TITLE: Comfort After


E-MAIL: derek.morgan. Criminal Minds

PAIRING: Penelope Garcia/Derek Morgan

PROMPT: 12 - Comfort



SUMMARY: Penelope is hurting after making love to Derek


DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them just simply borrow them from time to time.


Penelope was in pain. She managed to hide it from Derek but now that she was in her bedroom with the door shut she gave in to the pain. Curling into a ball as best she could, with her injured leg resting on a pillow Penelope gave in to the pain and let the tears go.

Knowing that Derek was still up, she tried to keep quiet so he wouldn't hear her and come to investigate. The last thing she wanted Derek Morgan to find out was that her leg was bumped several times while they made love on the recliner.

It was good. VERY GOOD! And she knew that if he found out that she was hurting he wouldn't want to do it again, and that is something she didn't want to happen. Unfortunately Derek had other ideas.

Derek was walking down the hallway on his way to the guest bedroom when he heard a whimpering coming from Penelope's room. Opening the door slowly and peaking inside, he saw her curled up on her bed and heard her sniffling.

"Penelope?" Derek said softly, calling her by her name for the first time in three days. "What's the matter Penelope?"

At first she didn't answer him and tried to hide her tears, but he walked around the other side of the bed so he could see her face.

"Hey Goddess, what's wrong?" he asked in concern.

"I'm sorry," she said softly. "I…I didn't want you to know."

Derek was getting more concerned the more Penelope talked. "Penelope, what happened?"

"My leg…" was all she managed to say before a sharp pain shot through her leg causing her to cry out and grab the cast.

Derek realized what happened. Somehow her leg got hurt when they made love earlier and now she was in severe pain, and she didn't want him to find out.

Hurrying in to the kitchen to get two pain pills and a glass of water he came back in Penelope's bedroom and sat down at the head of her bed.

"Here Penelope, take these they'll help." He said softly.

Taking the pills and letting Derek help her with the glass of water, Penelope swallowed the pills and then slipped back down onto the bed, hoping that the pills would start working soon.

Derek's heart went out to her, but he also felt guilty. It was his fault that he was hurting, at least in part. Yeah the sex was great, but it caused her to hurt a lot more than she was already and just seeing the tears made his heart break into a million pieces.

Standing up, Derek placed the glass of water on the nightstand and then gently crawled onto the bed behind her and rubbed her back in comfort whispering words of comfort to her.

Neither one spoke, Penelope in too much pain to be able to think; and Derek was concentrating on comforting her any way he could. He was worried about her and how much damage was done to her leg.

Scooting down in the bed, Derek draped his arm over her waist, his hand coming to rest on her were her belly button ring was hidden under her t-shirt. He continued to murmur whispered words of comfort to her until her breathing evened out and he could tell she had slipped into sleep.

Derek made a mental note to call the doctor's office and making an appointment for a check up to make sure Penelope was not injured more because of their love making. He also decided that until she was given a clean bill of health, they would not make love again.

Smiling, his last thought before slipping off to sleep himself was, "Goddess is not gonna like this!"