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"I'm sorry James."

Vesper pulled the lever that sent the elevator plummeting to churning waters below. Bond's heart stopped in horror as he watched the machine disappear below the surface. Despite the building falling in around him, he jumped in the water after it, desperate to save the woman inside. The woman he couldn't live without.

He swam frantically towards the elevator, and upon reaching it began prying the door open. Vesper's hair flowed out around her in the water, giving her an almost angelic appearance. Bond never faltered in trying to break through the Iron Gate door as he noticed this. He couldn't let her die. He wouldn't let her.

Despite the fact that they were underneath the water, it was obvious that Vesper was sobbing. She swam over to where James was prying the doors apart and took his hands away from the bars. She kissed them hard and pressed them to her cheek and looked mournfully at him, knowing that this would be her last time to see him. She motioned for him to leave her, to get himself out, but he shook his head and relentlessly shook the bars of the elevator. He saw her body shiver slightly, and he shook the bars even harder, knowing that time was running out.

Finally, the doors broke apart. Vesper was weak and her eyes barely fluttered by this point. James grabbed her arm and swam as hard as he could to the surface. As he swam, he felt her body go limp in his arms. He only kicked his legs faster.

They broke the surface of the water, and Bond took a grateful gulp of air. He pulled himself and Vesper's limp form up to the remaining roof of the now submerged building. He began CPR, desperately trying to get her to cough up water she had swallowed, desperately trying to get her to breathe, desperately trying to get her to open her eyes… to do anything.

"Vesper! Come on, please, breathe!" He kept on trying to bring her back, and continued failing. He was giving up hope, when he saw a twitch of movement in her mouth. He wasn't sure whether or not his eyes had deceived him, but he would take anything as a sign. He tried even harder, pushing down on her chest harder than before, breathing more air into her lungs than before, until he heard a faint cough from her pale form. His hands pushed down on her chest again, and his prayers were answered and her eyes shot open and she began to cough up excessive amounts of water. "Oh God," he said, and grabbed her still coughing body and pulled her close to him, squeezing his arms around her and rocking her back and forth.

"Vesper, I thought you were dead… How could you do that? How?! You are so stupid! What would I have done if I'd lost you? If I hadn't gotten to you in time? Did you even think about that? Did you?"

Bond held her out in front of him, his strong hands firmly placed on her shoulders. She was no longer coughing, but now her body racked with sobs. Only when James realized this, did he realize that he was crying nearly as hard as she was.

"James," she said in between sobs, "I'm… I'm so, so sorry. I couldn't let them hurt you… If I'm with you, then they wouldn't have only come after me, they would have come after you too. And I couldn't bear the thought of something happening to you because of me… You should have left me, James. You should have just left me down there."

Bond looked at her as if she was completely insane. "Vesper, look at me." He turned her face to look directly into his eyes. "If you died, and I couldn't see you again, or hear your voice, do you think I would care what would happen to me? I wouldn't care in the slightest, because you wouldn't be here with me."

Vesper shook her head. "James, you really are impossible, do you know that? We'll both be hunted down because of me. And I can't let you put yourself through that."

"Vesper, I do believe we can handle it. If we beat Le Chiffre and got through this mission together, what can't we get through? Besides, I don't think they'll come after us. The only thing that matters is that I love you. I love you enough to do anything for you. And I certainly love you enough to not let you do something as stupid as try to drown in an elevator."

She gave him a watery smile. "Oh, James, I love you too. I love you more than anything, but there are other things that I haven't told you. There so much that you don't know, and I'm scared that if you knew those things, you would stop loving me at that instant. If I had died, knowing that at least you still loved me, I would have at least been happy when I went."

Bond looked at her disbelievingly. "How can you say that? How can you possibly even think that? I love you. And I will always love you, no matter what you tell me."

She tried to protest, but he put a hand over her mouth. "Would you please shut up? Please? You do argue too much you know."

Vesper laughed through her sobs that still persisted. "Well, if I do, it's because of your impossible ego."

Bond laughed, but the laugh turned into a bit of a choke as another sob tried to break through. He grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her tightly, squeezing her to him as if to never let her go again. And that is exactly what he intended. He buried his face into her hair, and for once in his life, let himself cry, thankful that she was alive. Thankful that he had a reason for living, and thankful that he could still feel her breath on his skin. Vesper wrapped her arms around him as well and pulled him even closer. "I love you, James…"

Later, neither one would be sure how long they sat like that on the roof of the collapsed building. When people came around to begin investigating, they made a quick exit by borrowing one of the boats nearby. They got off the small boat on a busy street not too far away, and despite their disheveled appearance, they blended relatively well into the crowd.

Bond still held Vesper close to him, as if he were afraid to let her go.

They made it uneventfully back to their hotel. They had discussed it on the way back and decided that since Mr. White had the money, he would see no purpose in coming after them. After all, both Bond and Vesper had resigned from their positions. Still, they sighed with relief when they were back safely in the room. Bond brought Vesper into another tight embrace, thankful that she was alive.

"Vesper," he said, "I suggest you go ahead and tell me those things you are so worried about because I don't want you fretting about them."

Vesper sighed and nodded. "As you already know, I was a double agent on this mission. I had an Algerian love that was captured and held ransom. I was given the choice to either participate as they wanted me to, or condemn him to death. As you can see, I chose to let them use me as a spy. But when I got onto this mission, I fell madly in love with you. So in love that I realized I wanted to be with you more than anything. And though I love you, I didn't wish my old love to die, so I wired the money to the other account. I knew you would find out, and never want to see me again. I knew that when I was to meet these men, I was most likely going to my death, but I accepted it because I knew that when I died, you would still love me. Then you followed me, and saved me."

Bond processed the information. It all fit. It would explain several different questions. "What became of your lover, then?" he asked, almost bitterly.

Vesper shook her head. "Oh heaven only knows. I couldn't tell you if he lived or died. I wish him well, but James, don't be bitter. I love you now. I love you more than I could ever imagine loving anyone. And I hope that's enough."

Bond immediately softened when he saw the tears in her eyes. "Of course it is. I promised you back there on that roof that it would be, didn't I? I promise I'll have M take care of all of this. They'll get the money back from White, and then you and I are going to go around the world to wherever we like, just as we were before."

Vesper smiled. "Are we really James? You mean after what's just happened, you still want to go through with it?"

"Yes. If I stayed here with this job any longer, I would barely be a human being anymore. More of a machine, really. I say we use all the money we've saved up and go wherever we please. If you want to settle down somewhere eventually, fine too. Rome, Paris, London, anywhere you want to go, we'll go." He smiled down at her and stroked her cheek. She leaned into his hand and closed her eyes. She stayed like this for a moment, enjoying just being near him.

Finally she spoke, and opened her eyes with a mischievous look in her eye. "Right now, Mr. Bond, there's only one place I want you…"

Bond caught on and gave her a devilish grin and picked her up, kissing her passionately. His mouth crushed onto hers, each one of them filled with amazing passion for the other. He carried her across the room, and shut the bedroom door behind them.

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