Hersheys Rocks: I found myself once again reading the summary of an all too familiar plot line last night.

LOOKEE!! Edward leaves (Oh my god! -gasps-, you'll never guess what happens next either!) and Bella gets changed!! (How original -.-' )

I've read this plot line... oh, I really don't want to count cause it would probably sicken me -sighs-

Though, I did notice that there is one thing in common with all this plot line, they always take place years after she gets changed and they meet up somewhere.

SOOOO without further ado, I take a more realistic view on this that I have seen (absolutely) no one take yet.

A Hersheys Rocks Production:

Irony Dies Hard

The werewolves gathered around the table, whispering and debating with each other. Emily and Bella sat off to the side, watching the argument with interest.

"Wait wait, I've been on lookout all week!" Jake shouted, quite frazzled.

"Not all week Jake, just the last three days" Embry corrected.

"Yeah, and today's Thursday! So, that is basically all week!"

Sam sighed, hearing this argument repeat itself for the third time that hour. "Fine, fine. Jared and Paul will take over for the next two nights."

Jake and Embry froze while Paul whined lightly. Slowly, a grin spread across Jake's face. In less then a second, he was on the other side of the room, throwing Bella up into the air.

"Hear that Bells?! I have tomorrow off! Let's do something!" Bella giggled slightly as the rush of the wind made her feel slightly light headed. Gravity pulled her back down into Jake's arms and she dismissed the slight nagging feeling that it was the wrong arms she was falling into.

"And what momentous thing might you be doing, may I ask?" Embry asked, chuckling.

"We could... go to a bookstore?!" Bella suggested, stars in her eyes at the idea of getting a new book.

"Nah... too... ordinary" Jake mumbled, getting into a thinking stance that made everyone there laugh. Something occurred to him after a few moments though, and it upset him that he had pushed it back so far because of the crisis with 'Victoria'.

"Heyyy... we never found your little meadow thing" Jake murmured, snapping his fingers towards her in an 'aha' fashion.

Bella stiffened slightly, but then smiled -- no matter how forced it was, none of them could tell. "No... We haven't, would you like to find it tomorrow? I think I know just where to look too..."

He grinned, "Then it's a date!"

A little bit of normality can go a long way, but not as long as absurdity...