Mugen/Fuu/Shinsuke love triangle, but I probably won't since I ALREADY have a lot on my plate. That, and I don't really think anyone would be all that interested. :-/ Please tell me what you think!!